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Intolerant People Will Literally Phuck Themselves, Strangers and their Families out of Existence

Parent's Lives Matter, too!!

My quote:

"You cannot sell life to those who are adamant to die someday or run the risk to be blamed for any deaths now or in the future"..

Jillian Epperly 2023 AD

"the health and wellness/vet industry is a buffer between your humanity and the blood thirsty monster within; let your humanity win, not the monster within"

Jillian Epperly 2023 AD

“people are willing to follow a leader, even if they do not love the leader. They want the order a leader brings. ”

― Jerry Dubs, Imhotep


Intolerant people will screw themselves and their families out of existence literally and figuratively.

The sexual revolution is fucking people out of existence who are that intolerant.. The drug industry is fucking people out of existence.. All of your health and wellness gurus and religion and large families is fucking their cultures out of existence..

Because the offspring will destroy the whole genetic line eventually.. And then only the strong will survive..

Now look at your Facebook and who is suffering from Cancer and Disease. Because the MICROBIAL offspring are f****** the parent or the person literally out of existence. That is THE AGING AND DEGRADING PROCESS

That's why my information is so important if you can wrap your mind around it..

No more petty laws and useless officials..

The climate will determine your tolerance.. Or intolerance..

Antibodies= offspring Growth is cell division Thermodynamics Uses up energy Needs food

Life comes from fornication at the microlevel and when you want to scale down life, it is aggressive fornication at the macro level

Every single time a cell splits both cells become weak,food is the answer, and the STRONGEST CELLS ARE LEFT STANDING DURING CLIMATE CHANGE

Imagine multiplying cell division by hundreds of thousands of generationa

Obviously the weakest Generations would die off

And the strongest one is left standing

So look at the family and everyone is starving because not only do they have a big family but they have so many little microbial families in their body eating them out from the inside

Yes your kids are cute but will they survive this crazy reset When david beat goliath that sealed it for the jews of israel..

Generation of people did not forgive the Jews of Israel because the losers of the war loved their oppressors.. The nephilim giants.

Now you see why this split in our society..

And believe me I get it.. Because I had to free myself from the oppression of the system and my peers.. And they resented me for it..

By the way bloodlines do not matter. But to those who are intolerant bloodlines do matter and they will not change ever.. Which is okay with me.. Because when the climate changes they will divide themselves out of existence.. By their own hand..

Because blood is developed by antibodies and evolution and culture. And we all know that can change.. Old antibodies and old evolution and old coachers go to the wayside

And people move all the time..

Humans have migrated four millions and millions of years..

And cultures intermixed.. Cultures evolve

Some cultures were eradicated and fucked out of existence because they were so intolerant.. They divided so many times they diluted themselves..

If you're all about blood line.. When the climate changes.. Will your bloodline survive..

If that's how you want to play it that it is all about blood line.. Keep having babies.. Especially during climate change.. Because your babies will become weaker and weaker and weaker.. Especially with all the traditions out there..

Remember you chose to be intolerant.. You want a nation build.. During climate change.. We'll see

I wouldn't trade the last twelve years for anything.. Because I really see the true nature of some of the people on my facebook that I used to be an activist with.. When I am finally on the outside looking in.. I see why evolution had to happen throughout human life..

The neanderthals had to leave because they were cannibalizing people.. Eating human flesh.. They had to be fucked out of existence..

Now look at your Facebook at those who are intolerant. And they are from different countries, third world countries. Even some in the first world.. Look at the intolerance..

But people are fucking themselves out of existence.. And fucking yourself can be done through the remedies healing world.. And also culturally because when you advocate big families during climate change with bodies in deficit. What do you think is going to happen to your children down the line. Eventually they won't exist anymore..

Who in that family that BLOODLINE is going to change AND EVOLVE..

If no one does.. Over time your family and you will be gone. And everyone in your downline.. I didn't get emotional over this. Because I know why we have the surgical system. Because of so much growth from the remedies and drug world.

