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Intellectual and Physiological Freedom

What's the main take away.. The book on the market is speaking to the physiological freedom from the conditioning to help you take on new intellectual information..

The book I am actively writing right now.. Is the intellectual evolution of freedom and explaining what runs people.. How you can free yourself intellectually from the confines of the jail you are trying to break free from..

And you don't even know it but your activism says everything..

Your activism shows just how jailed you are..

Some of you will be set free via climate change.. By a died suddenly or a disease..

If you get a disease you have a chance to redirect.. If you die suddenly.. You have no chance at all..

I'm giving those who have a disease to learn how to redirect..

And i'm hoping you don't develop a situation to be a died suddenly..

That's why those who are underweight need to increase substance and pressure to handle the energy conversions..

Get off the f****** fermented food skinny people.. It's not working to your benefit.. It will destroy you.

Again.. Your politics your religion and science dogmas cast the death spells..

I am developing a case for life.. Everyone hates change, but we know it is coming

Viruses are not bad in of itself.. It's the fear and the bribery around them is what makes them aggressive and influential.. I can still appreciate the beauty of animals during their prime.. It's the other half of life I have a very hard time with.. Especially in this world.. My thought process in the j world is like a string on your underwear that keeps unraveling.. You pull on it

it will keep unraveling

The only way you can temporarily stop it from unraveling is to cut it

but cutting it is short lived..

The string will again find a way to unravel and fray..

Once you find the chink in the system of armor..

The whole system breaks down..

Good thing we're in a great reset..

The system is prepared for a controlled demolition..

I am everyone.. Why my story matters because it will explain why everyone is who they are based upon the programming of fear and bribery.

Two ways for the system to control behaviors

Your bribe someone..

Or you induce massive amounts of fear..

That's how you get people to move..

Some parents bribe their children..

Other parents induce so much fear into them..

It doesn't matter what kind of fear so as long as it works..

Imagine the government is your parent and you are the children..

Now you see the conditioning..

Now it's not necessary anymore..

Humans you are being set free in so many ways..

You choose how you want your "freedom" to manifest..

I hope you get my meaning..

Scale down in consumption ie lifestyle or life

If you were/are in more well to do households to the fear and the bribery becomes exponential.

in poor households the fear is what is the issue.. But even that is not always the case.. Then it's the police who induced the fear.. Bullies in a schoolyard..

And you are either programmed for sex or intellect or both.. And this happens both inside the home and outside the home by the caretakers and the media as well as your peers and adults.

In scientist household.. It's the fear.. Without having to bribe their child..

My book my new book.. I'm writing right now..

Develop a quick forward background why I am writing this book and for those who are potentially looking to look in the mind of potential employee or vendor.. And why my story matters

The book I have out now is "neutral" relative to politics, religion/spirituality and science.

It is the book for the ages and masses...

the book on is the beginning of the deprogramming so you could save yourself, if you choose.

This next book, "A Case for Life" will provide an intellectual valid argument for life, pointing out all the arguments in your society promoting death, now or later through spirituality, politics, and science..

still giving you a choice, but also to observe how easy it is to condition people via operant conditioning programming...

like mice in lab experiments..

What are 4 types of operant conditioning? The four types of operant conditioning techniques include: Positive reinforcers: the addition of a reward. Negative reinforcers: the removal of a punishment. Positive punishers: the addition of a punishment. Negative punishers: the removal of a reward. Lawyers defend or prosecute.. They save somebody or they judge someone.. Watching suits I realize. The law is for my own protection.. Knowing the law is for my own protection.. The dangers of defending and prosecuting people is you could make a mistake..

Lawyers have so much exposure when the tables turn..

I would rather learn the law to understand how to protect myself.. Probiotics they are for those who are obese.. Probiotics are not for skinny people.. Skinny people need cream fat and meat milk cheese eggs..

Just because it's fermented and it's not alcohol doesn't mean it's good for all types of bodies..

The holistic world will brainwash you into thinking certain things are good for everyone when there is definite chemistry involved that can work against someone's intentions..

You need the fat..

And you can get protein in so many different ways

People are immune deficient.. When you're so skinny.. You need fat not fermentation..

When you're obese you need fermentation not fat..

Just don't cure yourself with the j j.. Well yes the j world with the fermented cabbage develops a probiotic and great gut bacteria.. The salt has a curative effect.. It's great to wake up asleep systems.

But too much of a good thing causes a relative equilibrium you can't afford to be in and a dynamic environment. Nothing is poison but you need to evolve and eat fats along with a diverse intake... you still need a well balanced intake..

If you're skinny you should not be eating too many fermented foods.. You need the milk and the cream and the fat..

Does eating fermented foods help you lose weight? - Times of India

Fermented foods help in aiding weight loss. This is the reason that these foods contain intestine-friendly bacteria and these bacteria help in keeping digestive system and immunity in check. When you have a smooth digestive system and strong immunity, you maintain a healthy body weight.

sugar soy and yeast and grains that uses microbes, such as yeast or fungi, to break down a compound, such as sugar, and create a by-product, like alcohol – or, in this case, protein Forbes,by%20converting%20sugar%20into%20alcohol. Titanic sunk 1912-2023=-111 "Billionaires" sunk in titanic The bottom line is that 6G is coming — possibly as soon as 2030 — and it will have a huge impact on the way we work.

