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Integrity and Accountability is Painful and Absolution is Not

Major theme.. Accountability is everything and who you surround yourself is everything..

Sometimes you don't need so many people around you because they won't hold you accountable.. They just become yes men..

At the end of the day it's just you against nature and laws..

When the medical and the holistic system never holds you accountable for the environment you're in, then the system has control over changing your environment and then you're not conditioned to deal with it when it changes..

And so you're held accountable for something you were never prepared for.. And people don't survive being forced to be held accountable for something they were not prepared for.

I was held accountable as a kid and while I may have rebelled very hard even to the point of going to juvenile hall, I released a lot of the Criminal rebelliousness out of me as a kid and while I still rebelled as an adult when I saw the system changing and I didn't understand it.. I pulled myself back when I felt myself going too far.. I had to do it myself because no one around me would do it for me..

I held myself accountable when My feet were held to the fire.. That includes biologically and communally.. I never went further than what my environment and my government allowed me to go.. Even in the jay world I could have been a criminal genius if I wanted to be..

I could have ignored the federal trade commission and helped people offline.. But I realized that was a losing venture.. You can't save people who refuse to even be held accountable because they were never taught to be accountable in body mind and spirit.. Everything is relative...

What if the immortals aren't time travelers because they're stationary in time and those who die and reproduce are the time travelers

They keep reproducing offshoots of themselves relative to the needs of society..

Only the strong will survive.. All biodiversity plants and animals

You must understand proper release

Too much fertilization is sudden growth.. You're seeing it in the population.. Cancer disease turbo cancers auto immune disorders Neurological deterioration

Add in particle acceleration now you have growth on turbo charge..

Over- fertilization can lead to sudden plant growth with an insufficient root system to supply adequate water and nutrients to the plant.

Poor root structure reduces the number of flowers and fruit production, and can result in plant growth spurts that won't be supported or sustained. The Perils of Over-Fertilizing Plants and Trees

Who you surround yourself with or not with will be the difference in your longevity..

When you're surrounded by yes men and you have every wish granted because you have access to people who will do your bidding.. You won't understand the laws because you expect someone else to understand the laws for you.

You won't understand the rules because you expect other people to understand the rules for you or you're above the rules if you think you can pay people off.

When you have to pay someone to do everything for you. You don't do things for yourself and then you put ALL of your eggs in that basket..

And if you're not surrounded by people who would protect your interests a hundred per cent.. Then people will protect their interests and you'll be hung out to dry..

Especially when you have to face the music because you didn't take charge of your own destiny..

I learned that about my website and copyright infringement.. When I let somebody else run my page and post tag lines on a website.. I didn't know about getting permission from the original quote owner.. And they were still alive..

And then one of my trolls told me that that was copyright infringement.. I took back my page SO QUICKLY.

NOW, I do not let anyone post anything on my website anymore..

i had to learn the laws of publishing ON MY OWN AND DICTATE what had to be done and if, only if, i needed a lawyer, i would get one.

My trolls were my checks and balances and the govt was the last say.. even they helped me because i couldnt be anti govt anymore.. i was playing in a whole other sandbox!! Yeah I was in the big leagues.. I was either going to play outside the system and be arrested and go to jail or be fined. Or learn how to play the game. And I learned how to play the game.. Seven years of learning.. When you're never held accountable as a kid or an adult. You will be set up to fail later on when someone wants to SELECTIVELY enforce the law against you..

That's what happened to trump..

He was the golden boy until he went up against the system..

And he thought he could get away with whatever he wanted.. And not learn the laws..

It bit him in the a**..

He meant well.. but his privilege brought him down

Being privileged and spoiled is a detriment when you finally want to do something meaningful while opposing powerful conglomerates..

There are rules to the games actively in play.. I should know.. i learned some valuable lessons around the FTC and SAVING PEOPLE. lol 7 year classrooms

Learn the laws instead of believe all the stories..

Holding your kids accountable today will make them powerful tomorrow..

OH BOY This is why people are not prepared for climate change because they were NOT prepared to deal with symptoms because they were never held accountable..

Is it now the time they are going reveal because it's time.. And it had to be planned..and organized

Or is it hollywood..

Did they condition us for something fake.. Or the reality of the world we live in..

Either way this is the world we live in now... Send out energy you have the ability to convert to your benefit..

Good/Bad positive/negative ENERGY IS RELATIVE AND required to live..

Make sure you know how to convert it.. To your benefit.. Regardless of the intention of the sender.

The art of energy conversion to your benefit is not a widely practiced skill.. People want ready made energy.. They don't want to do the work to convert it to their benefit. Or they don't have what it takes to convert the energy to their benefit..

Then they are left open for somebody else to dictate what is good and bad..

Everything is relative to intention..

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