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In the modern world Darwinism is about strategy..

In the modern world Darwinism is about strategy..

Everything is inverted.. It is not about brute strength it's about strategy and surviving climate change..

You realize the holistic world is worse than the va/cc/ine world. Because people are taking their holistic remedies daily versus a vac/cine every so often. Look at the women with the elderberry syrup.. Giving that to their children almost daily or weekly or whenever they feel something..

Cancer comes from natural and synthetic abx stuck in the body over time.. The chemical reaction of merging an antibiotic and you the probiotic equals offspring.. So much offspring stuck in your body equals a baby or sexual fertility..

Cancer So much unutilized growth and offspring.. Like from all the remedies. In a relatively closed immune system..

I know when people die in the middle of the night.. It's usually around three o'clock the morning when your body goes through an energy conversion.. Because growth can happen very quickly especially in the middle of the night, and if you don't have an open system of cough and release.. Heart attack, stroke and aneurysm is in the future for many people with a closed immune system..

Every single time through these frequency shifts I release the demon and feed it.. I buy myself another day.. And I don't lay the groundwork for cancer or disease.

Just f y I.. I've stopped doing my juice three years ago..

In this environment you don't need the jilly juice anymore.

Anyone doing the j juice.. You won't survive not in this environment. Because this environment is ionic enough and you need to eat and pull everything out. And you also need to feel every single symptom. And feed it. And if you have to treat disease, please talk to your doctor if it's that bad. And I heavily salt my food. And I drink plenty of water. And I eat plenty of cream and sugar. In meat and milk.

Getting your life back is a progressive situation. It doesn't happen just like that. It took me seven years to get my life back. The last three years was the most difficult. And I did not treat my disease. I fed it and I released the demons the way I have in my book.

And I ate all the food.. Process food genetically modified everything. And yes you're going to have to gain a little bit of weight.. If you're that skinny right now. Because you need the weight for energy conversion. Or you'll be energized out of existence.

Update yesterday and this morning last night Strength is not just leaping from tall buildings and pushing large rocks and lifting cars

Strength is surviving the battles of yore in your body mind and spirit..

Remember the giants were taken down by climate change.. And i'm sure they were taking remedies..

The dinosaurs couldn't handle the climate change.. The giants couldn't handle climate change.

Some humans could. We are experiencing another evolutionary sequence. Because the neanderthals were phucked out of existence. The giants were eventually climatized out of existence.. And potentially even hunted..

Now climate change will take care of those who are intolerant. And war will also take care of those who are intolerant..

Remember only the strong and the most strategic will survive.. But again darwinism isn't about brute strength..

In the modern world darwinism is about strategy..

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