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  • Jillian Epperly

If You Do Not Believe Life is Precious, Take a Tour of the Morgue With Your Children and Explain CA

(CA is a medical short form for cardiac arrest)

Why believe in the "magic" of Santa Claus, when the reality is way more honest and "fun". You can prove the magic of heart attacks but you cannot prove the "magic" of Santa Claus.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death of all humans in the USA.

Cardiac Arrest is from a closed immune system full of antigen-antibody colony forming units clogging up your arteries and capillaries. If the damaged cells were allowed to leave the body, maybe people would not die from heart disease.

But NOOOO, people love their anti-inflammatories and starvation diets.

Most morgues in hospitals are in the basement or lowest floor next to the kitchen and loading dock for the hearse.

Sooo.. if your fear of the JJ world is you "might" die.. lol, you already expect to die then life is not precious to you if you expect to die.

Life is just a commodity. Which is why you have a social security number. Your value is traded on the open market and calculated on your earning power, deficiencies and potential contribution to the system.

Life is only precious to you when it is convenient to your politics, religion and science beliefs and your "arguments" for it to be precious.

If life was so precious, what made you believe humans were meant to die?

And why sacrifice Grandma and Grandpa who have years and years of innovation and a solid platform for evolution, if and when they are allowed to evolve?

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