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I Just Developed a New Biological Programming

The higher frequency triggered everyone's menopause even the men..

People wish for disease every single time they use a remedy.. Even when they never had the disease they eventually get it because of all their practices in the medical holistic..

Survival facing demons

You don't run away or act like a victim screaming in the water splashing.. Happy Parents Day to all humans who are parenting their own juvenile cells in their body and they are still alive, despite all the intentions out there.. The fact you are alive says BOTH PARENTS did something right regardless of the holiday.

If you are alive means YOU stepped up and fed yourself, clothed yourself, took on education, because you could have starved yourself, denied yourself clothing and skipped school..

YOU did it..

YOU kept yourself alive with a ready made infrastructure meant to support your most basic needs...

The govt gave you a system and a guardian made sure you stayed alive, even if was just "barely", alive.

congratulations to all humans parenting their OWN body mind and spirit and fighting to stay alive.

take some credibility.. it is YOUR day.

The politics around father's day is b*******.. I'm done with the judgmental b******* when it comes to parenting.. Because what are you teaching your kids.. Have you weaponized your children against the system..

Thank the system for providing you an infrastructure of order regardless of how and what you were taught..

And then thank yourself for staying alive..

And then you as a human figure out what your contribution to humanity and environment will be.

Anyone influential regardless

gave you foundation..

Now it's up to you to survive and potentially evolve.. Make yourself proud.

Hero worship starts in the womb.. But it was necessary for nation building and innovation..

Not so much anymore.. As soon as you put all of your eggs un someone else's basket and give them all the credibility.. You don't know your own power.. When your hero dies.. That's where you will also end up.. Never worship anyone.. Even me..

I'm just as human as you are..

Find your own power within you...

That's taking control of your life..

Acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of your society is great regardless of their status around you..

And then find your purpose..

I realize I am challenging traditions..

But that's how you're going to survive a great reset.

Challenging traditions.. You are hardware and software

The software can always be changed out and updated.. So can the hardware

but you need to make sure the software is up to date so it can update the hardware..

Your colon holds all the software in the body..

Some of you are operating on legacy software.. And the environment does not support legacy software.. Just ask those who are running windows 95 but not via the Internet... But if they are they are exposed..

You dont have to die after "menopause" or going gray..

You could be in continuous Perimenopause but not exhibit most of the symptoms

But were programmed to

You were bred to have children and when the body stopped producing eggs at a certain point.. Then you were bred to pass away.. The system developed meanings around the system of everybody going through another programming called the breakdown of the initial programming. But you don't have to die from that breakdown..

All you have to do now is evolve with the changing climate.. Accept that your hair will eventually turn Gray and white. But your skin will be plump and youthful and you will have to have more intelligence around your midsection and also have more weight to your body to develop a strong immmune system.. And then turn away from the healing industry..

Because now it's evolution and adaptation.. And you will be wise with lessons lessons life knowledge acquired from the last year's you've been on this earth plus even more knowledge.. As the youth live out their programming they will eventually have a choice..

But some will not get that choice..

The first world has a choice.. A third world will have to go through the growing pains..

Human farming.. Is a real thing

By the way I don't get hot flashes anymore..

You deserve to be in an environment that brings out the survival in you

Because at least you know you can...

Then you earn being soft..

You gotta pay your dues

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