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I Took On 2 Disease Demons in 4 Days and Won

is the food you are eating converting into gelatin and mush or did you release the pressure so the food converts into you and reinforcing your vital organs

The pressure of the heartburn demon.. I developed a demon that I had to release.. When you think about it suffering is self induced. I released the heartburn demon.. And you have to relieve the pressure on both ends of your alimentary canal.. If you don't.. You'll be like a pressure cooker, and you'll burst and die from a heart attack or stroke.. and you'll be melting your insides on the way out the door. Essentially falling apart..

I'm gonna say my way is the only way.. And I can safely say my way is the only way to relieve the pressure so you don't destroy things inside and out there. i conquered two self induced demons: the alcohol demons and the heart burn demons gone given how much jello I ate yesterday.. And then getting over the alcohol demon in the humidity.. I triggered some overactive life called acid reflux. I definitely had to release demons.. on both ends

But I also took a tiny pinch of salt.. Drank some water with it.. To calm it down.. It worked.. I told you salt is your friend.. Just don't overdo it.. And you have to release those demons on both ends. But I also have an open system.. But now I have to get my stomach sphincters back online and not so relaxed. No more alcohol.. Probably wasn't just the alcohol.. But it could have been part of a factor.. Don't do so much jello.. Doing a lot of jello yeah.. Because right after I ate a bunch of jello that's when stuff started happening..

Everything in moderation.. At least I know how to relax the demons and release them.. It's a fucking crazy learning process Simply taking a pinch of sea salt, dissolving it in your mouth and then drinking a glass of water is a simple and easy way to make acid reflux go away.

Yeah that acid reflux is horrible. I remember getting it at least once in my life.. But I really had to hawk up loogis, Even pull out demons.. And then even made myself throw up. And then drank a little bit of salt water.. I'm going to retrain my sphincter in my stomach to keep food going down not up.. Why do you think everyone is getting broken bones right now.. Over time high heat bones become brittle..

And of course the person is starving themselves cause they are afraid of food. And they refused to release their demons.. And those demons are causing the internal temperature to become so aggressively hot.. Obesity in this environment is not okay.. Super skinny in this environment is not okay.. trying to stay cured in this environment.. You will run very hot.. eating too many vegetable means you are starving jello converts to collagen/connective tissues but people who are obese/or too skinny are converting their collagen/connective tissue into gelatin.. they run too hot or do not have enough fat and collagen to convert as reserves in high high heat temperatures..

skinny people need jello and meat/eggs/milk/cheese/fruits vegans who are obese are all gelatin with fat.. vegans and vegetarians are starving.. climate change is cannibalizing weak people and the weak people are the elderly, the children and the immunocompromised.. weight is NOT only fat.. energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted.. what are you converting your body, mind and spirit into?? the blob or the crypt keeper? it is ALL ABOUT PHYSICS AND BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY IT IS ALL ABOUT THERMODYNAMICS, THEORY OF RELATIVITY AND THE LAWS OF MOTION..

UNDERSTAND the laws of physics and motion and chemistry and stop believing all the stories.. Obese children are deteriorating their bones and infrastructure.. They are running extremely hot.. Melting the collagen off their bones.. Very skinny children.. The aggressive environment is melting the fat and collagen off their bones Adults are converting their body into mush.. if they are not releasing the demons.. And you could be skinny and mushy or obese and mushy.. When you add in alcohol and drug demons you're making it worse.. And you know you can't force your kids to eat and release.. You can't force your kids to be sick. Parents can only save themselves.. If they have the latitude.. Can parents afford to be sick to save themselves..

We shall see Why do you think body builders convert into skeletons and gelatin.. Because they ran so hot for many years.. They've melted the substance off their bones.. Now they're the walking dead. When you run so hot like this climate change.. You see buildings breaking down.. From the intensity. Skinny people Who are so used to being skinny.. I want to see your face becomes Swollen.. ..That's how I know you're gaining the pressure.. You can see it in people's faces. Their energy conversion.. When I was at the party yesterday and they took pictures. I was swollen because I was in immune response. My body was protecting me. Because I had the substance for it

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