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Internal Conditioning Not External Conditioning

Food All Western food is necessary for survival.

Sickness Immune system conditioning.

Beauty and sexuality is also a death sentence.. Not only do you become predatory but you attract predators.

Women have been used as a tool against her own family and friends.. Women have been used as a queen bee to direct her drones into destruction..

If women cannot see their part in all of this .. She'll take everyone over the cliff..

Just watch the female influencers.. Read between her lines.. And if she attracts a lot of people.. buying into taking away pain and suffering.. Just watch her followers react to her.. If she ia selling sexuality.. Watch the men go gaga over her.. Just look at what she posts on facebook.. Look at what she sells. Do other women envy her beauty and want to be just like her..

Women do hold all the power of destruction or life ..

My opinion.. I do not take food advice from third world countries who are starving. I do not take advice of what kind of foods to eat from anyone in a third world country.. I do not take advice from people in asian countries.. Telling you what to eat..

I'm not trying to starve myself..

I take advice from those in middle america as far as the food.. From northern european countries . From english and irish countries.. Even african fare and greek and italian food.

I do not take food advice from asian countries.

Milk and meat and mcdonald saved my ass.. Asian food would have starved me.

I live in a town of EXTREMELY strong stock of people in African American cultures. And Southern and northern caucasian culture american culture..

I eat barbecue.. I drink milk.. And I eat mcdonalds. And I love my cabbage

And I know how to leverage and release demons so I don't become another statistic

Appalachian food saved my ass not asian food

To those in the Jworld, who have been in my world since almost day 1..

If you think you need J juice, today.. most likely, you do not.. you need to eat, and pull out the demon, if possible..

All food, not my juice will help you in the long run.. And you will need animal proteins.

When you run away from pain, and suffering and try to remedy away fatigue, the demons come back and hit harder... Because you gave them time to organize forces against you.

Mother nature is the ultimate collections agent.. and she spares no expense.. she will get her payment/painment from you, even if it is just your soul..

She's worse than the collection's agents out there in different collection agencies.. Because she has endless resources..

You never want to mess with mother nature.. She was kind enough to give you life. But now you have to earn it. And i'm not talking about baubles and gold and currency and big houses.

You're in a biological reconciliation stage of the world. Lots of money and wealth and beauty will not help you.

Reconciling with your maker is a lone adventure.

Can you stare death in the face and still survive?

It will be when you're sleeping.. Not when you're awake.

Your dreams are harbingers of doom.. And they tell you if you are lucid enough and not under the influence, that you're going to be facing some really troubled times..

When people die when they are awake . They were given so many warnings they don't have any more credit left..

That's the rapture in the christian theology..

Mother nature repossesses what was hers because you couldn't pay the loan payments. You kept getting more credit more credit more credit..

That's also why you don't want to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.. Because you will not know danger for what it is.

Which is also why the system legalized marijuana. And why alcoholics will also have a hard time in this world.

They're driving with no dash lights.. They won't know when they will run out of gas..

That's why I will welcome pain and suffering when I have to experience it..

There is no pushing it off.

You push it off too many times

you'll die.

People are dying suddenly because they kept pushing off pain and suffering.. And they couldn't change the way they looked at themselves and life .

Open your eyes you will see it.. Just look at the hospitals and the emergency rooms.. Filled with people who are laying the groundwork.. Look at all the natural healing people laying the groundwork . All the vegans and vegetarians starving. The beautiful influencers and the workout kings and queens . Laying the ground work .

All you can do is just watch.

You see, even the unvaccinated are having issues because they have poop in their system that stuck in their colon, causing aggressive growth. And then the body forces something to release because the immune system is desperate to release those demons..

People have organs and vessels burst because aggressive growth sluggish release process.. And then resistance and breakage..

She had diarrhea because the body was desperate to release.. She had sudden diarrhea out of nowhere.. Because the conditions forced the body to activate.. And then of course it's a chain reaction of events.. Cardiovascular issues.. ruptured spleen issues.

