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Independence Day Independent from What? You Will Figure It Out

"They wear "human skin", but are far from "human kind".. The beginning of gene o cide ... h i t l er esque.. Be careful who you entertain.. Th first sentence is SCARY.. VERY SCARY

This is how religion can ruin a person.. This is fucking scary.. This is how humans destroy each other.. The words.. The world's not what you think.. When people think other people are subhuman.. This is how they justify destroying other humans and torture.. They have to think of you as not human in order to destroy you..

Fucking scary Now you see how genocides begin.. It just takes one person to poison the population.. I can only imagine what this person thinks of me.. The capacity to place yourself in someone else's shoes makes you realize that first statement is why we are in a great reset.. That statement alone.. This is why I do not circulate in diverse company.. You don't know who you're entertaining.. Just read people's Facebook..

They will tell you exactly who they are.. If you open your eyes and your ears.. How is this any different than twenty years ago.. The frequencies were slower.. And most people tried to fit in.. Or kept out of sight.. and social media didn't give you that exposure.. People were in the jail of their life.. no real exposure to diversity.. until now.. Now people are breaking free.. And it's dangerous to be free in a world full of jailbirds.. I should know.. If you've been following me you saw my journey.. The world is not what you think.. 🥺🥺 🍨

6 Agent Smith converting a freedom fighter against the machines into another Agent Smith clone.. Technological Religion.. #matrixreloaded Activists will identify with neo not agent smith.. OBVIOUSLY What if agent smith is the freedom.. 🍨

5 Before you deprogram.. You better understand the program you want to upload.. If you don't know.. You will reupload the same programming...and self destruct 🍨

4 I'll be back on Wednesday.. Just tired today.. Storms pretty crazy, weather cattywampus.. thick outside. I had a bunch of whip cream and coffee.. Just chilling.. When the storm came through last night had a sneezing fit.. Man did I have to release the demons. Face sweating Had to really blow my nose this morning.. More demons needed to be released.. Sat down at my desk assuming I was gonna do with Facebook live. I just didn't feel like it.. Now I just feel tired.. More face sweats.. Good appetite.. But I definitely don't feel like I normally do.. Not a bad thing it is evolution.. I'm just aware of it.. Take it easy everyone🍨🍨 🍨

3 My current book is about acclimating to the new world order.. Most people are trying to resist it.. Or are unaware it even exists.. I definitely found a niche.. Once my book becomes popular ( .. It would mean the world has changed.. It's not going to be for a while.. I'm patient.. 🍨 I just had a dream a friend of mine had a dog w a bunch of puppies.. And following us around a haunted house.. The strongest out of the population. Will seed the new populations coming in to make the world stronger... There will be an immortal race.. There will be a mortal race.. You can choose... You can become immortal.. Once you've lived out your mortal years as a slave It will be a transition..

Not everyone will choose to be immortal because it is painful to transition.. You have always been immortal.. But the system wanted strong diverse people.. I was made to withstand everything that was trying to destroy my body, mind and spirit.. you have a chance.. It is painful.. facing your inhumanity is painful Independence day.. Giving access to those who want to be free.. Not rest in peace.. Or waving a flag.. There is true freedom on this earth..

🍨 Im sick, but it is NOT painful or diagnosable.. ive been blowing my nose, eating, resting/sleeping and mainly taking it easy. That is what being sick means once a person releases their demons. I was remembering weird memories, but remembered that the future is WIDE OPEN.. i finally set myself free.. But i also must explain to the world, scientists phucked up many people who became predatory AFTER becoming a victim.. Many people dont want to believe that.. many people are predatory now against those they claim are predators.. Release the demons.. Someone must take up for humanity🍨🍨 It is ALL PHUCKED UP..

Here's an author list... There's no reason why anyone should be bored in this world.. Expand your brain expand your mind.. Feed it something completely different..

Publisher Information

The Mythopoeic Society is a national/international organization promoting the study, discussion, and enjoyment of fantastic and mythopoeic literature through books and periodicals, annual conferences, discussion groups, awards, and more. We are especially interested in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams, prominent members of the informal Oxford literary circle known as the “Inklings” (1930s-1950s).

Understand where myths come from:

What are the 4 main mythologies?

Introduction. There are four basic theories of myth. Those theories are: the rational myth theory, functional myth theory, structural myth theory, and the psychological myth theory.

You will realize it is American to be "unamerican".. and question what it means to be American..

You will realize, America is about embracing evolution through creationism...

You always had a choice.. but you became radicalized.. and you stopped choosing.. and you only believed.. and evolution turned into creating the same thing with different words and chemistry..

American people stopped being American once they radicalized their version of what being an American truly was to them and their culture..

And, so being American became a religion...

It became a hollow belief system to be used as a weapon..

which is why the American flag is offensive to some people.. it became a symbol of slavery, intolerance and radicalism..


How do we fix this?

Release the demons within you radicalizing your culture..

I love America.. but I do not love what it has become..

If i cannot even promote an evolutionary thought process in AMERICA, THE LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE, without being virtually strung up in the town square..

what chance does the rest of the world have???

Hollow Belief Meaning: A belief that has the external shell of being genuine, but which when inspected is seen to be empty, and always unfilled or unfulfilled..

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