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In the J world, you set the animals(hybrids?) free or turn into the 3 Hitlers (love, sex, health)

Correction the fall of the giants was not fifteen thirty four.. It was the third millenium 3000-2001 bce

I found the information..

The jay world you set the animals free so you don't turn into a hybrid..

The love demons of the nineteen sixties developed love hitlers and health hitlers.. And pets also brought out the demons in people.. Sexuality brought out the demons inpeople.. Family brings out the demons in people..

It is a rule of law, not the law of the jungle that will govern the conduct of nations..

So we don't have a minotaurs and a cyclops and horrible giantlike people and serial killers who take on werewolf behaviors..

And you're watching the destruction of mankind through the love of family sexuality, sexual orientation and love..

If you have a society that does not treat disease in humans or animals and they live together.. Would you have animal human hybrids in the population..

When you promote indefinite life what are we evolving into..

Which is why my world is important for those who don't surround themselves with animals lest they become the animal they live with..

Werewolf and vampires.

Those are the questions and ideas and concepts I am exploring in this video..

Cancer in humans and animals and death is because somebody lost the battle of procreation..

And when you surround yourself with animals.. And they get cancers because they're fighting your demons..

And when you get cancer.. You're fighting the demons of others and the animals you live with..

And when the body cannot handle that much diversity, they get heart attacks and strokes and die suddenly..

And so people hold so much disease. Because they surround themselves with animals and humans. And They cannot release those demons because of their sluggish immune system..

But if they do my protocol and release the demons and also feed the body and survive, Will the animals and the peoples characteristics in their environment start merging with their dna and assimilating..

Then you get the hybrids.. Hybrid animal and human. REMEMBER, even sexualized health hitlers also permeate you with love... while trying to give you spiritual absolution, etc..

Which is why love has been weaponized against everybody.. Turning people into love hitlers

Because when everybody talks about how they love their children and love their husband and wife and all of that.. And then having a stranger saying they love you..

People are weak against that.. They died from the love and their community.. It's insidious..

And children do die from the love of their parents.. That's how the system got to you was through the love and a family and sexuality.. And the cruelty.. And they wanted you to depend upon everyone around you to live so that way.. You could not function on your own.. And you would die for the crowd . And you would die in the crowd.. of family and friends..

Now watch the people around you dying.. Surrounded by friends and family.

Which is why most people will not understand my information.. Because they're trapped and i'm sorry

The people who were excommunicated and ostracized from the groups out there.. You have a better chance than the trendy people..

And when you're not dependent upon somebody else's love and devotion.. You could actually survive this great reset..

But right now, people are under the influence of the love spells and drugs have also made it worse for some people..

Those of you who are not under the influence and your are sober. You probably see it.. Because now you know if you're in it.. It's like a sticky web of mucus.. And it actually is really gross.. The only person I love and respect is my husband and even then I have boundaries on how much love igive him and he gives me..

I have a lot more respect for my husband.. And i'm so glad he understands me.. Sort of.. He understands boundaries.. And I do too.. That's why i'm still with him..

I saved myself.. From the pressure are being destroyed through sexuality and love.. And that's how you honor your husband and wife.. You don't destroy them with your love.

When you finally get out of it you'll see it.. It's in plain site.

remember there are no enemies.. It's a culture and a conditioning process and men and women have been encultured to destroy each other through love and sex and family then treat disease and then die in the hospital system with absolution and spirituality.

This is why now it is so important for you to get it because the environment is that aggressive.. Some of you can save yourself.. Others i'm so sorry .

I really did try.

I want my little girl to be a biblical women that wants a husband and a beautiful family that she can serve daily'

'I understand division of labor and a team effort... Because I definitely agree with a team effort..

But... What happens if he has really cruel behaviors in the bedroom.. And you are teaching her that she should endure that.. Are you teaching her boundaries in the bedroom and baby making.. Because even christian men can be very cruel to their women behind closed doors.. They might look good on paper.. But that's as far as it goes sometimes..

What are you sending your daughters into..?

I'm very scared for a lot of these girls out there and hetero and l g b t q.. Because what are we sending them into.. What are we sending our boys into..

To endure somebody's cruel behaviors in the bedroom.. And even baby making.. We live in a very highly sexualized society with very cruel men and women who need someone to feed on..

And you're sending your daughters and sons into something that they will suffer through.. and potentially not even survive.. And there's no way for you to know what kind of person they are in the bedroom. Because nobody talks about that.. So you're gambling with your daughters and sons lives.. Because you have a religious protocol to follow.. Because you have a cultural protocol to follow.

