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If It Is Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Nobody in politics or religion or in the sciences world will ever force me or influence me to hate the government one hundred percent.. I understand which side my bread is buttered on.. I understand the Psychological Operations going on and what they're doing with the Georgia Guidestones and it's written in my book without making accusations..

I understand the m l m world and the big power grab of money and fear with a remedy.. I understand the whole point of the whole Rosicrucian system. I understand using the little guys Desperation To be rich powerful and famous.. You saw it happen to ftx.. You saw what happened to julian assange You even saw what happened to epstein.. Weinstein. R kelly. They will let you make the money if you are a money maker for ONLY so long..

Then the cards come tumbling down.. I don't appreciate being love bombed by those in the religious world because they want me to hate the government so much.. I'm gonna tell you this I know what's going on as far as these chemical leak scares.. What you need to fear when you think about it is your own health and wellness.. how you respond to pain.. Extreme natural disasters out of your control.. Influential people trying to take away your money. By selling you something you really don't need.. I hope you survive climate change in the economy your immune system.. And the environment...

I distinctly remember telling people the crypto market is not a safe venture.. Not only was it gambling.. But it was propped up by those who were preying on those looking for a huge money grab.. Get rich quick.. But who got rich quick.. Were those who pulled their money out when they knew s*** was gonna go wrong.. The little man who's being sold a dream doesn't ever win until he stops dreaming to get rich.. Just because some charismatic influencer is throwing money around and traveling places Trying to sell you a dream, Does NOT mean that you're gonna be just like him buying whatever the f*** he's selling..

Sorry but fancy cars nice suits and expensive vacations are now the slick Snake oil salesman out there.. We're seeing a dismantling of the economy.. Multi level marketing all that stuff... Watch out.. Big money grab.. But not for the little guy..

The Charismatic mlm influencers eventually will go to the wayside.. As the wave of economic destruction makes it to where were they are.. But people will hang on until they can't.. We're in a new world and I saw it coming.. once you understand charismatics and what the power elite are doing.. Not only are they selling you fear but also a dream to get rich quick.. 😟‼️

Smeagle, in lord of the rings, was the representation of somebody losing everything because they were so hypnotized by money and power.. When You realize what's going on Then you stop buying the stupid s*** people are selling.. And you figure out how to survive this great reset.. What should you be in fear of.. out of control crazy a** weather and natural disasters And being so over extended you bankrupt your own family.. Remember cannabis was sold the same way.. The little guy ain't gonna f****** win in the cannabis world as far as the addiction.. Everything that was so popular and so lucrative.. And everyone wanted to get in it at the ground floor..

You're seeing the fall out you will see the fall out.. Get out now while you can as far as the addiction. If possible and and learn how to work hard and not try to get rich quick and cut down your expenses.. Because you will lose everything trying to hang on to your f****** image.. If anything cut down your expenses..

What if all the startups was to see how they can perfect delivery systems and other systems.. the Little guy does all the work, Inevitably yes. too greedy, Brought up on charges, His blueprint is then sold to verizon or some other blue chip stock.. door dash grubhub, All the different delivery systems that are not attached to huge blue chip stocks, They'll go to the wayside.. Which is why I use wal-mart delivery systems.. I have verizon.. I have state farm.. I'll use amazon and sometimes ebay for the little people.. That's the extent of it..

You can't trust the startups and you can't trust the mom pop shops that much anymore.. Now you have to trust the government.. Which was the intention to begin with.. Now you have to understand what to trust and what to say Ok u can do it on my own..

Clear Mental clarity will give you discernment on how to trust the government to serve you..

Not destroy you..

Again, you cannot buy sobriety.. it is earned.

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