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In a Death Culture, Parthenogenesis is Pathogenic

If mature cells can harbor transitional B cells aka baby cells, then transitional B cells aka baby cells can mature if they are fed "baby" food like beef, milk, veggies, fruits, carbs in a blender.

People only know about "one life" when they refuse to recycle themselves in the same body and "start" over again. It is either too much work, too painful or their friends and family take them to the systems of deterioration, called absolution.

Not their fault, they did not know any better, until now.

Over Christmas Weekend: 12/20-12/25/2022

Frequencies have been insane.. Myself, hubby and my dog were up all night on Thursday night.

The last couple days was a lot of work.. i mean a lot!!!

You need energy to CONVERT ENERGY (thank gosh I conditioned myself the last 6 years to handle the pain of release and gained weight to handle the constant energy conversion of climate change).

You need currency to convert currency

Energy conversion takes time

You need food and weight to release the old world and invite in the new world, new you..

Your proteins are tradeable.. they are money, currency, energy, your LIFE!!

Parthenogenesis is pathogenic in a DEATH CULTure.

The system attempts to destroy those who birth themselves, until now.

You have a choice now, when you otherwise, did not.

Parthenogenesis is asexual reproduction. Give birth to yourself.

Conversion of one cell type into another: implications for understanding organ development, pathogenesis of cancer and generating cells for therapy.

Converting cancer cells into mature cells is the role reversal.

H!tl3r was discriminatory of who lived and who died.

In a death culture, everyone is programmed to die, but a few can override the programming.

Then you realize the world you actually live in...

Scary huh?

Open your system, release the demons

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