I still don't like it because it produces very mean people when they start deteriorating from all that trauma..

But I had to get my emotions out the other day.. But I didn't get emotional today. I didn't even read this but you still need to read it.. SLAVERY

the surgical/vet system came from the Nephilim days..

Imhotep 2700 bc..

brutality..i hope those days end someday.. can you imagine the fear and pain your animals go through when dropped off at the vet TO BE BUTCHERED BY LICENSED PROFESSIONALS.. ARGHHHHHHHHHH

CAN YOU imagine the pain and suffering your animals go through when spayed, neutered or having a tumor taken out/drilled into and drained because the amount of antibiotics and treatments shoved down their throat and your animals cannot speak or say a damn thing.. drugged ...

if you were sober and could feel pain.. you would NOT own an animals needing vet care or you would be watching your animals so they dont get out and get hit by cars or get into dog fights..

we are living these days of finally facing our Nephilim ways..

we did it to ourselves when we chose not to feel pain..

and we could NOT empathize with animals or humans or children going under the knife and surgeries or have remedies forced down the throats turning into future GROWTHS..

HOW COULD anyone empathize when they are under the influence all the time??????? needing all the pleasure and distraction of the animals/children

we are finally facing everything we ever did to ourselves, children, animals and other humans.. and it is downright painful, horrible and when you wake up to your part of it..

can you handle the brutal truth? or will you justify it and then put the animal down because the suffering from the consequences of overbreeding and using the vet system was too much.. the hens came to roost..

how many souls live on your mantle?

I actually owned one dog my whole life.. I spent eight years trying to save her.. Try to save her at the very end and suffered through it.. And I saw what the veterinary system did to her . As her body was trying to reclaim its life back.

And if it wasn't for those surgeries I could be in a totally different position.. Those surgeries fucked up her chances for the next life..

And so if you want to blame the system of destroying life..

Blame the brutal archaic surgical system . The veterinary system of antibiotics and surgeries .

It's time for a great reset because the suffering is astronomical.

Thanks audrey for being there and you saw it.

That's why slavery is brutal.. Because slaves don't ever have a choice in the matter . They are forced to be brutalized by their own owners . Forced to get surgeries. Forced to get antibiotics. And they're not allowed to be free. They are captured to be a slave to somebody else . And they might have a minute of a good life maybe. Because a good life is all relative. And they suffer on their way out the door. And putting animal down or a human down is escaping your responsibility of why your SLAVE had to suffer And die..

Can you imagine what children feel like today.. Children are slaves to their parents and to the system.. They have no choice in the matter.

You are the children of the nephilim.. Now it's time to breed out those brutal belief systems..

2700 BCE

If we have to develop warriors in our society.. Especially against another human being.. We are breeding some predators in our population.

Again we are in a transition... You can claim that you are a great parent.. But we won't know in time.. And maybe you got to your kids too late.

Either way.. It's a crap shoot nowadays how any child ends up as an adult..

Some people in the jay world never have taken their animal to the vet.. And their animal is doing amazing. And they supported their animal correctly during the evolutionary sequences the last three years . And there was no damage from the vet. And so I hope to god those animals survive. And i'm sure they will.

Many of you have no problem butchering animals in the veterinary system.. And you collect animals like you collect beanie babies.. And you have no problem feeding them all the antibiotics that do turn into cancer and growth.

The antibiotics is what destroys people and PETS because of all the cancers.. All antibiotics are future cancers and tumors..

And then you have no choice but to dispose of your animal And human in the system..


He had to have learned from the NEPHILIM.. Blood thirsty.. So much blood. Surgery develops so much blood..

When you release the demons you release the nephilim out of you..

You regain your humanity.. Regaining your humanity is brutal.. Because you have to come to terms with what you've done.. You have to face those demons..

That's why people hate me. Because i'm showing you how brutal you are to yourself and to the people around you.. And how much you've have enslaved everyone around you. Because of your suffering.

See.. i told you..

