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I Found the Missing Link Hidden in Plain Sight

There Was A Reason Why the Giants Were Eradicated from Earth the 2k Years Ago and after..

There was a reason why the giants were eradicated.. They enslaved humans.. They were intolerant.. And they were brutal.. Now we have to deal with their children.. Who are just as bad if not worse.

How many chances do you give people before you have to change the climate.. Welcome to the great reset.. When you spend your whole life taking/developing antibiotics, you will eventually become antibiotic and die from antibiotics.. biological karma no, the holistic doctors did not die at the hands of big pharma.. they took their own remedies in the holistic world.. self fulfilling prophecy. peace nice try mlm'ers selling your friends supplements..

Before you can forge into the future.. Everything in the past must finally be complete..

Every loose end must be tied up... It is all about tying up loose ends.. Motherhood is responsibility above no other.. And it's not something you take lightly

Your mother will make you to be the most amazing person.. Or she will break you and you will become a destroyer.. But that's the duality.. Hopefully you get a chance to choose the best for you..

Please educate yourself on the different types of jewish people in this world..

I'm so tired of the racist people on my friend's list.. Passing around fucked up information to the world because they want to destroy people.. Extremely extremely hateful ignorant people are in this world.. And they will destroy someone if given the chance.. That's what their parents taught them.. And that's the kind of people they hang around with. And they chose not to evolve. And they are deteriorating.. That's why we don't want cancer in the future.. Because when people are falling apart and things become that bad for them and they have become radicalized, they destroy everybody else around them.

Especially if you let them.

That's the nature of disease..

Misery loves company..

Why do we have so many different religions in this world which have so many similar characteristics. They were either driven from their land because someone wanted to destroy them and genocide them. And you know very well that happens.. It happened even today.. If it happened today it happened six thousand years ago..

Or there was a disagreement.. major disagreements..

Once people have disagreements.. They split up into their own factions.. And then people are forced to take a side..

And the people develop their own storylines. Each demonizing the other. And those stories get passed down from generation to generation.. "Simple arguments" turn into world wars years in the future..

Now look at all the different christianity offshoots.. I cannot even count how many different christian interpretations there are out there in the world.. I cannot even count how many different versions of the bible out there in the world.

And when people have differences.. they are taught hate at home.. They will go and destroy other people.. In body mind and spirit..

They become destroyers of humanity . They become soldiers for their ancestors destroying anything that conflicts with their ancestors.. And they don't give anyone a choice.. They just genocide..

Endless wars.

We are in those times.. We are fighting our parents battles.. No different than your families today.. No different than what's going on in your body biologically..

You are fighting your ancestors battles.. Until you win.. And stay alive.. Your children will be fighting your battles.. And your children's children will be fighting your battles.. Until that genetic line lives on.. Or is silenced forever..

Not only am I fighting my own ancestor's battle in my biological immune system. But i'm also fighting my parents battles.. I am seeing through the eyes of their ancestors.

But remember.. If you are in the west.. You ARE being given a choice. Nobody is going into your house.. Nobody is making YOU do anything you haven'r already done to yourself and your children.