Aggressive growth could cause organs to rupture and burst almost spontaneously.. People get sepsis and appendicitis and die from infection..

Growth happens that quickly in this environment..

That's why you pay attention to your immune system.. And you condition your body to cough and sneeze and blow your nose. So you don't have shit stuck in your body causing infection later on..

You also don't want to drown in your own mucus..

Spontaneous spleen rupture is a rare clinical condition that should be considered in patients hospitalized in internal medicine clinics for infectious, hematogenic, and metabolic causes, and in those with sudden abdominal pain and hypovolemia. Ultrasound and CT scans are used to establish the diagnosis in most cases.

And so again I apologize to everyone who I recommend remedies to.. It was not my place to recommend anything to stop your body's ability to release.. I am so sorry I took part in the holistic world.. I am so sorry I took part in the medical traditional medicinal world.. I am so sorry I tried to save people from pain and suffering..

I am so sorry I set your ass up to fail in the future.. I'm so sorry I thought I had the power to take away your pain..

I'm so sorry I took part in the hive minds of always chasing another cure herbal remedy and whatever else is on the market. I'm so sorry I recommended supplements to strangers.. I had no business at all in your medical profile.. I am sorry for recommending you take aspirin or aspirin or ibuprofen for your headache and other issues..

I literally am sorry for my part in the destruction of humanity..

I own my part in it.. I was part of the holistic world.. I was part of the traditional medicine world.. I thought I could save people..

Nobody can save anyone.

People must save themselves..

Even the doctors can't save you.. Even the naturopathics can't save you.

I'm sorry I recommended vaccines when they were out there a long time ago.. I'm sorry I told you not to take a vaccine..

I'm sorry I thought I had a say in your world..

I'm so sorry..

So here's my changed behavior..

Let the fucking ship sink.

And I will just point out all the casualties and where it all came from..

And I will own my part in everything.. And I don't care if you own your shit or not..

You will deal with whatever choices you've made and recommended to others..

What am I not sorry for..

I'm not sorry for activating your immune system.. I'm not sorry for waking your ass up..

I'm not sorry for the j world..

I'm sorry I tried to put your ass back to sleep through the remedies..

I will admit that mistake..

Lazy immune systems will cause the body to work against you not for you.. People have conditioned their own immune system to be lazy.. Oh but they work hard for the man and their family and friends.

Your priorities are fucked up. Especially when you have trained your kids to be lazy about their immune system.. Shoving elderberry syrup and cough suppression and mucus drying agents down their throat.. And then when they get so bad you have to get machines to suck out the mucus. Because you never trained them to protect their own immune system..

Even people's kids are sitting ducks.. They have no gumption to work for themselves only for somebody else..

If you cannot condition yourself to cough and sneeze and blow your nose to release the mucus and the demons below, all that mucus pools into the areas when you go to sleep and people do not survive the night..

That's why you don't take Anti histamines.. That's why you don't take cough suppressants..

People drowned in their own bodily fluids because they've disabled their body's immune system.. And this environment causes excessive accelerated sudden growth.. Your immune system must be on point to handle this climate..

Inhaled fluid can act as an irritant inside the lungs. Even small quantities can cause the extrusion of liquid into the lungs (pulmonary edema) over the following hours; this reduces the ability to exchange the air and can lead to a person "drowning in their own body fluid".

It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Do you have faith in that old dog..

Mucus is produced by goblet cells

in the membranes of the throat, sinuses

, and lungs. The throat and nose glands typically produce 1–2 quarts of mucus per day.

Excess mucus that builds up and drips down the back of the throat is called postnasal drip. Postnasal drip can cause a feeling of congestion

, a sore throat

, or a cough. Environmental triggers, such as allergies, cold weather, or dry air, may cause postnasal drip.

Conditioning yourself when you're awake to release demons, will save you when you're asleep..

When you're asleep the body must be able to survive the demons within attempting to be forced out during a major energy conversion..

I have woken myself up coughing out mucus and I could have drowned and died in my sleep..