There is evidence of violence among Neanderthals. The 40,000-year-old Neanderthal skull of St. Wikipedia Neanderthal behavior - Wikipedia

Jason and i are watching right wing christian youtube videos.


Anti human life is in the medical holistic natural healing world

The use of Anti biotics is anti parent over time..causing cancer and also fertility..




Aging process.. microbial offspring cannibalizing your insides..

Ohio, land of the Giants.. potentially, strong nephilim bloodlines.. nephilim were probably gorgeouse, strong, brutal and could be ugly when radicalized..

It also makes sense why the Football Hall of Fame is here in CANTON Ohio. The land of the strong gorgeous intelligent potentially brutish Giant humans.

Canton Massillon breeds many famous professional football players.

Pretty cool and interesting STRONG people over here.. My World is the Long Game, not the Short Game

A few hives last night lol boy were they itchy and they disappeared this morning.. Growths must be properly released

It was so relaxing with hubby yesterday

Every untreated growth that's allowed to release the next morning and even during that time of itchy energy is one less factor contributing to a potential future disease..

Every single time you treat something is one step closer to future disease. That then you almost have no choice but to completely treat it and put yourself further behind the 8ball..

In my opinion if you have the stomach for it.. Start today by not treating any disease, if POSSIBLE (talk to your dr.) because UNTREATED DISEASE WITH PROPER RELEASE AND ALL FOOD, will put you further away from the death trajectory..

But remember you must also eat all food even the food you're afraid of..

And of course proper release.. (OPEN IMMUNE SYSTEM)

I'm forty nine years old.. I started this seven years ago.. I will tell you, right now, is way too soon for people to really understand me..

I realize it's going to be more than ten years for people to finally get where i'm coming from..

Right now all I am to people is someone with good genetics.. Hardly any damage to the body.. A scaredy cat of the public.. a trauma victim with mental issues..

But they don't realize the kind of fight I had to go through.. Publicly and privately.. Physically and mentally. And I had to feel everything that my body needed to release.. You can't sell that to people..

I can only observe my own experiences and give hope to someone who is not that far gone that maybe they could survive their own trauma of the medical SURGICAL holistic energy healing world.

And I will tell you 30 to 35 minutes for any interview is not a long enough time for someone to interview me and my information in a completely OBJECTIVE WAY.

A half an hour is only good for someone trying to sell a remedy..OR ENDURE 30-35 minutes of public RIDICULE.. smh

NO INTERVIEWS FOR a LONG WHILE.. i will not be your human sacrifice

My information.. Takes time to not only explain but also to exemplify..

This is not a wham bam thank you ma'am...

By the way.. Most people are selling you a remedy of some sorts..

They are spokespersons for health products out there because that's a major money maker.. And I mean a major money maker..

WITH that said interviewing me would not serve them well to have me on their podcast unless they are controlling the narrative.. Beause, if they would give me a chance, I would completely wipe out their audience when I tell the world the truth about the remedies and supplements surgical detox industry..

Especially herbal remedies and all detoxes..

And my information takes more than "minute" to understand..

More than a half an hour. I have over seven years of controversy people want to cover.. I wouldn't have the time. And even if I did.. I couldn't control the narrative.. Unless I was given license to..

But my facebook. I control the narrative.. If you want to help your audience.. Send them to my facebook. Not set me up on your podcast to destroy me. Because you know you have an audience to cater to..

And many people are out for blood.. And your audience will find a way to use me as a patsy for the world's problems.. That's the nature of humans today.. They are looking to nail somebody to the cross.. And it doesn't matter who they are. If you even breathe differently they will nail you to the cross.

Many people are out for blood right now.. For so many different reasons..

I mean many.. When you understand humans.. The greed for social capital diminishes.. You can't sell life to people who are adamant to die.. Because they will blame you for their future death.

What's the root of all cancer and disease and DEATH.. A closed immune system in a diverse world treating disease.. All types of disease.. All types of treatments..

The offspring destroy the parents.. All parents.. Even PARENTS with no children.. You ARE parents to the juvenile CELLS in your body..

