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I'm sorry you are suffering.. but take away your own pain.

I'm sorry you are suffering.. but take away your own pain. Do not use me or use authority against me to take away your pain..

If I am the cause of your suffering, then why are you following me ahahah.

**Many out there are using other people to take away their pain and suffering, and then blame them when the pain returns..

I will not be anyone's absolution.

If you would have dealt with pain correctly in the first place, maybe you wouldn't have this diagnosable painful condition called life.

Doctors say your condition is irreversible because basically there is nothing left to cure in the body.. You don't know how to handle life and they're not gonna help you understand how to handle life..

That's not their job... Their job is to keep you working and assimilating until there's nothing left while being a constant consumer of goods and services..

They're in the business of taking away aspects of your life until you finally enact the final blow..

Then they're absolved because you finally took responsibility and destroyed yourself at the very end.. But you also employed them to help you along the way..

That's the psychological operations of the medical and the holistic system.. You had plenty of help from them taking you down notch by notch but you didn't realize it was also your friends and family and the people you trusted.. and Strangers..

They helped you enact the final blow the last hurrah..

Imhotep and Hammurabi understood how to run a society and how to evolve a society and they understood psychological operations and the use of religion politics and scientific dogmas to develop a society that would eventually self destruct when it was time..

We are in that time right now.. Many of you are too comfortable to change and so it will be what it is..

I hope it's not too painful on the way out the door..

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