Today, you have a choice.. And if you're reading this right now.. You have a choice.. yup, mothers can be your biggest assets or deadliest liabilities.. My mother to me was And is the best asset.. She gave me the tools to save myself.. No one could have done that for me except for her.. And "save" could mean different things to different people.. To you, your mother could be "saving your soul" sending you off to heaven.. Because that's the religion you believe in.. That's great. Thank you for your service. now i understand. i believe my training is done.. now.. it will take me awhile to write about it.. sigh.. And humanity has another option to work from.. You all can thank my mother for this. She gave you all the options in the world.. Through me.. And she's jewish.. So jews are not bad.. Absolutely not.. Anyone who hates the jewish people you have been sadly mistaken.. And you have been sorely misled.. And there's no such thing as a fake jew.. You are either jewish or you're not with different perspectives on how you manifest your beliefs and your phenotypical characteristics based upon geographical locations. And people moved around all the time even six thousand years ago. There's no such thing as a fake jew as i've seen all over the internet. From extremely ignorant people .. I mean extremely ignorant people.. And even though some of them are my friends on facebook, and we've been through the conspiracy world together.. I've evolved way past them. I mean I have evolved way past them. Ashkenazi Jews come from Eastern Europe, Germany, and France, while Sephardic Jews are from Spain, Portugal, Africa, and the Middle East. Most Jews in America are Ashkenazi because of the large population of German and Eastern European Jewish immigrants who arrived in the U.S. between the 1850s and the 1900s. But all sides of judaism are just as credible.. And it's all relative to intention.. Anyone who hates anyone jewish has been radicalized to destroy anyone who's different to them.. They wanted to believe all the fucked up stories.. But why don't you go look at all the mistakes of mankind, regardless of the political parties religion and belief systems.. And I feel sorry for anyone who has that much hate in their heart.. All of us are just trying to survive.. Why make it harder by hating somebody else.. And making their life difficult.. Because you don't agree.. Peace out. If no one has come into your home why are you taking aside against anyone.. Let the people it's between fight it out.. And they are.. Stay out of other people's wars. Let the governments figure it out.. Because they will and they are.. Just save yourself.. No coincidences. It was 7 years ago to the month of October I developed the J world j juice. October 2010 was the month I met my husband, and October 2023 is the month I freed myself from the resistance in body, mind and spirit. And I didn't have to die. I've known my husband for 13 years. Today is Friday the 13th (October 13, 2023) I am forty nine years old. Nine plus four equals thirteen. Everything is about balancing the dualities in the world.. But now you get a choice how you characterize those dualities.. And how you end up living or dying from the dualities.. That's the checker board.. You have choices. You always had choices.. But you had to fight to develop or see the choices that were right for you. And so if i'm going to evolve Imhotep's practice of surgery and remedies.. my information is the evolution.. imo, it is the true physical immortality on this earth. Because you don't really know where you go when you physically die.. People say your soul goes back to the universe.. Dying to inhabit a "new" body.. You just hope you don't end up a slave to somebody else again.. What I am advocating around physical immortality is completely aligned with forging into the future acknowledging the past.. But it takes very evolutionary species, to exemplify this or else you will always be fighting to defend yourself against someone who intends to destroy you. And you know very well some people hunt humans.. Sometimes you must destroy the destroyers.. To save the world.. Intolerance is spoken.. Intolerance is practiced.. The third world who speaks intolerance gets destroyed.. The first world who cannot tolerate themselves or the environment destroys themselves. And they destroy their own family.. Everyone's being given a choice.. Now we all are accountable for the choices we have made personally.. I am freeing myself from bondage.. I have freed myself from bondage.. Because even resisting the past is slavery.. There was a reason why a large swath of history was kept hidden from.. You wouldn't understand until you saw what the children of history did.. Watch the children of history today.. Look at all the crime and violence.. And most of all intolerance.. Would you understand why the giants were eradicated from the past.? You had to see the intolerance.. You had to see the brutality.. You had to see how parents raised their children.. You had to see what those children turned into as adults.. Then you had to see the religions that were sustained.. The intolerance in those religions.. Then you will understand why we are..where we are.. Then you realized there's nothing to resist or fight out there.. If you are resisting anything.. You're fighting your own ancestors. And their beliefs. You literally have to reconsider your lifestyle and belief systems.. If you want to save your own life. I hope your children survives this great reset. Parents save yourself. Everybody will be competing on a level playing field. Everyone has been given a chance to reconsider their intolerance in body mind and spirit.. in politics in religion in science.. Everything goes back to the giants.. Tartarian giants.. The ones who enslaved humanity.. And their sympathizers.. Which is probably why that history has been erased, under mudfloods.

Gilgamesh the Giant and (ENKI) Sumerian Pantheon. Unsurpassed at all things, he was a towering figure, figuratively and literally: he stood more than five meters tall. But Gilgamesh wasn't happy. Enkidu, the wild man who became Gilgamesh's close friend and, according to some, his lover, had died. Despondent, Gilgamesh began a desperate quest for eternal life.Jun 7, 2019 Fourth printing,desperate%20quest%20for%20eternal%20life

The Akkadians and Assyrians came to Mesopotamia as foreign invaders. Both empires started because their rulers wanted to control more trade routes. Both Akkad and Asur were inland cities, far away from the ports of the eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. He was one of the giants who probably enslaved humanity.. That's why the giants were eradicated from the past. And that history was taken out of the bible.. Until you could see why we are where we are.. We are the children of the giants.. And you can see what values were given to us and forced on to us.