The aging process.. Juvenile cells destroy the parents from all the treatments and diversity in your environment. In A CLOSEDimmune system.. Certain intolerant genetic lines will not survive after many years of sex and reproduction and CLIMATE CHANGE

Even certain pure hominid lines were screwed out of existence over the many years as their purity gets diluted through evolution and change.

Sometimes you get a stronger organism or a weaker organism that cannot survive the environment.

Now look at who is surviving each frequency change and who is passing away..

Each time your immune system is activated you already had the disease within you

It was only a matter of time before it was finally expressed and realized

You can blame who you want for immune system activation but life is understanding immune system activation

And if your intent is to deactivate your immune system because you can't handle immune system activation

You set yourself up for a died suddenly when all the conditions are right

High rates of fertility comes from: Natural and synthetic antibiotics Drugs and alcohol Surgeries oncology and plastic surgery Aggressive sexual orientation and it doesn't matter what type

And it's not very difficult to destroy people with pleasure especially if they chase after pleasure so much because you gave them the opportunity and they couldn't control themselves

You can't destroy a person out right..

But you can give them choices..

You can develop scenarios to see what they would rather do and what they would do if given the opportunity..

And you give people the opportunity to do what they intend to do in a controlled situation

And you also see how they would react and characterize things in a controlled situation

That's World War 3

Your reactions are showing the world your cards..

In other words: Your denial and reactions shows the world to what you would tolerate and what you would do to somebody if given the opportunity..

The sides that you take in politics religion and science shows the world what you would do if given the opportunity ..

When you finally understand all side of the story you might escape being a casualty of World War III

And whatever happens in all different violent acts and Wars would have happened anyways but if they happen in a controlled situation the world can see what kind of people are out there and what they think and what they do and also how they operate.

Now you can choose which side of History you want to stand on..

Because everything is hidden in plain sight.

In other words when you provoke the situation that's going to happen anyways in an intellegent way. Not only could there be less casualties at the MACRO LEVEL..

But you could live through the situation at the micro level..

And the strongest organisms will survive.. The strongest and the most tolerant will survive

The weakest organisms will be screwed out of existence..


Now you see why ONLY fans h0t gay s3x and hot chicks exist.. so people literally screw each other and release themselves out of existence.. remember the porn industry and the fight for families, LARGE families..

Now that you know.. save yourself PLM (Parents Lives Matter, too)

the J world exemplifies at the micro level provoking a war in your body that you could potentially win if you understood how to respond to it..

Let the government's out there provoke the Wars out there and you just stay out of harms way..

But you have your own war in your body Mind and Spirit and community that you must survive..

Or else you will be casualty of World War 3 because you could not tolerate change or evolution

However, if you choose to provoke a war in your body please allow a doctor to assert whether or not it's appropriate for you especially if you've been under a doctor's care for many years

My quote:

"You cannot sell life to those who are adamant to die someday or run the risk to be blamed for any deaths now or in the future"..

Jillian Epperly 2023 AD

Proof: medical holistic energy healing drug therapy vaccine world and all food air water electrolyte world

The irony is people will blame their own life for their death, (offspring stuck in their immune system aka disease and cancer) but it will be always somebody else's fault.. They will even blame their own genetics..irony

That's religion

that's politics

that's even people's dogmatic Sciences

Welcome to humanity

Because even when you're right you're wrong and when you're wrong you're right.. When you provoke a war inside your own body you better understand what it takes to arm your body correctly in order to survive the war within your body and also in your community.

Because not only do you have to deal with the war inside your body but also those who don't understand the war you are dealing with.

People think they have what it takes to deal with this environment until they die suddenly.

What if they provoked a war in their own body and arm themselves correctly internally so that way when they go out there and fight physiological Sports Wars they would survive the events.

But you would have to know you could survive your own internal immune system before you fight other people or compete in sports to win.

Pictures Below: People are finding out their children are not equipped to deal with the war inside their own immune system as well as Sports.. Right now they don't have enough artillery to support them in two Wars. Children are literally fighting two Wars.

