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Intellectual vs Emotional Intelligence

Main take away.. Man and women have been weaponized against each other and the world.. Based upon emotions and intellect and lack there of on either side.. Men have been programmed to physically attack things that challenge their programming.. Women have been programmed to emotionally play the mind games against anything that challenges their position..

If women don't physically attack each other they destroy each other spiritually.. That's the queen bee syndrome.. If you don't understand what's going on you will be weaponized and highly triggered.. And out of control.. Chaotic and supernova.. The intellectuals have weaponized their intellect against the emotionals and vice versa emotional people who have been weaponized will go after the intellectuals and that's also the war.

You must be able to balance out both sides of the brain so you're not being triggered because you've been programmed by the intellectual through your emotions of love sex war And hatred and intolerance.. And of course all sexual orientation is the weaponization of your hormones against you and the world Learn how to tap in both the intellect and your emotions so you're not lopsided.. Because inevitably you will break the law if you are too emotional or too intellectual.

After going out to eat with my husband and going to the store oh my god.. I felt the energy out there and I had to nap.

I felt like kind of being drunk out there.. But more like a weird feeling being out in public.. very sensitive to the energy out there

Smoggy today, too

The energy at home is so much different and calmer than out there in public..

And it's not like public anxiety it's a really weird feeling..

Like I have so much energy I have to really contain it.. And then also it's so bright outside and it's squinty.. But I have energy.. A lot of it and it's like i'm using so much of it but then when I get home.. I have to recover as though I have to nap..

It's awesome and it's weird and it's great that my body is able to recover very quickly..

But I noticed being out in public today outside it is extremely bright very bright very conductive..

Intelligently intellectual might be the best of both worlds.. left and right brained

Does intellectual mean smart? An intelligent person is often driven by feelings and desires to expand their knowledge, whereas an intellectual uses facts to make calculated decisions based upon sound judgment. An intelligent person also has the innate ability to adapt to new situations and learn new skills easily.Aug 2, 2022

Key Differences Between Intellect and Intelligence - Circle Magazine

El Nino

Be warned. This current El Nino might be even worse given we are in a Great Industrial Reset

The 1982-1983 El Niño was the strongest and most devastating of the century, perhaps the worst in recorded history. During that period, trade winds not only collapsed--they reversed. Its effects were long lasting as well.


When someone physically attacks you with no provocation.. You have a right to feel any way about them,

When someone says something about you regardless of what it is.. You don't have a right to attack back.. They may be fighting words.. But you have the ability to walk away.. Block delete.

There is no provocation.

We have been conditioned to attack people who use certain words.. It's not nice using words that are made to attack people's spirit. We have the responsibility to control our reaction.

And let authority deal with how they want to control provocative words.

Extremely civil and INTELLECTUALLY intelligent people use words.

When people say there are no men in this world to defend From what is going on.. What you are doing is inciting a physical attack..

How does one use words to save oneself from what one thinks is a physical attack. But not like battlefield attack.. Without recommending using something to attack the personal body personally..

The art of war is the enemy causing the people to self destruct by using destructive ways to take themselves out of existence literally..

You want men to defend life.. When men have been taught to physically attack bodies minds and spirits of the life out there. They will recommend concoctions to attack the Body mind and spirit.

As well as physically pick up arms..

That was brain washing and is brainwashing..


That's f****** insane wow Is developing children who attack with no provocation enough for a preemptive strike?

I have NO answer except for you to consider your own answer.

When people attack other people with no provocation.. Words are not enough for provocation.

Words can provide indicators and history can be evidence for someone to attack with no provocation. But how far do you take that? When you defend yourself by attacking, you are turning into the very thing you are accusing somebody else of.

Are preemptive strikes enough to justify keeping the piece through war?

Was it really a preemptive strike or where they reacting to some physical violence..

That's what's going on in the middle east.. Resistance is futile if you're not stronger.. The art of war.. Using words to trigger people into attacking other people and themselves.

What is Sun Tzu's famous quote? If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

If you are near the enemy, make him believe you are far from him. If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near

January sixth was evidence enough how people attacked something with no provocation and words are not enough.. Rumors are not enough..

No one came into their house and attacked them on their own property..

But when people have been radicalized and the fears are so palpable.. In their minds preemptive strikes is justifiable to keep the peace through war.. But we have laws in our land..

And that's not going to fly.. And that was for a reason.. That's why you must understand the law.. You must understand biology.. You must understand physics..

Missing kids in ohio

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