And chances are most likely all types of religious men and even atheist men have some weird weird crazy fetish that she will have to deal with until she stands up for herself.. And if all she is the baby maker and a courtesan, he will divorce her or even beat her and psychologically brutalize her as soon as she says no..

That's what marriage is nowadays.. Especially when people are forced into these institutions.. When they're not allowed to write the rules. Because her/his parents and in laws are writing their rules for them.

I feel sorry for the children today..

You know how I know many many many people are very cruel.. Regardless of sexual orientation.. Because I had to deal with the trolls who defended sexual orientation when they thought I was the enemy against a sexual orientation..

And even those who supported sexual orientations whatever they are.. When they thought they were on my side..

I've seen the worst of humanity.. And it's not just a few people . Most people are very capable of cruelty in the bedroom with manipulation and if she is not training to defend herself and take care of herself..

She will endure such suffering under the hands of a cruel man or woman.. Including him.. He will endure suffering under cruel women.

That's why I have 6 sense about a lot of things because I've experienced some really fucked up people in this world. And you would never know it.. But just look at the behaviors of the trolls.. Against whatever ideology.. Sometimes it's even the mother

most times it's the mother.. And of course the father and the single man.. Or the single lady..

That's when you know your society is in decay when everybody is cruel to each other.. And they do it in the name of their belief systems regardless of sexual orientation or religion..

These kids have no idea what they are walking into.

Some men and women are cruel in the bedroom and in the boardroom and around baby making.. And you can see the potential for that type of predatory behavior in how they defend their position against who they think the enemy is.. Just watch the trolls.. Trolling people.. And you will see the capability of cruelty and predatory behavior Everything I say in here i'm projecting.. When I say you I mean me

Wow 100 I heard he was a horrible around the wars in southeast asia and whatever.. I don't doubt a lot of people contributed to a lot of war and destruction..

I don't know if I would celebrate any one's death per se.. There's a whole lot more going on in this world than what we see..

There's a whole lot more going on in this world.. I'm just happy I survived The vietnam war..

Despite any atrocities that may have happened in the past.. you thankful you are in a civilized society.. You are in a lawful society.. You're not in a third world country subject to a despot or somebody else's advances..

Because it's the unevolved countries.. who are going to endure a very aggressive evolution.. And evolution is not pretty..

And what happened to people in the past was not pretty, but it made them stronger and more adaptable..

Until everyone is competing on the level playing field

How do you evolve a society.. Sometimes the weak must go in different ways.. I don't even know if it's right or wrong. I'm just glad i'm in america and the west and given the opportunity.

When you do my protocol if you've ever done it.. And you're releasing those demons and it's painful and it's like a war. When it's all said and done.. And you have one layer of relief.. The pressure is released.. But you know you have a long way to go..That's what's going on right now..

There are people who were never in vietnam who hate this man.. There are people who have never lived in south east asia who hate this man..

I don't hate him or love him I have no connection to him.. I'm just glad I survived whatever wars that were out there..

And i'm stronger for them. And maybe that was the intention.. War brings out the strong and destroys the week.. And then you see how cruel humans can be when given the opportunity..

If you survived whatever wars out there people you know were left behind who are going to be casualties or are fighting that war..

Just find a way to survive the notion that they may not survive the wars.. They didn't get the opportunity to be in your shoes.. For so many different reasons..

Be very thankful you have the opportunity to make your life better and your family's life better.. Mourn the dead and the suffering. If they are strong enough they'll survive it.. If they don't survive it they never were meant to..

But you take care of you.. And be thankful you are given the opportunity to live.

And this is why I never tried to look for my parents in vietnam.. Because there's no point.. I have no connection to them.. I was given the opportunity.. I'm making my life better.. I am in complete control of my life. Even rewriting some of the rules out there..

With the permission of my government.. Because they regulate everything and I completely understand why.. We live in a cruel world.. People who love chaos.. And so.. I am so thankful I get to see all sides of the story. And even save myself from this great reset..

I'm not saying he is a wonderful man.. But he did what he was employed to do.. And i survived it.. Immortality and evolution The culture and economy and even the animals will change in your environment..

But you can always evolve and change with the environment.. And stay alive.. Mother of three.. Beautiful gorgeous.. Very skinny.. Thirty three is too young When you have competing growth in the body regardless of what it is, people either have to get it treated or taken out unless you release the demons..

However, overtime in my opinion, in my world, you will assimilate to the most intelligent life form in your environment as well as whatever else is in your environment.

