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I Took My Humanity Back

1. The system does NOT want you to change.. which is why all the cures/surgeries/herbs to take you out easier.. Even though changing will save your life because the environment is more aggressive, the system has taught your friends, family and associates that change is the demon, even though they promote change/climate change, but will not promote the change that will save your life..

the system made you so addicted to public validation, that change will NEVER happen for you.

just look around you and look at your resistance to changing your own relationship to food/pain/mucus/symptoms..

all by design..

phucking brilliant

long story short.. your friends, family, and addiction to public validation and your kids and occupations, politics, religions, science dogmas have been weaponized against your survivability..

some people in biotech/tech world are dying/have died to make sure you never change.. jobs/gates... they make sure your resistance against gates keeps you so distracted you never ever ever change..

phucking brilliant..

now that I know this.. i can relax.. because all of you hold your own cards for the future.. no one is doing ANYTHING to you..

you are doing it to yourself..

I have done my part for humanity... Will I get endless invitations to parties and get togethers.. Abso f****** lootly not..

I don't expect it..

now it is your turn.. save the world by living or save the world by dying.. You choose. Again I don't care what you do but you need to have a choice..

2. The word woke is now being used to acknowledge unacknowledge lifestyles..

Woke used to mean thinking outside the current box until everyone started thinking outside the box and that became mainstream..

Now woke means that you're acknowledging someone that was not acknowledged properly and has to be done through advertising..

You see how everything is evolving and changing..

Being woke doesn't mean what you think it means anymore.. Being woke me you're still f****** asleep

It means you still don't f****** get what's going on..

3. People get shut down by their friends or family and peers that you have to now finally be a big man on Facebook because they wouldn't be allowed to hold their views in public..

Not only could you get beat up for it because people don't know how to handle information or words, but you could put yourself in danger..

I mean look at all the different protest rallies..

That ought to give you a clue how dangerous it is to hold your views in public..

That's when you know you're dealing with someone who cannot handle intellect because they can't handle somebody's words. It doesn't have to be aggressive insulting words..

It could mean that someone wants to change the system and it means that some people have to change the way they do things..

You go out on a street corner and use a microphone.. It's dangerous out there..

So how do you get new ideas out that could be aggressive to somebody else relative to their lifestyle and belief system..

Say it on facebook.. Block and delete demons.. Because you have a right to your beliefs and your opinion so as long as it's not hurting anyone else..

If someone is hurt by your words.. Are you promoting violence.. Are you insulting someones sexual orientation, their race, ... Or are you questioning in a peaceful intellectual way..

It takes years of practice not to be so inflammatory and aggressive but sometimes you will be..

It takes practice to be eloquent and articulate about your beliefs without completely insulting everybody. However at some point you will..

But you're not singling anyone person out..

You're questioning the whole system.. The system deserves to be questioned..

And facebook can help you moderate what you say and what others say to you in response..

It's a training on how to deal with different people and diversity.. Violence should never be the first go to because you don't like what someone says does or what they look like..

That's why we have so many bullies in our society because they were never exposed to anything different. They've been in a homogenized environment their whole life.. And then they were taught violence by their friends or family and their parents.. As a response mechanism.. It even happens in higher social economic status because parents beat up their kids for not behaving the way they want..

Violence does not discriminate..

That's caveman mentality..

Humans deserve better than that and they have a higher purpose than always going to blows with people they don't agree with

This is why we're in a great reset..

Because at some point we're gonna have to breed violence out of people but not make them all love love because that's also very violent..

Because people love each other to death and then violence is also involved with it.. Because you're sucking the life out of the people you love.. Where's the respect..

We can be balanced in our love respect and procreation and hobbies and families without destroying society in the meantime..

We have a long way to go

Thank you facebook and youtube for this training ground and for the opportunity to use my voice..

4. TRIGGER ALERT These are my own thoughts.. If you think i'm talking about you.. Look behind you.. Many people wear the same shoes..

If animals absorb our stress.. our demons destroy them over time..

There is a chemical reaction when you have an animal.. I understand the chemical reaction.. We are the negative to their positive.. And the chemical reaction is an energy causing production of hormones until it gets depleted.. Because for animals in an aggressive environment even the food supply isn't enough to keep them alive unless they're allowed to release the demons.. the stress..

But animals are not allowed to relieve their stress.. And our stress.. So they hold it inside and it destroys them.. Which is why animals become so obese or emaciated or have to be drugged and operated on..

Some animals are enslaved to produce puppies puppy after puppy after puppy, kitten after kitten..


Puppy/kitty mills..

This is also what happens to humans as well, when they're in captivity..

Which is why animals and humans have the same types of diseases..

Which is why animals also have a lifespan Because we use up all of their energy based upon our needs and stress..

And then at some point they can't perform anymore.. They can't produce the hormones to keep them alive because we use them up..

They don't really have a chance to release the stress of their lives living with humans..

When humans are free; animals will be free too..

When you actually really wake up.. You won't believe what you actually supported for many years..

Some people will never wake up... Because it's too f****** painful to see what you've supported and continued to support..

"Ownership" Has its privileges.. Oh I bet it does.. When you are the master and they are the servant..

Slavery never ended.. It just turned into therapy..


To save means to use now and later..

People don't save.. They use for safe keeping..

We have developed a society of people who seriously destroy things and hurt things for someone else to go and save them.. It is a money making venture and you get trapped by the emotions And trauma.. And then it weakened you..

When your world is about saving people.. Animals and children.. You're using and exploiting the situation to keep yourself fed.. Social capital.. Financial capital.. And it is an energy feeding frenzy on both ends..

