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I Received a Visit from the Humane Society Due to Illegal False Reports and Here Was the Outcome

So I received a visit from the humane society responding to a slew of gang stalking bullies who made many ILLEGAL false reports.

And I will tell you this he was apologetic and he saw how well taken care of my dog is.. He saw what I fed her he knows that if she doesn't get fed she would die..

He says if I need anything from him just to call him and ask..

Anymore phone calls they get they will tell you that Sugar is under great care and there is nothing nefarious going on and no I'm not beating my dog like those of you who like to make up stories because you think that telling lies is the only way you can prove a point but I'm sorry deceptions in the darkness to truth does come to light.

To my trolls who can't make a point without lying to people yeah you just got had..

Thank YOU Shane for coming out to my house to confirm what I am doing with my dog, Sugar, is the "right" way.

She is 12 years old and would not survive another surgery of tumor/cyst removal when it will only grow back again assuming she survives any type of surgery. I appreciate it!

I am sorry many animal activists want my dog to pass away because they are uncomfortable with me, and so they want my dog to suffer the arm of death, but the only way my dog would die is if she was starved.

However, she is well fed and needs to ride out this situation, again.

This time, it will be the correct way. With food. The Humane Society gave my dog a chance at life, and I will keep her alive, at all costs, despite all the death cult people wishing death on my poor dog who ONLY wants to live and one day, become the dog she was meant to be.

Those of you who said I beat my dog.. lying to authority and making false reports is a federal offense and it takes away resources from actual life threatening situations and so while Shane was at my house under a wild goose chase, another animal succumbed to another owner actually beating their dog, leaving them outside tied to fence posts, etc. But, NO, you do not want to talk about that, you want to "prove me wrong", so if you think forcing a person to get their animal surgery and then the animal dies, you can be "right". You could give a shit about my animal or any animal out there, for that matter, so as long as you come off the "savior".. WRONG!! You came off deceptive and the humane society knows it.

Screenshotting my Facebook lives superimposing the pictures claiming you "know", is also deception. None of you trolls were ever at my house at all, whatsoever.

Lying about anyone is unethical and immoral and you are not proving anything to anyone.

But, on the brighter side, I was able to open up another pair of eyes and he met me personally, saw how I lived, saw sugar and knows the truth.

That is all I can ask for.

Take care Facebook animal activists. Find the people who actually run dog fighting rings and neglect their animals outside in the snow, rain and cold, etc. Jillian Epperly

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