You just hope you're surrounded by humans with a certain type of characteristic.. But then again we are opening up diversity in our society so anything goes.. The earliest general hospital was built in 805 CE in Baghdad by Harun Al-Rashid. By the tenth century, Baghdad had five more hospitals, while Damascus had six hospitals by the 15th century and Córdoba alone had 50 major hospitals, many exclusively for the military.,many%20exclusively%20for%20the%20military. If I lived around dogs for 500 hundred years.. And I was allowed to evolve and not treat sickness.. Would I take on characteristics of dogs..

Would I be a hybrid..

Because evolution is assimilation based upon the most dominant life form in that environment.. While humans are at the top of the food chain.. Could they take on the characteristics of the other life forms they surround themselves with who were just as intelligent ,but in a different way..

Maybe it was proven before three or four thousand years ago..

Which is why the vatican is showing you the monsters because that may have happened.

And then all the vampires and werewolves..

I bet you there were humans that were hybridised animals in the past.. And some of them may have been giants..

Minotaur, in Greek mythology, a fabulous monster of Crete that had the body of a man and the head of a bull. It was the offspring of Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, and a snow-white bull sent to Minos by the god Poseidon for sacrifice. Minos, instead of sacrificing it, kept it alive; Poseidon as a punishment made Pasiphae fall in love with it. Her child by the bull was shut up in the Labyrinth created for Minos by Daedalus.

Theseus appears, in particular fighting the Minotaur, in Greek art from the last decade of the 6th century BCE.May 2, 2016

And so as the story goes when you get bitten by a vampire or a werewolf or even a wild animal and you get rabies, a type of virus.. If you're allowed to evolve.. And not treat that disease.. Could that animal virus turn you into a vampire or aware wolf on some level..

Not literally but you see biologically what they are inferencing.

Bastet is an Egyptian goddess with the head of a cat and a slender female body. She is the goddess of:

Protection, Pleasure, Good health, The home, Domesticity, Women's secrets, Cats, Fertility, Childbirth.

Hesiod (c. 700 BCE), writing in his Theogony, tells us that the Cyclopes were the children of Earth (Gaia) and Sky (Ouranos/Uranus), making them the generation before the Olympian gods. The Cyclopes were thought to dwell in a faraway land of unknown location or name where there were no laws.

They are sharing microbes. Are the animals allowed to evolve? Or are you sucking a life out of them by your exposure.. Because they must activate the immune system against you.. called offspring or antibodies. Also known as symptoms..

And that's why they get cancer and disease because their body is not allowed to release the demons.. They keep getting treated for disease..

And so... If animals are allowed to release their demons and they get fed all the safe food in the food supply.. This will be interesting to see.. And watch..

Overtime which dna will hybridise with who..

And so if you're gonna share space with an animal, then you must get a human vaccine to make sure and ensure that the human property stay intact. So the dog or cat properties don't take over.. But you have an immune system but remember it's assimilation to the environment..

Who is more dominant... The animal or the human.. Oh my gosh..

Did people turn into hybrid animals that we're carnivorous and dangerous when they did not control reproduction wisely way back then, even in the days of anyiquity? Even the serial killers.. Which is why you get the werewolves..

Which is why people act different during the full moon..

The "monsters" in the stories are clues to the past.. Never forget..

Genetic conditions have to do with very diverse microbes in the body controlling and commendeering the dna..

Cancer is an energy in the body that could take over and change the phenotypical characteristics.. That could take over and destroy or cause certain conditions certain outward appearances..

Hypertrichosis, also known as werewolf syndrome, is a rare condition characterized by excessive hair growth that may develop all over the body or be isolated to specific areas. Hypertrichosis may be congenital (i.e., present at birth) or acquired (i.e., arising later in life).,%2C%20arising%20later%20in%20life). Hypertrichosis: What Is It, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and More It's never a love at first sight. It is lust at first sight. And can you handle their demons and potentially even tame them.. People don't know anyone at first sight well enough to even say they love someone or something..

Lust is what brings people together..

Intellectual capacity and longevity is what will keep them together..

Because the hormones do get used up.. And do you really want your loved ones to be under the influence in order to love you..

Or can you build intellectual capacity for longevity.. 300 years From 1534 to 1834

Now you see where grimm's fairy tales came from..

1834 was the mud floods covering tartaria and even probably Evidence of giants..