My methodology is basically a biological exorcism that you oversee yourself..

There is nobody out there who can do a biological exorcism ON YOU without harming you in the process..

You hire mercenaries for the system you'll end up just like them.

Just make sure you weigh out the pros and cons if it's even worth you going through this type of evolutionary change while you're still alive.

Some people would rather d!e and hope they come back in a different form..

More power to you..

Thank you for your service.

You have to be ready to semi retire when you are in my world..

You couldn't have the same life as you had before..

You would have to be ready for the next evolution.. Or people hedge their bets..

Which is why generation x.. will be the pioneer in the next world..

We are the variables..

I believe in transparency.. I have nothing to hide.. Survival is ugly and brutal and not very sexual..

When you're going through these painful bouts, you have to want to survive and release that demon without putting a strain on your heart or your belly. Because maybe you're not interested in eating.. But you know there's a fucking demon down there that needs to be released.. But you can't afford to strain.. And so that's why you have the power of your nose to leverage the bottom portion of your immune system..

Taking anything over the counter or a natural way puts strain on those vessels and you could actually harm yourself using anything in the medical and holistic system..

Even my juice will constipate you in this environment.. I don't recommend using enemas because then you get dependent on contraptions. And then the body does not have the ability to release when it needs to when you are asleep..

The medical and holistic system fucked you up through their intention to make you dependent on them to release.. Because maybe you won't survive between the time that you get a situation and your appointment or emergency protocols..

That's the danger of depending upon licensed professionals.. They can't be with you twenty four 7 helping you eliminate demons..

You have to be the one to save yourself and train your body to save itself when you're asleep..

That's when people die is when they're asleep. And the body does not have the conditioning to release when it needs to during an emergency situation..

Coughing sneezing and blowing your nose will be the leverage points to release that demon down there along with your digits.. The demon, your stool the system made sure you kept in, through their protocols .

That was your programming. They did not want you to mess with the programming.. Because then you'd figure out how to survive their bullshit.

Every morning i'm releasing that demon because in this environment it is destructive.. And my body knows I will make sure it's released.. That's why i'm in good spirits..

And there is no shame in this game because i'm still alive today with no diagnosable conditions.. And i've been through hell the last three years..

Any other person would have gone through chemotherapy or other types of operations..

If I hadn't done what I've done the last 7 years. I would be another cancer patient suffering..

I know I said don't ask me questions.. I think what I refer to is the type of question you are asking me..

Because no matter what this is my experience.. It doesn't mean you'll get the same results. Or even want to do what I do..

But at least you get the benefit of knowing that someone can survive extreme amounts of suffering.. And still be in good spirits..

And still alive... Without managing any disease.. Only using food.. Not food as medicine..

But food to eat..

No food is off limits..

Sickness is immune system conditioning for survival especially during climate change..

Why are athletes dying on the field.. Their blood line was not conditioned for sickness.. They never conditioned their immune system to handle climate change..

People were conditioned to externally condition their muscles to look hot and sexual and to perform extreme feats of superhuman power such as the olympics..

But that was not a reality that would last forever especially during climate change..

Just wait.. The sports industry will be a dying industry the next twenty years. If it isn't already..

going to the gym and pulling the demons out/getting sick have different levels of reprogramming..

the gym does not condition your immune system, just brings you closer to death/winding your clock down..

food and release by conditioning your immune system, actually strengthens your heart when it needs to beat and push the clots out of the body.. through all openings.. Again, you know how people are they close up their opening except for the ones they rely on daily.. And I sweat daily because my immune system is working out.. I work out internally not externally.

the gym was a deception to weaken the superficial human..

the gym just makes the demons of intolerance, stronger.. and more deceptive.. The gym causes you to lose life force.. Not gain it.

if you must lose weight.. guess where the aggressive weight gain is rooted in? Your colon, that even colon cleanses cannot do anything for you.. not even salt water flushes..

conditioning to take control of your immune system requires food and leveraging your nose/and lower immune system to release..

but.. since I know how many people are intolerant to even understanding this.. lol, they will take the shortcuts and then wonder why nothing has really changed..

