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I'm an Evolutionist, non discriminatory conspiracy theorist, in nature..

I'm an Evolutionist, non discriminatory conspiracy theorist, in nature.. Nothing is static.. If you don't define yourself, then somebody else will and also make assumptions about what you believe in; who you are and where you came from. So if you don't know how to define yourself. Then you're leaving the definition up to everybody else to make assumptions about you..

This is who I am today.. And in the future when the world changes it will change.. Right now I have to question everything even my own beliefs because they will change at some point when the world changes..

I am an evolutionist.. I'm open to all speculation of events.. I question the official narrative. I question everyone's perception.. I have my own perceptions but even that can be questioned.. The only thing that I am discriminatory is for life.. In my body in my mind and in my spirit.. I am the one that will determine how I control life in my body mind and spirit..

My home is my castle.. I share space with my husband.. We both discuss how we control life in our home and our bodies.. We also work in partnership with the government.. Meaning that there are laws and rules we both agree to abide by since we live within the city limits.. And we live in a community.. Our government has never asked us to do anything we were not prepared to do anyways.. We both still do not have health insurance.. And if my husband has a health issue, he will pay out of pocket..

Accidents are determined by the cause and the effect and where and when it has happened.. And so we have insurance for accidents.. Not health issues.. We self insure health issues.. When you have health insurance.. It means you voluntarily decided to do things to cause you to have health insurance.. However... If I hurt myself on my own property.. I am liable to myself to take care of myself.. Which means I will pay out of pocket if it requires that I go to a hospital.. Which means I need to be careful what I do.. I do not take unnecessary risks.. If my property is maintained well.. Injurious accidents should not be an issue..

Can we afford to self insure..? Yes.. Pay now or pay later.. You pay now, like health insurance, you're betting that you will get into an accident on your own property.. That's scary.. Not only have you cast spells of bad luck, but you will not be responsible and take care of your property properly. Pay later it means you will pay once the accident happened and it may never happen..

When you self insure you take personal and financial responsibility for your own health and well being.... I never want to be the person to complain about health insurance.. Because it means I was leveraged.. In this society of vultures you don't want to be leveraged.. Because your body mind and spirit will be sold on the open market to the highest bidder..

When it comes to life insurance.. You know you're not responsible for the party that could potentially pass away.. And so to protect your lifestyle that's why you get life insurance on someone who is worth money to the government and to you. But they also are source of contribution to your life.. You both have contributed to life and one person or both will contribute someone in their death..

If you have a car, car insurance means you can't control other people.. But the deductibles are based upon if you want to pay now or later relative to your body mind and spirit.. And so you can volunteer not to participate in things that are not necessary for you but maybe necessary for somebody else.. And you can still be responsible citizen with tolerance and productivity.. You do not advocate anarchy because that means death or entropy..

When people have health issues it's because they are disorganized.. They have committed anarchy on their body.. But they don't realize every time they use anything against the organic processes of the body trying to stop the energy.. They are developing a platform of anarchy in their body.. Anarchists in our society.. Are the ones that are developing the chaos... However they're developing their own personal chaos and looking for believers and followers..

I'm not an anarchist.. I believe in law and order and organization.. And you choose what you want to participate in or not.. If you can't discern when someone is taking advantage of you and body mind and spirit.. That's on you..

Anytime you pay your health insurance premiums, you are in a contractual agreement with eventual death of your body.. as your spirit and mind can be housed in a disk, or lab aka artificial intelligence. Remember, people have bought into ending up in the morgue, someday.

If you are paying health insurance OR paying for any remedy.. your issues with the vaccines, etc. is POINTLESS. You have already signed a monetary contractual agreement with your government and or their agents, that outside entities have control over your body, mind and spirit. You hold zero responsibility for the sanctity of your body, mind and spirit, therefore, you have nothing to complain about.

no reason to be upset at the jabs...

if you are still on the anti-vaccine bandwagon.. that is exactly where the government wants you.. taking no responsibility for yourself.


I self insure my own body, mind and spirit... meaning I do not seek anyone, or take advice from anyone in the medical/holistic/shaman/ energy healing/diet world.

I take my own advice and I take personal accountability of all proteins and energy my body is in contact/contract with.

Anytime you engage with anyone you are acknowledging a verbal or written or protein contractual agreement. Just make sure you understand the fine print..

Why do you think politicians are usually Lawyers.. They understand the nuances of the language and the fine print.. Add in psychology you will get f***** if you don't understand..

This is why I self insure my life and health..

That is who I am. That may not be who you are.

Do you even know who you are, or are you still using the labels and ideas someone else cursed/gifted or put a spell on you?

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