You had to look in the mirror.. Enkidu's name has been variously interpreted: as identical with the deity Enkimdu or meaning “lord of the reed marsh” or “Enki has created.” In the epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu is a wild man created by the god Anu. After Gilgamesh defeats him, the two become friends (in some versions Enkidu becomes Gilgamesh's servant). The ark of the covenant most likely was a direct energy weapon .. That's why resistance is futile.. The earliest slaves of mankind figured out how to win most wars out there.. And they let things play out so we have a history.. We can see what children have done when taught by their parents. That's why the giants are gone.. That's also why the huge trees of life are gone.. That's why the tartarian architecture is gone.. Probably wasn't cost effective either. And probably was not energy efficient. That's why huge history is gone because it was a bad history.. A very bad history.. And we saw it replay itself over the last thousand years.. But the ark itself was also said to have incredible capabilities, including allowing direct communication with the divine. Fantastical powers were ascribed to it, such as being a super weapon used to protect the Israelites, parting the River Jordan, and taking down Jericho's city walls. Now it all makes sense.. The mud floods did cover tartaria and the giants of two hundred years ago and more.. There was a reason.. And i'm sure the ark of the covenant was behind it all. And again there was a reason for it.. And there is a reason why some towns were completely devoid of people.. All the people were gone.. Where did they go.. I'm sure you can guess.. Then the orphan trains came in.. And they redeveloped society again.. There's always a reason why we had to keep starting over again.. When you don't get it right you have to keep starting over again.. Until you get it right..,to%20many%20instances%20of%20runaways Yep lasers cut down the trees of life.. And sliced stone.. large stones And the giants picked them up and built walls and cities.. Yup the ark of the covenant. It was nuclear energy.. Direct energy weapons.. And people today still deny their existence. That's why you don't understand history.. That's why you've been so blinded by your parents.. Because they didn't believe anything.. They refused to consider all information..

Human history is so extraordinary.. If you just open your eyes and read information.. And stop resisting somebody's ideas because it came from history.. When you destroy evolution and you destroy information new to you.. You fucked yourself. My information is not new.. It's just new to you. Because your ancestors shielded you and blinded you from all the truths.. It's not my fault. I have studied physics and chemistry and history.. And religion and biology.. I took the time.. Which makes sense why gold was used to encase the Ark of the Covenant.. It lessened the radioactive potential.. And you could carry the nuclear reactor from different places.. But the carrier had to wear protective clothing.. Does it matter where the ark of the covenant came from.. Star wars.. Stargate.. All about energy harnessing.. Developing technology.. And redeveloping worlds.. Direct energy weapons and lasers... You are living history right now Four thousand years ago was the days of gilgamesh.. Why do they call it the devil's tower.. The giants were known as the devils.. The giants of tartaria and all over the world.. And what did mankind do.. They took the ark of the covenant.. And destroyed the giant world.. Because it was not the world of man.. It was the world of giants.. Now do you get it? David defeated the giants ruling the worlds.. Now we have to deal with the children.. Of the giants.. they seeked to destroy the people who killed their parents.. But their parents were destructive.. And they enslaved mankind.. The number 7 comes up again.. The GIANTS ANNUNAKI The number seven was extremely important in ancient Mesopotamian cosmology. In Sumerian religion, the most powerful and important deities in the pantheon were sometimes called the "seven gods who decree": An, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna.,Nanna%2C%20Utu%2C%20and%20Inanna I get it.. hebrews for jesus/joshua_yeshua/ yah I hypothesized that lucas films Star Wars was the prequel to genesis.. According to the Old Testament, the Anakim lived in the southern part of the land of Canaan, near Hebron (Gen. 23:2; Josh. 15:13). Genesis 14:5–6 states that they inhabited the region later known as Edom and Moab in the days of Abraham. Anakim are mentioned in the Bible as descendants of Anak. According to the Old Testament, the Anakim lived in the southern part of the land of Canaan, near Hebron. Genesis 14:5–6 states that they inhabited the region later known as Edom and Moab in the days of Abraham. Wikipedia tall people or giants [ an-uh-kim ] show ipa. plural noun. tall people or giants

