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I Do NOT Want to Be Your Number 1 Fan_ I DO Not Want To Destroy You

Amputation is hard to come back from because it would require replacing damaged cells with whole cells and yes, ALL food IS necessary and an effective release of the damaged cells, is required. It is painful to release and replace, but not entirely impossible..

Not only does one need a strong support system at home, but also a support system in the body to manage that rebuild process.

Many people have the lady of "Misery" (Kathy bates) actively taking care of their friends and family who LOVE love love their kids/family so much to the point of destruction..

which is why the more kids are born deficient relying on AI and transplants, etc, the harder it will to become whole again..

adults, if you are not too far gone, you have a possibility to redirect if you set up your life properly.

I can assure you, those who are brainwashing their family and friends into thinking the food is tainted with "poisons" are actively psychologically programming their audience to starve..

lol.. i'm watching it right now.. i can only sit back and "laugh" to myself because there is NOTHING i can do.. except observe.. I refuse to cry for anyone unless it is my hubby and I cried for my dog.

when friends and family are symbolically disabling their friends and family from evolving it is like the character in Misery breaking the legs of her favorite author she was taking care of so he would not leave her...

very poetic.. very appropriate.

When you demonize fda approved food and therapies you are like the character in Misery (the number 1 fan).

Purposely disabling your friends and family from growing and evolving.. It's extraordinary to watch..

And of course many of you have painted yourself in a corner.. You can only act out that character in Misery..

Misery likes company..

And remember your number one fan could be disabling your ability to evolve..

How many of you are somebody's number 1 FAN .

That's why I want no one worshipping me.. I don't want any number one fans.. Look what happened to Selena.. The Hispanic singer of the nineties..

Her number one fan destroyed her..

Which is why politics religion and science dogmas can be very dangerous because they radicalized people into loving things so much they destroy them.. Or hating things so much they destroy things.. Which is why you are in a surveillance society..(extremism)

Which is why I want no kids or a dog or pet.. Because you will be forced to destroy them..

Because you are their number one fan..

Politics religion and science dogmas promote fan based worshipping savior behaviors..

That's why I have an issue with all types of worshipping people places and things..

It becomes destructive.. People worshipping their children they become destructive to their children.. And anything they worship and target they destroy.. Out of good intentions..

Because even those that hate me have good intentions saving their friends from me..

All come from worship and savior..

Built in misery.. Because the Breakdown process is f****** miserable.. And you can't force anyone to rebuild themselves..

It only takes once for me to learn..

The system will have to support immortality for me to have anything such as that type of companion.. I will not entertain misery purposely and pretend everything is great..

Again people mean well.. and they are not bad or wrong they're just doing their programming.. The kicker is nobody intends to harm anyone.. But their needing validation and needing company has caused them to be the number one destroyer to the things they love the most.. Your love has been weaponized..

Change might be impossible for some but at least awareness is key and if you have the possibility to change maybe entertain the notion..

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