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Is Eating Kosher Another Way to Control Longevity via Traditionalism?

Life=Milk/Whipped Cream

The term eating kosher comes from not mixing meat/milk because meat=death and milk=life.

However, you need to understand both life and death to understand how to manage the life and death in your body without dying outright.

So even eating kosher is not about longevity, but more about symbolism, traditionalism and dogmas.

Pigs are extremely intelligent and they scavenge, which means they have a very strong immune system.

To say eating pork/pig/shellfish and "roaches" is dirty is already determining a judgment on food, thus starving out an entire population over time when they are religiously being scared away from their food sources.

All by design.

Over time, the system will turn to lab created meats with all the necessary components so that way YOU can adapt like the cow, pig, deer and other animals on the dinner table.

If you have any problems with lab created anything, you already hold intolerances and deficiencies.

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