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Immunotherapies Are Double Edged Swords

The double edged sword of v*cc!nes are they develop antigen-antibody proteins, which are not poison, but some people are so closed up, over capacity of antigen-antibody proteins (blood types/closed system) and they suffer clots, cardiac arrests and heart attacks.

Obviously, if the number one disease people die from are heart attacks, it is from the years and years of habitual use of anti-inflammatory drugs to stop the body from releasing the excessive antigen-antibody programming, such as the v*cc!nes, clogging up their alimentary canal and their blood stream.

When you are full of poop, which is causing you also have diagnosable conditions, that is the first sign of potential heart disease.

These are the indicators.. but people ignore them and their doctors/nurses "explain" the indicators away with remedies, herbs and surgeries.

However, simply evacuating your bowels and colon with therapies are not enough. The antigen-antibody programming are still in your blood stream.

You are also missing the necessary nutrients and electrolytes to move the damaged cells out of your body and of course, no capacity for pain and maintenance.

doing excessive colonics just traps the damaged cells in your body..

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