All those therapies are temporary.. And will make the demons within even more aggressive and deadlier..

So not only were women taken down notch by notch through her sexuality and family.. Asian women were also a target. Because they became the fetishes for the western male.

asian women became a cliche for the western male

You need to save yourself asian women.. Stop buying into the plastic surgery botox and diets.. And of course big families..

Honoring your elders is one thing.. Repeating their mistakes is a whole other ball of wax..

I know I look like a cliche.. Cause I married a western white male.. But he is tolerant enough to allow me to spread my wings..

Would I get the same respect from an Asian male? In a patriarchal culture like eastern asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian asian..

Nope.. Old worlds have little tolerance for evolution.

That's why I am very disconnected from my own culture because I have nothing in common with them..

So here I am. I might look asian. But i'm not your cliche

America was made so cultures could evolve and discard the old world ...

Some people forget why america was developed.. It's not something you own.. It's an evolution.. It's a way of life. It's the land of opportunity..

People take that shit for granted..

Climate change is going to fix you right up.

why else do you think the Georgia Guidestones says maintain humanity under 500m..

because a few billion are eastern asian countries and they are starving, during CLIMATE CHANGE when the winds of change blow in their world.. no substance to withstand energy conversion..

immune system shot from fat free everything and having so many children, on top of that.. eating vegetarian everything..

Afraid of meat and milk. And of course many women want to look skinny and sexual.. Or have so much protection they are smothering their vital organs.

It's not hard to destroy certain people who can't handle a change in the climate.. They shout it from the roof tops how they are intolerant to food..

It's not difficult to destroy a culture who likes to starve themselves.. And of course highly sexual.

4.75 billion

The continent of Asia covers 29.4% of the Earth's land area and has a population of around 4.75 billion (as of 2022), accounting for about 60% of the world population.

Remember the trial between johnny depp and amber heard..

Beautiful women are everywhere.. But beauty does not always mean balance..

If you watched the trial and even his recording and her recording of each other during their altercations.. She was no picnic.. Neither was he.

Don't let beauty deceive you into thinking a person is safe..

Don't let ugly make you think they are safe or not safe..

This is why you must release those demons. So you're not attracting the hive minds out there..

You can see the intention in people's words. And their emotions and also what they're selling you..

Discernment will get better when you can realize the deception within you..

What are you selling to people..

That's why I like repelling people.. I attract the right kind and I repel the right kind..

So if you're reading this thanks for being part of my world..

America, the last greatest experiment.. a melting pot of diversity.. we get to see all the variables of all cultures mixed together and see which cultures have the best way to survive climates changing..

right on.. thanks husband, thank you ohio..

Thanks silicon valley.

What foods have the diverse nutrition and I do not eat spicy food...





Northern European Countries

African Food if they find the milk

Middle Eastern/Greek Food

Asian foods like Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean Japanese, other eastern asian foods, are appetizers..imo..

I would starve eating in asian third world countries.. Japan is not a third world country, but I could NOT live on just raw fish and veggies.. and rice..

fat is the immune system.. You were never told this because the system wanted to control your immunity. Used you as a pin cushion.

So i'm not impressed with your two percent fat

You're starving and you are exposed and your immune system is shot..

Over protection is also deadly.. So those who say the western diet is deadly because of obesity.. Yeah all the eastern modalities of stopping someone's immune system from releasing caused this..

Eastern and western medicine are the bio weapons. They work hand in hand..

eve was conditioned to embrace the discipline of aggressive sexuality and starvation..

the war on women continues.. and shapeshifts..

how do you depopulate people via con sent..

you get to the mother.. she will ensure all the practices of self destruct by staying relevant, feeding into her greed to fit in.. and resist..

Adam just became her minion. Adam had no mind of his own because he always took cues from his mother. Or sister. Or some other mother figure.

Adam was easily manipulated..

It will take a woman to change the world.. It will take a woman to destroy the world..