Yeshua People They believe that Yahshua is the son of Yahweh, and that his life, death, burial, and resurrection provide salvation. They believe that after persons repent of their sins, they should be baptized in the name of Yahshua.[citation needed] Jesus' name in Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua.Jul 10, 2018 video › what... What Was Jesus' Real Name? | Season 1 | Episode 33 - PBS Who was Joshua in the Bible and what did he do? Joshua, also spelled Josue, Hebrew Yehoshua (“Yahweh is deliverance”), the leader of the Israelite tribes after the death of Moses, who conquered Canaan and distributed its lands to the 12 tribes. His story is told in the Old Testament Book of Joshua.Oct 7, 2023,Christmas%20as%20pagan%20in%20origin Those light sabers.. Ark of the COVENANT Luke skywalker Darth vader Father and son.. And of course the holy spirit somewhere.. Little yoda.. The jedi master. So let's put it all in perspective.. All the gods in greek mythology were actually the giants. The giants who were eradicated by the ark of the covenant.. Plus a prehistoric nuclear blast.. Cavemen were the men that were left after the explosions.. Why do they live in caves.. Because when the system eradicated the giants the larger giants and all of those huge animals.. The ones that needed to be bioengineered by the pantheon were the ones who survived.. The Stone Age 12k years ago to 2.5 m In the Paleolithic period (roughly 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 B.C.), early humans lived in caves or simple huts or tepees and were hunters and gatherers. They used basic stone and bone tools, as well as crude stone axes, for hunting birds and wild animals.Sep 27, 2019 Then you have the gods or the giants.. Plus the caveman.. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the twelve Olympians are the major deities of the Greek pantheon, commonly considered to be Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes, and either Hestia or Dionysus. Many of the larger giants were eradicated from the nuclear war.. But there are still many giants left.. Because many hid in caves.. Hiding in a cave will be better than being out in the open. The cave will protect you from the flash, blast and radiation effects from the explosion. Then you can leave before the heavy fallout drops in the area. Then you get the cradles of civilization.. The bible. But before the bible you had star wars.. And the light sabers.. And ancient nuclear technology.. And we knew.. The oceans covered the desert. Monument valley utah could have been a lush forest. The red sands of utah.. The red rocks the flesh of the giants.. Petrified forest.. Where does everything derive from.. The old testament. The rosicrucian.. Egyptian.. Greek mythology. Greco roman empire.. The slaves of egypt.. The middle east.. The ark of the covenant.. Climate change.. Pandemics. The georgia guidestones. The sephardic and the ashkenazi jews. The pharaohs.. Imhotep Alchemists.. Spell casting. The ancestors.. Children of gods.. Politics, religion, science, spirituality Bio engineering.. The demigods . War.. Racism.. Brutality. Intolerance. How did you finally whittle down humanity from being so many meters tall to at least 8 feet or 9 feet tall from the tallest human. The climate changed due to high heat.. War and hard work.. The procreation of the race of man.. And the final eradication of the giants.. How many olympians.. Or athletes who can't handle what's going on right now... Just think of all the gods who are strong and fast and swift.. Like the athletes who are having a hard time with climate change.. What's going right now the died suddenly's. Happened even way back when.. The olympians were eradicated by climate change.. Extreme heat and high frequencies. Have you heard of the bigger and stronger they are.. The harder they fall.. That was literal. The most physically strong fell to climate change.. And the weakest and most beautiful fell to climate change.. What was left.. Those who could adapt to climate change. Why do you think there were beautiful GIANT goddesses like aphrodite who do not exist anymore .. because she has been replicated in hollywood.. Over and over and over again since the golden age of hollywood.. And of course even before that.. She also couldn't handle climate change.. She was bio engineered to be beautiful. Just like the strong man. The powerful men out there . Bioengineered to be gorgeous and strong and sexually attractive.. The olympians.. Athletes in our society are also under that engineering.. And you see they are not surviving very well during this climate change. Regardless of what you blame it on. The smart man.. Bio engineered to be smart.. To be a titan within their industry.. Everything is about bio engineering fit for the current climate.. Fit for the economy.. And when the climate changes.. The bio engineering breaks down unless you know how to adapt.. And many of you are resisting adaptation.. You are curing yourself to death.. Because you can't handle change.. No different than the gods of the greek and roman times.. No different than the gods of ten thousand years ago.. That's why they're all statues all over the vatican.. Reminding