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I Choose Not to Live on Borrowed Time

I choose not to live on borrowed time.. Too much antigen not enough antibodies/immune system food/release =cancer Blood type a and b don't have enough antibodies. So when they are around people they are in delete mode.. That's why they have to play it very carefully and eat a lot of food when they are around people. Because when immune system is activated that antigen becomes like a pacman.. I know I purged cancer and lymphoma. But I couldn't tell you where it came from.. Im 50, i reached my first HAYFLICK LIMIT ON to my next one I feel better at fifty than i did when I was twenty thirty and forty.. And I don't have to die from it. And I also saved my marriage.. I became a valuable asset to my husband.. And to the world in my opinion.. I dream for a better world.. People say jillian you're taken care of by your husband you have it so easy. Yeah and what am I doing with my time.. Not only have I saved myself. People have an opportunity to see what's in it for them. And I have no addictions.. I am clear thinking . I have scaled down spending habits and cravings. And I have skills in administration.. He doesn't have to worry about me.. He doesn't have to buy health insurance for me. He doesn't have to take care of me when i'm sick.. He is free to do almost whatever he wants within his capacity of his earning power.. I also take care of him when he's sick.. The key thing about my world.. It's knowing you don't have the power to save people.. Your microbes can't save people. Even your information can't save people. When people have very influential cancer cells , nothing will help them until they learn how to convert those cancer cells into antibodies. That's why you can't save people because they have a very influential immune system working for them or against them.. Influential people overwhelm non influential people.. Influential cancer cells overwhelm good cells.. That's why you learn how to release demons.. It's about majority rules.. Darwinism. Cancer is a biological darwinism that you have to be strong enough to convert those cancer cells into good cells.. That takes release and that takes all food.. It is survival of the fittest and sometimes cancer is the fittest strongest thing in your body because the person degraded themselves because of remedies and food is not working for them, it is working against them because it's feeding the demons not them.. People say they healed their cancer with certain remedies and protocols from doctors and nurses and lay people.. But yet they're still aging. And having to take those protocols to keep those things away.. Putting things to sleep is not healing.. You're just delaying the inevitable.. That's called died suddenly.. Conditioning your immune system to release and eat, painful.. But worth it when you can save yourself.. Because eventually time does catch up to you when you're taking life on credit via remedies, etc.. In this environment people are not getting the credit they're looking for.. I don't want to live on borrowed time.. Many people are..

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