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Note: The more aggressive the antibiotics and remedies/surgeries are, the more aggressive the diseases will be as the body tries to come back from that trauma..


yeah.. lol, I know when I am hitting a wall with most people..

I hope you survive climate change.. I hope your exit from this world is as painless as possible..

I hope your life is/was everything you hoped for..

the more you use the JJ to cure yourself from feeling anything.. the more the body will find another release point and redouble its efforts to release in an energetic way...

You are NOT supposed to be cured.. You are supposed to evolve.

The Jjuice will not be a guarantee for anything.

You are supposed to release the demons, retain intelligence.

I hope you earned your pain free lifestyle for certain things..

The JJuice is not the path to immortality.. The JJuice was only meant to wake up the immune system.

All of the food supply and FDA approved therapies and effective release and retention in an environment which supports all life is the path to immortality.

When you realize your local herbalists/tincture and medical institution/holistic people keeps making the diseases stronger, more exotic because the body will strategically find ways to release and evolve and then you misinterpret the energy release and play whack a mole until


when we use bug sprays and chemicals against pests, they will still find a way to evolve and live/thrive.. You are just making the pests stronger...

So are the campaigns against Roundup and other pesticides really warranted, or are they just making humans/pest stronger to those who can handle the energy conversion?

antibiotic resistance is what makes pestilence and humans stronger if they can survive the aggressive elements ... but people starve themselves (they don't do meat/milk/cheese/eggs/night shades) which is why they don't get stronger despite their abx use in the holistic/medical system...

you cannot make this up... ahahah seriously, that is what is going on...

so when kids are on diets and being stopped up by herbs.. supernova..

Every single remedy is an energy conversion. And if you're starving yourself you won't be able to handle the energy conversion..

Every single climate change or extreme fluctuations in the environment is an energy conversion..

When you are adverse to meat milk cheese eggs fruits and vegetables and histamines..

You will have a hard time surviving climate change because you won't have enough substance to deal with the energy conversion.

When you're constantly removing organs and proteins and meat and flesh from your body..

You are taking away vital resources..

When you are dealing with implants.. You are conducting energy that you don't have enough substance behind you to survive the energy conversion..

That's the reason why you have implants.. Because you are not retaining enough substance to repair the damage.

Main take away.. We wouldn't have such exotic diseases if we didn't have the medical or holistic system cause the body to strategically try to evolve with a new. Energy frequency causing you to get diagnosed..

The medical holistic system and your friends and family selling you all their different concoctions have made the disease as a lot more exotic and more aggressive because of how aggressive their methods are..

But people don't want to feel pain and they are at so much of a deficit that they have to make the diseases more exotic because.. It will make the remedies So strong that it will destroy you.. Faster So you can be in peace sooner.. end your suffering

Very sad and grim but it is reality... Especially when they are legalizing psychedelics on the two coasts.. California and new york

My dental fillings are coming out

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