They are fighting an internal war and an external War. Not only are they in deficit but they are afraid of food. Or they're eating so much their body has not time to process and release at the level of growth and development

Right now children and adults are spreading themselves way to thin

And so they die suddenly

But you can't tell them anything because they do not believe in climate change and they don't want to change and they're trying to keep up with everybody around them..

Skinny athletes and big Burly athletes with weak vital organs will have a very hard time in this environment..

Parents who know their medical history know better than their children what could potentially happen if they're willing to face the reality..

But you can't sell people on what ifs because they want proof and if death is proof enough it's too late anyways..

So then all there is is died suddenly or somebody provoke a war and strengthens the immune system so later on they can compete and not die from the competition

But MOST people don't think that way

Sometimes provoking a war means not treating any disease if you have the body for it and the release process.

But again you would have to know if you and the support system around you can handle the war you are going to wage within your own immune system. You would also have to consult a professional if you feel you could not do it alone.

And you would have to know how to cough sneeze blow your nose and open up your immune system and understand what your immune system is meant for and if you have a hard time understanding what your immune system is meant for then you will have to treat your disease until there's nothing left and then the system can't treat you anymore and then it's too late even for my information.. Emotionally driven people who are not scientifically trained have this type of logic and they don't understand parts per million.

In science and engineering, the parts-per notation is a set of pseudo-units to describe small values of miscellaneous dimensionless quantities, e.g. mole fraction or mass fraction. Since these fractions are quantity-per-quantity measures, they are pure numbers with no associated units of measurement.

As difficult is it may seem on the surface, converting parts per million (ppm) to % volume is actually very simple! Think of 1 ppm as 1/1,000,000 which equals 0.000001 or 0.0001%. Dividing 1 by 10,000 and then interpreting the results as a percentage will net you the same result.

When people are dying they are very emotional..

People who love Earth and who are afraid of Earth have some serious issues going on.

Radiation is not poison unless you happen to be a lot less parts per million than the radioactive atmosphere which means you would be dead right now if the environment was that poisonous and you would be dead right now if microwave ovens were that dangerous Unless you happen to be a vegetable or a plant

Every type of energy is immune system activation. If you can't handle immune system activation on any level then yes one day you will rest in peace because that's what you intended. Selling rest in peace is a multi-trillion dollar business..

Now look at all your holistic friends with their families and children selling you fear and a s*** ton of remedies.. With the intention to deactivate your immune system. And of course starvation and fear of food does not help anybody..

World War 3 is your Facebook . Main take away

Long story short, the system isn't screwing you

families are literally screwing themselves

And you can't sell that to the world.. Especially when the world is built on family

People cannot see the forest for the trees

I am just tying everything together now.

Extinction Through Reproduction

Certain genetic lines will be more influenced by extinction through reproduction than others.

Pure neanderthals don't exist anymore because they were screwed out of existence by modern humans

You can literally screw someone to death

And you can literally screw a genetic line out of existence

That's how people get screwed out of life

That's why it's a war out there

And you can't see the enemy because you can't see the forest for the trees

An expression used of someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole: “The congressman became so involved in the wording of his bill that he couldn't see the forest for the trees; he did not realize that the bill could never pass.”

The weakest people will be screwed out of existence literally.

Cancer= Fertlity/Reproduction/Life

Parents Lives Matter

Family leads to death.. sorry had to say it.

Did the system borrow the Egyptian Pharaoh's ways of population control by employing Imhotep's ideas?

If Universe 25 always came out to be total rat extinction then the only way Humanity would survive from rampant reproduction or aggressive fertility, would be from a controlled decline..

And there would have to be a multi-generational buy-in

The only way you're going to know the answers to any questions is if you deploy experiments

Because how could you get the grandkids to get on board sending Grandma to oncology unless the parents bought in..

