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I Knew the Anti-Vaccine Campaign Was a Misdirection

I totally called it.. I knew it.. I finally know how to say it..

I knew the campaign about the holistic doctor's dying.. Blaming big farma was a brain washing..

I raised my eyebrows at the anti v people promoting g c m a f as an injection against autism..

Yeah when you are told to keep dying and reproducing? You will have a very short memory and will be easily manipulated.. And when you've been sexualized as well.. You don't stand a chance unless you're willing to re direct.. Most people out there.. are too far gone.. And what sad is so are their children..

Parents.. Good luck..

There were/are people in the media who were/are very vocal about the va ccines, pass away.. dr. Bu**

What if they passed away from their own remedies on top of particle acceleration AND STARVATION..

Because when you think about it the vac cines produce Life and energy conversion..

If your body thinks it's "poison" they will develop primary anti bodies against that programming And protect the body..

But if you are malnourished and on drugs And systematically taking food away..

And you are extremely Skinny aging out.. And your kids are breaking bones at a young age..

You won't have the immune system to protect you against anything much Less what you think is the problem..

But watch The anti v world blame the vees

No mom and dad it's your starvation.. And all the herbs and supplements and detoxes you used in reaction to symptoms..

You've been weaponized against your own body and your children's bodies for years

The anti vac cine campaign was the weaponization of people who don't understand biology..

Don't get mad at the messenger.. Get mad that you fell for another campaign against your life..

Milk food gluten and fat is what will give you a very strong immune system..

How many skinny kids are out there.. Completely compromised

Too many to count.. And what sucks is You will learn this at the eleventh hour and you hope your kids survive the climate..

It is not too late to feed your kids And you mom and dad..

But first you must prioritize.. And if you are ready compromised it will be difficult to prioritize..

Good luck

btw, if the vac cines produced energy that may take away more resources than it gives, then you FEED THE BODY MEAT MILK CHEESE EGGS GLUTEN AND GMO


YOU FEED ENERGY and open up the body to release the demons..

it might be too late to save your kids, but mom and da/grandma, it is not too late for you..


hippie = hypo-crites crunchy mamas weaponized against their own children, all by design they have become so highly sexualized and only fans will be there to catch them when they cannot compete intellectually out there against Russia, china and Europe..

the age of single moms ... using of herbs/etc.. everything is in plain sight with sex and religion as the new religion and blaming the ex hubby/wife/boy/girlfriend and then the anger.. hahah oh boy

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