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i think it is the alpha males who have issues with intuition..

i think it is the alpha males who have issues with intuition.. they cannot handle anyone putting "fear" into them.. they think they are the ones who put "fear" into others...

beta males know what it's like to be bullied by the alpha males.. so they have better intuition..

but it is the alpha males who will act so fearless, and be so fearless they will walk into a volcano and deny they will get burned..

good luck with that.

the system is getting rid of alpha males, alpha females and people in denial..

you just hope the beta people will clue in the alphas they aren't as invincible as their mommy told them they were..

when you have been a "victim" of alpha males/females, you will recognize danger for what it is..

alpha people will be cut down to size.. the govt must take the place of the parents..or else alpha people will destroy the world.

part of me is sighing with relief... i am tired of intellectual, societal, and religious/political bullies.. yes.. i probably was one.. i repented..

if you are an alpha/ female/male or person in denial.. there is ONE higher power you have zero control over.. i am not talking about god/jesus/Yeshua etc..

it is called your govt..

my hubby is an amazing man, and yes he is an alpha male.. which is what is extremely attractive to me.. but I must work double time to clue him in and keep myself safe..

Even then alpha people deny anyone has any more power over them than they have over themselves..

They never had to cry uncle.... They either were stronger than the people around them or they were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Liquid and herbal courage. Deadly combination in this environment.

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