Now you have a multi-generational buy-in

There are ways to redirect but somebody has to be the strongest out of all this generations to finally save their genetic line by Staying Alive and that's a formidable War when the war against you is perpetrated your family.

Remember the Manson Family..

And when your family loves you or hates you to death it's very difficult to walk away because you're resisting something your whole life or you're buying into something your whole life and neither is survivable

The strongest out of each family member is going to live if they walk away without destroying anybody in the process

And you can walk away without disappearing.

It just means you will not do the same things they're doing in response to disease

And you may be on your own lot more times than not

Note: High rates of fertility comes from: Natural and synthetic antibiotics Drugs and alcohol Surgeries oncology and plastic surgery Aggressive sexual orientation and it doesn't matter what type

And it's not very difficult to destroy people with pleasure especially if they chase after pleasure so much because you gave them the opportunity and they couldn't control themselves It literally takes one person to walk away from the traditions to save that whole family genetic line even if you lost 90% of your family

Unless you are not of sound mind and body if you have a chance to fight disease the system will literally recommend oncology unless you set yourself up for something different and you would have to agree to it

Remember family does not want you to suffer by all means necessary even if it means rest in peace some day..

And since families aren't trained in anything but oncology or herbal remedies grandchildren will also recommend that for their grandparents unless somebody redirects and that would take a parent or a grandparent

Statistically most people don't stand a chance when their family is on board with oncology

However the died suddenly world has cost the cancer industry billions in the future..

Oncology might be a thing of the past

Studies have reported rates of less than 1% for patients who refused all conventional treatment [4] and 3%–19% for patients who refused chemotherapy partially or completely [5–9]. We tend to think that refusing therapy leads to a poorer quality of life as the disease progresses without treatment.

If they can sometimes detect cancer in your stool then over time you can literally pull cancer/aging process out of your ass and you can also eat food to release the cancer out of all your different orifices and release the cancer out off the surface of your body if you allow it to express itself..potentially avoiding treating it.. slippery slope

You can also cough sneeze and blow your nose and throw up cancer out of your body if you don't screw yourself with all the remedies and stopping your body from releasing

And food has a double benefit for you because not only does it give you the nutrition to rebuild your DNA but it also gives you a carrier force to release the demons

And if you're allergic to food it means you need to learn how to open up your immune system and cough sneeze and blow your nose because all that growth from immune system activation could clog up your windpipes which means you need to condition your body to open up and accept food not reject it

Many people have conditioned their bodies to reject food not accept it which is why people are dying suddenly today and it doesn't matter what kind of therapy status they are in

Climate change is f****** everybody up who is deficient and can't handle food

Climate change is what made the Neanderthals extinct because they were screwed out of existence and they couldn't handle the food supply

Can you imagine the Neanderthal saying no to meat and milk and cheese because they had an allergic reaction to it because they weren't conditioned to accept food only to reject it.. maybe some modern human told the neanderthal food was just grass.. like today..

You need milk cream meat cheese fruits veggies fats carbs gluten sugar electrolytes PROCESSED FOODS GMO FOODS

Death comes from starvation..all death.

But again you know how people are they screw themselves out of their own life because they don't want to take the time to be sick and cough sneeze and blow their nose and do what it takes to actually live and survive the death process

My world is the answer for those who can handle the pain of life and has the patience and emotional and physical and biological and intellectual support system around them

And that's why family can help you or hurt you. And of course everything is relative and everything can be subjective

The test isn't always accurate. It's possible for a stool DNA test to show signs of cancer, but no cancer is found with other tests. Doctors call this a false-positive result. It's also possible for the test to miss some cancers, which is called a false-negative result.

Maybe the modern humans screwed them and starved them out of existence.. modern humans could not live with hominids like this

Now look at who's intolerant in your world today and they will be modernized out of existence by their own choice

Neandertals had a cannibalistic practice of eating each other, spanning a time period of about 80,000 years, from 120,000 to 40,000 years ago. Eating raw brains and flesh may have contributed to the Neandertal extinction because of potential deadly diseases.May 4, 2023

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