Heaven Bearers: The Great Reset of 1834 and the Mud Flood Book by Janine Helene Did you like this book? It is 1834, the sky suddenly turns dark and snow starts to fall down. The Tartarians are scared, they have never experienced snow before and wonder what is happening. The sand begins to lift up from the ground and rain falls down, like a flood and mixes with the sand. ... Google Books Originally published: June 3, 2020 Author: Janine Helene

1534 the fall of the giants.. but in Deuteronomy, not1534.. the fresca was from 1534..

Now you know why I say parents you need to save yourselves because it's not a guarantee your kids will have what it takes to evolve.. I mean, there's no guarantee that the parents can save themselves.

But they have a better chance unless they are dying suddenly..

Some don't even know until it happens.. The indicators are that you don't have to treat disease. You can sit through the pain of release and retention.. And you're not afraid of all the food supply.. And some of you are so in deficit that you're allergic to most foods which yeah i'm sorry..

Once to get over all the allergies to food you have a chance.. And that's not something I can tell you if you can do.. That's why I just say what I say. But there is no commitment that I make you get it..

I just hope some of you survive this great reset.. If the system allowed EVERYONE to follow this protocol.. All out human extinction..

If you choose to follow this protocol personally.. Yeah your whole genetic line will die as well as you.

Choose your own adventure..

You can't say nobody told you because somebody did.. You just resisted them because you thought they were stupid.. They didn't have a degree they weren't like you they didn't look like you. They didn't have your religion..

That's your achilles heal.. You think you know everything so your kids will suffer.. As well as you.. And then people blame people and attack them. and it was not that the system sexualized everything, it was the people who sexualized the system and the more procreation and disease/children/cancer done with all the remedies and surgeries, the more diverse the sexuality became, to the point of objects and other species..

then division, wars and dying suddenly

this has been going on for thousands of years.. which is why all the great floods, resets, etc..

and so America was developed to allow everyone access to the fame, wealth, excess, drugs, liquor and alcohol and then watch what happens when humans live in excess oppressing children and animals..

chaos, war, crime, drugs, gangs... intolerance.. ww2/genocide

dying suddenly

we did it to ourselves when we are too stubborn to understand both sides to the science of life/death, but only believe in storylines...

the belief you are supposed to die someday is supported in science when you treat disease and starve your kids via diets..

but, the belief of life indefinite, is to mitigate rampant procreation, avoid treating disease and eating all FDA APPROVED FOODS.

your belief is not my science.. my belief is not your science

choose your beliefs and you will apply the science to support your beliefs every 300 years (1776-2076) change/reset

the 3 generation rule

from fertility to infertility and societal decay

we are in a controlled decline.. and you are being given all the info and the choice to evolve and change and survive, or not..

from the petri dish to the population of people with so much procreation, the maturity levels of these children are sooner, getting their periods and SEXUAL ORIENTATION SOONER, dying suddenly, sooner...

which is why we had the great resets of the past..

3 generation rule

societies fall into decay with so much uncontrolled reproduction and the children and adults are suffering under their sexual orientation, all of them, fighting disease, cancers and blaming and then dying suddenly..

that was why IMHOTEP was so smart so young dying before age 20.. he was the last generation of people who procreated with the giants of the time, developing inventions, etc..

which is why my world is important or else these girls/guys will be screwing themselves and having children out of their own existence... the start of human trafficking/family human trafficking

Genesis 6:2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of men ... the sexual enslavement of women and girls..via the family and then death and destruction and died suddenly and suffering on the way out of the door.

The sons of God saw that the daughters of other humans were beautiful. So they married any woman they chose.

so women and girls are dying and suffering under the enslavement of their elders as the men are programmed to screw them and impregnate them out of existence..

however, all sexuality is impregnating people with offspring who damage them from the inside, called disease, cancer and died suddenly..

masturbation is when the person must personally use up so many resource to remedy away their pain and suffering.. until death..

the aggressive sexuality/all of them and lack of release and regulation= aging process with died suddenly. Bible Hub › genesis The sons of God saw that the daughters of other humans were beautiful. So they married any woman they chose. the biases that you hold around politics, religion and science implies you are blaming someone or something for why you are in deficit..

a society in decay humans are the fractions of the giants as your children are fractions of their parents

in deficit.. starving, dying suddenly

tartaria may have been advanced with giants, sexual slavery, slavery and atrocities.. so a great reset, again.. Sexualized health hitlers is the new term now for the activist community..

people in deficit building large divisive families blaming someone while trying to save you and them with their health protocols and supplements, drugs and religion and spiritual absolution..dying suddenly

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