Another commodity to exploit..

Because what are you saving these people and ANIMALS for.. Certainly not for the people.. The people don't learn and they get into the same situation later..

For someone to yet save them again and use them..

It becomes a never ending loop a cycle a lifestyle..

As soon as the saviors leave somebody else will take them over and exploit them.. Just look at all the different countries we've pulled out of trying to save them..

Look at the animal shelters and look at the human shelters with children and families..

I can't wait for western society where you don't have to save someone or something in order to enjoy them..

They're not used for a therapy or a collectible.. Or something to exotify..

I can't wait for humans and animals to live for as long as the system allows the environment to be stable..

When we don't need veterinarians or shamans or medicine..

When we completely take away the medical holistic system of alchemy..

The only time alchemist are used is to develop strong prototypes made for the environment and for the people.. That will be left up to Biotechnology.. Not some herbalist down the street..

The people will be balanced so humans don't have to save anyone or anything..

Because that's why you have politics religion and science..

To justify abusing things so you can save them later.. And this is where you get all the different stories and t v shows and books.. People's experiences with trauma..

Disney is partly responsible because we have developed children who need to be saved regardless of gender..

Of course religion politics and science are a huge part of saving people using people..

In my opinion the reason why the medical system and the Holistic system exists.. Because of mass human and animal experimentation..

It had to be normalized.. Worshipped.. Exotified for the acceptance of human inanimal experimentation..

Luckily now the system doesn't need any more trauma and now we are in the downward spiral, and it will be the last money grab from all the trauma that's going on..

Let the best prototype win out of twelve point nine billion people of the future going down to 5hundredmillion

SAVE /sāv/ keep and store up (something, especially money) for future use. "she had never been able to save much from her salary"

You don't want to know half the s*** this agency has done.. I'm not saying they're right or wrong.. Lot of human experimentation.. many wars And it had to be justified because In order to do human experimentation you had to justify by making that person the enemy..

Could you possibly do crazy a** experiments on people you love.. Or do you have to develop an enemy to justify whatever it is you need to get done..

That's the dark side of human experimentation...

Believe me you do not want to be as awake as possible.. You only want to be a little bit awake and even then that could be too much.. Too much light too much dark you won't survive..

Take care of yourself..

7. When some people watched me and they were p***** off around my animal.. They were watching themselves.. P***** off at themselves for accepting what we were also blind to..

When you finally see yourself on facebook and you're mad at the world.. And you're angry at the world..

You're only looking at your own reflection..

It's hard for me to look at humanity right now... Because I finally took back my humanity...

And it's f****** painful.. Which is why is easier to manage less than a thousand people.. It's hard to watch anything more than that and even then I have to unfollow people.. It's that painful

Some of you don't have what it takes to handle the pain.. So you understand at a superficial level..

But when you understand at your own personal painful level..

You know you can't do anything but watch everything explode in your face..

And you just have to back away so you don't get hit by the shrapnel..

Take on what you can only afford to lose in body mind and spirit.. Because even waking up is deadly.. You will find a way to stay up 24/7..

2 save people.. Remember "saving people" is a money making venture..

It's not worth it save yourself...

You don't want to know half the s*** that goes on out there.. And even what I read in the last twelve years.. I really don't want to know half the s*** that goes on out there.. It's so traumatizing.. You will lose your humanity once you learn what humans actually can do to each other when given the opportunity and they have the desire and were programmed to..

I just got my humanity back.. I will never ever lose it again...

The downside of the jay world... When you truly understand the jay world.. It will be a pain like no other.. And i'm not saying literal physical pain..

It will be hard for you to look at humanity.. Because they are in a downward spiral.. When you watch humans animals go down spiral down..

There's no joy in waking up.. But at some point as a human.. You will want to give people the choice.. Even when you know many people in your world will not be able to make the choice that you've made..

You still want to give people the choice..

I don't do collaborations with anybody... Because you would literally have to give up your politics.. Your religion.. And science dogmas..

You would have had to experience the j world at the purest level..

You literally have to walk away from society.. Be on your own.. And talk about the misery of releasing the demons.. And look at humanity. And even admit so many mistakes you've made about everything..

You would have to be transparent about your part in all of this.. You couldn't hide behind anything..

I'm not about uncovering deep dark secrets.. I've done the conspiracy world.. I understand podesta wiki leaks and everything.. I understand and know about epstein jimmy saville.. And all the different crimes..

Some atrocities are in your face and they are symbols that are in religious houses.. A person of the past was nailed to the cross.. That's how desensitized we are..

But, it doesn't matter.. You can't change the past.. It's not up to you to develop justice against somebody else..

And you really don't want to know what goes on in the dark web..

It truly is saving yourself.. Believe me netflix only scratches the surface on some of the atrocities humans have done to each other and their children..

Netflix only scratches the surface what humans do to themselves and their children and animals..

So if some of you had a hard time watching me try to figure out how to keep my animal alive...

Can you only imagine how bad it gets when someone doesn't want to keep their animal alive..

You don't want to know half the s*** that goes on in this world...

I know more than I really want to know but i'm glad I know it.. You will have to do your own research and figure out what you can handle..

Some of you will not be able to wake up even a little bit...

Because it would mean you would have to look in the mirror and face everything you've ever done to yourself your children animals and society..

I can still appreciate you even though you have your politics your religion and your science dogmas.. Because I can deal with diversity..

It doesn't mean you understand me.. It doesn't mean I fully understand you..

It just means i'm human and I can handle differences no matter how large or small..

Happy good friday..

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