us where we came from.. We are in the times when the greek gods were falling to climate change.. If you think it's all about beauty.. wealth strength and brawn.. See you later.. It is the day of the smart strategic adaptable human race.. And the most productive and peaceful and tolerant.. Everything is about bio engineering.. And when you can given so many gifts.. Eventually obviously those gifts break you down.. And you die.. And you die suddenly during climate change.. That's why you're seeing athletes fall on the field.. That's why you see beautiful 26 yo women who weigh next to nothing died suddenly, right in the middle of their career.. If you don't get it by now this is not about short term goals.. This is not about living for today.. It's about understanding how to balance the past present and the future.. And still live to tell about it.. You're getting a choice no one will ever fucking give you in your world.. And most of all, many parents out there will not give this gift to their kids because they don't even have it within them to do it for themselves.. But if you're not tied in with beauty brawn and even brains.. But if you understand you have to balance everything out, and you may have to go through an ugly stage.. You could live to tell about it.. And then worlds open up to you.. And this is not about worshipping anything.. Because the gods thought they were it and they fell to their own egotistical way.. Somebody else out smarted them.. And so if the gods can be out smarted by somebody else.. What makes you think your gods' going save you? What's going on in the middle east.. Happened ten thousand years ago.. There was a war between the tolerant and the intolerant.. Until the system figured out how to breed out intolerant.. They had to change the climate and start all over again.. But now with better information and better data.. When you finally stop resisting the past present and the future.. Worlds open up.. Most people haven't even studied greek mythology greek history.. They haven't studied all the different pantheons and western civilization and eastern civilization.. Or even understood archaeology and all the different religions.. Barely even understood physics in chemistry and biology.. Except fpr whatever mainstream media has given them . And the only thing people know of nowadays is to resist everything. They just took somebody's argument that sounded good that fit their narrative.. And turned it into an activist dance.. And then a religion.. But you're making so much money from it.. So you don't have any incentive to redirect or else lose your following.. Many people are stuck.. Or they say one thing and do another because they can't afford to change their belief system publicly.. Which means you are a tool for the agenda. Your fear does not give anybody a choice.. You barely have a choice. Many people have no one else in the world except for some guru to follow.. And even that guru is following another guru.. And they still died anyways.. Now look at your facebook. Everybody out there resisting whatever even their own evolution.. Punching air. Wasting your energy. Will eventually die suddenly.. Because you have no more resources left to give away to everybody in your world.. Because you're feeding the parasites in your politics religion and science world.. My world you release the parasites and you keep the colonies that keep you alive.. You never attack parasites in your body.. You feed them and you release them. And you don't damage your body in the process. How many of you have attacked your body with remedies and surgeries and energy.. That's why your kids are dying suddenly. That's why your friends and family are dying suddenly. Their infrastructure is breaking down. By the way slavery still exists.. Until we stop enslaving animals and humans in whatever manner.. The suffering of humanity will continue.. It was not enough to eradicate the giants that were enslaving humanity.. Now we have to breed SLAVERY out of their children.. The demigods out there.. Who believe they own everything.. And when everything is disposable.. Everything should die some day according to you.. You still believe in slavery. Everything is disposable. But try telling that to a person who thinks they should die some day.. And things everyone should die someday.. And then also think other culture should die someday.. We've given so much latitude to people so they can change and evolve and become tolerant.. People don't.. They refused to fucking change.. What else do you do when people refuse to fucking change.. You give them so many chances.. Just like the giants.. We gave them chances.. And humans outsmarted their parents.. They destroyed the giants that were brutal.. And even the ones that couldn't change.. As you can see all the different petroglyphs and petrified forests.. Remember david and goliath You are the demigods.. And you will end up like your parents if you don't change.. Your parents from twelve thousand years ago.. We are now setting people free.. Animals and humans are not disposable.. We are heading into a sustainable world.. And it will be a fight yet again..

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