Choose your own adventure .

Women will make or break their world..

Like I said it was always the mother. It will always be the woman.. Who allows someone to build her up or destroy her.

those in Asian countries are starving.. devoid of diverse fatty acids and sugars and amino acids..

I would NOT take food advice from anyone in third world nations.. sorry.

western food is what has kept me alive and going.. not asian food .. asian foods are full of spices and lack of diverse nutrition

Diverse nutrition is ONLY found in the western food supply.. It is not found in the eastern food supply. The eastern food supply is starvation. That's why people in asian third world countries are so skinny and starving. Even some part of india is starving.. Vegetarian. So many spices. And then all that Tantric sex stuff..kundalini

Maybe north korea has more diverse nutrition.. Probably not south korea.. I just look at the leader of north korea. He has a lot of substance. But obviously he may not be managing it correctly.

again.. milk, meat, cheese, eggs, and sugars and salts has kept me alive through all of these viruses/microbes/whatever..

If you do take advice from those in third world countries.. ok... please do not complain when you lack the necessary defenses to keep you alive during climate change, etc..

Some of you who are gaining so much weight very fast. And have a blocked up immune system and you are full of shit.. And you can't use those things in the market to force your body to release because you could harm yourself.

Releasing those demons requires a conditioning process.. That only food can help you sustain that conditioning process.

Third world countries are starving for a reason. They lack nutrition. And they are starving.. I would not take advice from someone who is starving..

I am vietnamese and I do not eat asian food predominantly.

Because i'm not trying to starve myself.

I eat what my husband eats and his food intake and choice of foods saved my ass. He's the one that taught me to drink milk and ice cream to save my ass..

Instinctively I knew his culture would save me..

And I am so grateful I connected myself to him . I am so grateful I was open to another culture and belief. I am so grateful he did not stay on the j juice. He used milk so he could take care of his constipation after drinking my juice..

That's when I discoveres the power of milk..

I will never eat only asian food . Ever

The asian fare of food.. Is starvation.. Slow starvation.

And just because some asian countries live to a hundred doesn't mean shit because everything is relative.

I'm not trying to look like the walking dead at age one hundred

Which is also why I do not adopt eastern modalities of holistic medicine.. Much less western modealities of medicine..

I'm not the walking dead.. I'm not advertising people become the walking dead.

I won't become a cliche for anyone..

I'm not trying to target anyone specifically.. I just look at lifestyles belief systems and cultures..

And offer my observation.

Some people are starving and they don't know it because they've embraced the discipline of starvation.

So all of you who are blaming the food supply that it's poison and only eat organic..

That's your demons talking to you and starving you..

And then you have been hired to destroy your audience through starvation and psychological operations..

You had a hand in all of this too..

The system used you to destroy you and your family.. I'm sorry but those who only eat organic and vegetarian are fucking starving..

But they want you to keep going until you have nothing left.. And then your audience sees what happens when someone is starving eating only vegetarian .

They project and died suddenly .

Eating only from your garden is not enough especially in a very diverse dynamic world..

If you don't see the merits in processed food, you're one of those who'll be an example of what not to do.. And you can see the intolerance because people are starving projecting .

If you want to live you have to have something negotiable.. Weight and fat is what gives you something to negotiate with. Too much weight smothers a person.. Not enough weight you're open and exposed .

You must be able to fluctuate with the environment.

my world, the J world, is embracing the physical states of constant evolution in a dynamic environment.. not resist it..

resistance is futile when it comes to biophysical survival in microbial world wars such as this..

the whole point of my world is surviving each evolutionary sequence without the fear of needing to treat everything AFTER THE FACT..

After the fact of any event is too late.. You already survived it.. Treating anything after the fact just makes the next time around deadlier..

People lay the groundwork of their own demise and then blame somebody else.. They wind their own clock down. They mischaracterize their symptoms.. And of course refuse to change the way they do shit..

