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I Predicted Behavioral Sink Will Happen Today in 2020

Maine takeaway I predicted what's happening today a few years ago during covid-19

I wrote about behavioral sink and the outcome and I analyzed what calhoun analyzed applying it to what is going on today

Another major point is that my book will be written for those with a higher intelligence that can make the connections.. Very few people can make connections and prove it without going into correlation equals causation.

You don't make correlation equals causation on anything.. You don't make claims or absolutes.. And you understand every single factor in between a and z.

Thank you FTC (Federal Trade Commission)!!!!

If you can't do that then you are not appropriate for my world in the J World.

You'll need to have someone tell you everything from a to z.. And they will control your reality giving you correlation equals causation and everything will be very simple

The book I'm writing today and the book that I've written is written for the future so that way the system can use the same strategy because there will always be people who will not want to evolve, and the same strategy can be used again on those who refuse to evolve.

And while they're useful temporarily they won't be useful long-term because they will be the ones to destroy Society

You have a chance to be of higher intelligence or think correlation equals causation

And then all the religions and politics and science dogmas are written for very specific people

Mostly for people who make correlation equals causation

I'm not trying to insult you but give you an awareness that you have a choice to be more intelligent and take on new information or keep repeating history pay it forward = extinction = bleeding for your friends, family, and groups..

giving up your body, mind and spirit to EVERYONE.. AND EVERYONE BOWING DOWN TO YOU IN SUPPLICATION..


There will always be a collective body of people who will make sure the human race will never go extinct..

re-examine your ideals because if you are resisting change, you might be the bodies of people who promote human extinction, which is why you are feeling the pressure... No sickness= died suddenly Too much sickness = died suddenly

That is why overcoming food allergies is paramount and conditioning the alimentary canal is imperative

You will need ALL FOOD and fat.. I feeI feel bad for the kid whose parents made the correlation equals causation that when a food gives them inflammation that the food is poison. When in reality the body received nutrients it did not get ordinarily and activated the immune system to push out the demons.

The mother has been radicalized against the government so that way she has no basis of a relatively safe reality and only listens to those who are in correlation equals causation. She does not understand the need for regulation. She only distrust the government when it's convenient and then trust it when it's convenient

I feel bad for the kid who was not allowed to overcome food allergies

I feel bad for the kids who have had gluten sugar meat milk cheese eggs salt and processed food withheld from them

I feel bad for all the kids who are starving to death I feel bad for the kids who are on high protein diets who are in the soy all the time. I feel bad for the kids who are lactose intolerant and the parents have no clue

I feel bad for the adults who are starving and suffering like they were when they were children

Low-fat high protein diets develops hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in athletes and anyone else who is very skinny

Prevalent in ATHLETES According to officials from the Clark County Coroner’s Office, the cause of death for Keeler was “cardiac dysrhythmia due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.” The condition is detailed by officials as a “fatal arrythmia due to thickening of the heart muscle.” What is sad about humans is they don't know their own power..

They give it away for free.. Even when they get paid they give it away for free..

Then they disappear.. After they think everyone worships them for their beauty and saint hood

The End of Days Covid Omega Frequency Last greek letter in the alpha bet Horse shoe #endofdays #arnoldschwarzenegger #Netflix

You can survive but it is a process It is so f****** hazy out.. And i'm sneezing up a storm

It's f****** insane out

These are not clouds. This is a lot of extra elements that you're going to have to deal with..

These are the particles which get accelerated..

I don't care what you blame these particles on but this is what gets accelerated..

Highly conductive..

Specifically, particle accelerators speed up charged particles. These are particles with a positive or negative electrical charge such as protons, atomic nuclei, and the electrons that orbit atomic nuclei. In some cases, these particles reach speeds close to the speed of light. DOE Explains...Particle Accelerators - Department of Energy

Not only will you see big families develop but also so many single people having sex with everybody, because they can and everyone is HOT.

That's Extinction on steroids. Universe 25 is the war to end all wars..

You are being given so much access to animals, knowledge, social capital, people, money, sex, drugs, rock and roll, babies, groups, vindication, surgeries, remedies and absolution.. then one day..

pooooooffff (it will all be gone)

if you cannot change.. enjoy everything while you can.. it won't last long.. It was never meant to last long.. You are your own GOD!! People think the sexual Revolution caused all the downfall But remember the family the family is also part of Behavioral sink

Overcrowding leads to Extinction It has been proven time and time again I wrote about behavioral sink a few years ago but I didn't add it in my book because I didn't really have a place to come from,

And while you can use this experiment to justify what's going on, you can also use the experiment to implement the intentions And observe the outcome and I can see the outcome right now

You ARE YOUR OWN GOD You will either make or break yourself and your children

not the system..

The system will always support life but let me tell you mom and dad.

You don't support life because you intend to pass away.. And when that happens so will your children.. You don't intend to change, mom and dad, and neither will your children..

Because they listen to you.. The system with their intentions made you god in their world.. That was all intentional and that was purposeful..

That's why parents make or break their children as well as grandparent.. I don't care how good you think you are.. You're not helping yourself and your kids if you think that all your remedies and surgeries and belief systems are going to prolong their life and yours.. Evidently it ain't happening.. Look around you people are dropping like flies regardless of who you blame it on..

You are your own god and you will make a break your environment..

And if you keep giving away your power then you will be worshipping everyone and you will disappear.. You will pass away from natural causes..

So if that is the case then what are you fearful of and why are you an activist..

Why are you going to the hospital causing more trauma to yourself..

Why are you trying to prolong your life when you intend to pass away anyway, someday???

Why are you so active in the remedies market if you intend to pass away.. Oh you want absolution and you want to pass away pain free.. Well don't pretend that it's going to prolong your life.. One of Us What if God was all of us

I'm not special or unique I just know the power within me and I can change..

When people don't know the power within themselves they always give it away to other people or some intangible spirit.. Even dead people and they disempower themselves through absolution..

That's religion that's politics that science dogmas..

The distinction of correlation does NOT equal causation (regardless of which side you stand on)

one way to explain away the intention of extinction via close quarters is to justify sick humans be nearer to a hospital/government services for "faster response time"..

lol that is one reality.. lol and that reality will be for the correlation equals causation people..

i get the game.. caters to all types of people and know your audience but also cater to the people you intend to cater to without being discriminatory..


THAT WAS the "dumbing down of society"

that was how karl marx figured out how to weed out the bullshit.. omg.

i get it.. wow..yikes..

when people refuse to examine all the factors between action and reaction and outcomes and someone gives them a correlation = causation argument in politics, religion and health sciences..

extinction level events will happen.. it is easy to switch up the arguments and the environment and level them out..

step out of the war.. lol, if you can..

holy shit.. wow.. this is so beyond so many people and YOU know people will take offense to this holy shit..

sorry.. but if you want to evolve and survive.. pointing this out is necessary.. block me if it is that inflammatory..

save yourself.

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