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If I Could Not Save My Own Dog From Aggressive Surgeries of the Past, You Can Only Save Yourself

The main take away.. If I can't even save my own animal because of her predisposed issues and medical trauma.. Then I know that you can only save yourself..

You can't save anyone else and you have no right to say they should handle pain or not handle pain and end suffering regardless of how little or how big..

None of us have the right to say and suggest what people should do with their body mind and spirit when it comes to suffering.. You represent what you believe in and people will make a choice based upon what they observe and what they can deal with.. That's the most valuable lesson of all to everyone out there who had something to say about what I was doing regardless at which side you stood on..

None of us have the right to suggest what people should do or not do with their bodies when it comes to therapies and ending peoples suffering.. end your own personal suffering and your own dependents suffering if that's your choice.

Be accountable for what you do without encouraging others to do the same thing.. Again you can be representation without promoting something as something someone should or should not do..

With that said. But first ,before i take some me time.. Let me wrap up the last 8 years and the last 2 months and 2 years..

I definitely feel whatever demons my dog had were transferred to me simply by me taking care of her during her last moments..

I had a few rashes on my hands.. My scratch was pulsating.. My wrists and my hands were sore.. I woke up so stiff and sore this morning.. But after releasing the demons I feel so much better.. I didn't have to take any JJ..

This weekend I was extremely tired very early.. Last night I had more hours of consecutive sleep in a long time..

I definitely had to release the demons.. Yesterday I was dragging a** so tired.. Today I'm going to rest all day and eat food and just Enjoy the silence..

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