In the meantime as we make our way into a 6g 7g 8g world.. We will experience pandemics.. vital information resource under siege


Remember Norwegians are built like brick s*** houses.. They probably can handle high capacity electromagnetic influence and have conditioned themselves for it.. And given they are in a colder climate everything probably equals out..

This internet speed is such that we can say that it is a speed like 7G or 8G network. Norway is the first country to provide the fastest internet speed in the world, the second fastest internet speed providing country is Netherlands, and the third fastest internet speed provider is Hungary. 7G and 8G Network Countries - Technopediasite

Saying hello.. Is harder than saying goodbye..

When you have to say goodbye to so many..

It's very difficult to say hello..

This is not to scare you but to warn you and prepare you in body mind spirit..

Remember how important milk and cream is and how important is to gain weight and to condition yourself to deal with the body releasing and retaining pressure.. This is to tell you how important it is to eat a diverse food without mitigating any nutrients..

The release process is also paramount.. In the proper way..

When I get increased hunger I can't tell you where that comes from or what could cause it in my environment. You can't go wrong eating ALL food and using my method to release the demons.. And i'm not saying jj.. I can speculate many things are happening on so many fronts and factors..

You must feed the energy all food.. release using my method if you can handle it..

I have been conditioning my body to handle all the different energy responses my body answers to when the environment changes.. And you will read them in this post.. I have experienced many of these symptoms in this post.. Probably to a lesser degree.. But I have felt something and experienced something in every single one of these symptoms..

The difference between me and a stroke patient is.

I was able to pull through and reinforce my body to keep vasodilating and vasoconstricting when necessary.. And I took naps and rested and ate and took a backseat to social life.. Because I wasn't lucky enough to be raised in Ohio on vast amounts of meat milk cheese and junk food and so I had a lot to catch up to..

And I did.. It took me more than ten years to catch my body up to this environment and to the people.. But I f****** did it..

I have no fear.. Because that will destroy you.. Fear and bribery will destroy you..

The geoengineering groups know how conductive this atmosphere is.. haarp, particle acceleration, wi fi... recipe for exponential growth particle acceleration and blood platelet breakage

Grid cranked up

The potassium and magnesium content of milk act as vasodilators and calms nerves, relaxes muscles and even helps one sleep. Sep 14, 2018,milk%20becomes%20the%20best%20remedy.

Milk: Health benefits and nutrition - Medical News Today Benefits of milk: What can it do to your body? - Down To Earth

Dairy products, including milk, are among the richest dietary sources of calcium. Calcium is essential for bone and tooth health, blood clotting, and blood pressure.

Marburg Virus

Signs and Symptoms | Marburg (Marburg Virus Disease) | CDC … and can include jaundice, inflammation of the pancreas, severe weight loss, delirium, shock, liver failure, massive hemorrhaging, and multi-organ dysfunction

Radiation sickness can cause bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum. It can cause people to bruise easily and to bleed internally as well - and even to vomit blood. The problems occur because radiation depletes the body of platelets, the cellular fragments in the blood that are form clots to control bleeding.

© Vasculopathy is a general term used to describe any condition that affects the blood vessels. Certain treatments, such as radiation used for cancer, can cause vasculopathy. When this occurs, it is known as radiation-induced vasculopathy.

This condition causes narrowing of the blood vessels, known as a lesion, which reduces the amount of blood flow through the vessel and can affect different areas of the body. Radiation-induced vasculopathy can be reversible in some cases. This outcome is affected by the location and size of the lesion.

Suits/Netflix/USA Channel

If I were to analyze the animosity between mike ross and louis litt

Louis is a traditionalist Mike Ross is the evolution

Traditionalist will be destroyed by the evolution if they can't get on board..

Louis is struggling with having a non credentialed "lawyer", working next to him.. Who is just as capable..

Suits is everything

We've been pitted against each other since day one..

Now it's time to work together as a team..

People Who Pride Themselves To Be Voters and Shame People Who Do Not Vote

Oh joy.. here comes the holier than thous posting more war invitations..

You wouldn't need to vote or feel the need to vote if you could assimilate and understand the other side and adapt..

But again politics is like religion.. Everyone wants to convert someone else and no one is happy unless they get whatever they want relative to their intention..

I wouldn't even call it disfranchisement..

Lack of ability to see the other point of view and the lack of adaptation..

You would think that every 8 years or every 4 years a change is inevitable you would get used to it..

No you are encouraged to resist somebody else's thought process in turn destroying yourself and other people..

Once you realize the wars you are forced into

You walk the f*** away..

Remember.. Conditioning

operant programming conditioning..

When you take something away from someone or exclude someone from something, it makes the fruits taste sweeter..

All by design..

Some cultures had that happen to them even more so which is why they stick to that programming and defend it and even pass that programming on to their kids.. In such a violent way..

What are 4 types of operant conditioning? The four types of operant conditioning techniques include: Positive reinforcers: the addition of a reward. Negative reinforcers: the removal of a punishment. Positive punishers: the addition of a punishment. Negative punishers: the removal of a reward.

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