IF I SURVIVED THIS LAST "demon" possession, I will survive the next one..

no reason to treat anything..

people shoot themselves in the foot with all their treatments and food mitigating diets and so when the next evolution comes around, they are that much weaker and then

died suddenly..

I guess it has to happen close to home for you to see the proof if that's what you're looking at.

Sometimes that's all it takes.. Somebody close to you.. And then you finally see correlation does equal causation..

People wind their own clock down.. And full of diverse microbes working against them..

I see it.. Because i've experienced it. If that's what it takes I hope you survive your experiences..

That mycoplasma in you causing extreme weight loss or extreme weight gain are the demons you're fighting

That's the possession.

Some people don't even realize they're fighting a battle inside and they are communicable but you would never know it.

I kicked out that demon..

You see it in real time..

I don't want to look beautiful if I have to look ugly to survive..

That's why it's dangerous to compliment women..

Especially in this environment.. It is aggressive.. Those demons in people are aggressive.

If I had not released those demons. I would probably have some kind of cancer or a lymphoma or fast moving growth..

That's my immune system working for me.. Looking bloated feeling bloated is my immune system..

Being beautiful in this world is deadly.. Because beautiful girls are everywhere and deadly and dying.. Keeping up with the deadliest standards of beauty..

I've never had a restriction on my driver's license ever.. This was the first time..

I'll see what lenscrafters has to say..

when woman start looking skinny, sexual and hot because the frequencies and hives in their bodies helped them lose the weight faster, they are so ecstatic, not realizing that weight loss will age them quicker...

i avoid complimenting women on their looks, esp when they are advertising weight loss... major weight loss and sexually appealing pictures is one indicator of grim things to come..

we have been conditioned to applaud starvation... yes, you look "gorgeous" today, but what happens next year when you lose even more collagen and fat???

ON the flip side, skinny women with facial skin stretched over the cheek bones getting botox injections is also a sign of grim things to come..

i avoid complimenting women, period. I post picture to show you how my face changes when I go through different evolutionary stages.. NOT for people to say how "gorgeous" I am ...

Ask yourself the question, what are you encouraging when you must tell people they are beautiful..

I would rather look ugly and monstrous and survive than to live for compliments and die.

If I have complimented you.. I am sorry for encouraging those superficial behaviors..

I apologize..

I will not personally judge you or your appearance with adjectives to make you feel any sort of way..

It is NOT my job to make you feel good..or bad..

My job is to self express on my facebook and make observation about everything I see without pointing anyone out specifically...

complimenting men/women is targeting them like predators.. we have been trained to do that..

I am so sorry for being part of that...

i really am..

it feels horrible when someone says I look beautiful that day or any day.. I do not want to live up to that or live for that..

it is self destructive..

again, if I have complimented you or your family, I am so very sorry.

learning how to relate to humans will be a challenge... so I just stay on my facebook and post pictures in the comments or make light jokes..

complimenting women, children and men caused so many eating disorders and destructive beauty regimes and impossible expectations..

complimenting women is deadly to women and girls and develops predatory instincts in the boys...

and I know I fucked up when I advertised all the "hot chicks" as jilly juice girls.. omg..

i am so ashamed. So, again.. the fucked up standards of beauty developed such deadly habits and expectations..

I am so sorry jilly juice world for my part in the destruction of my own gender and humans..

i remember when I posted pictures of you guys advertising models and filtered pictures as "healthy" and desirable..

again.. i am sorry.


my info, for the most part, are for those who have extricated themselves from the hive.. not entirely hive-minded, but may still harbor hives of opposing forces, but are in the process of releasing those demons and building up themselves..

hive-minded people depend on family and friends to give them validation and existence..

hive-minded people make up most of your society..

Gen X.. some of you are NOT buying into the hive minds.. some of you have a chance..

walking away from family, friends, politics, religion, science hives, and group think takes an extremely self aware person to acknowledge, they are enough..

and sometimes walking away is not possible because the hive will attack them and bring them back physically and psychologically...

if you are lucky enough to be single, or married to someone who understands your point of view,


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