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Is It Worth Coming Off Like a Vict!m in Our Society

Is it really worth coming off as a victim in our society..

Are you going to get the payday you think.. Do you really think the legal system will give you the justice you think is deserved on someone you think is a perpetrator..

You must release those demons so you don't ever think you're a victim from somebody else.. The whole j world is not coming off as a victim of somebody in a relationship or your parents or some stranger on the street.. Yes we know s*** happens and people made choices and or had no choice and now they have to survive stuff

Release those demons so it doesn't f****** run you..

Make sure you have closure to everything that is unresolved..

I woke up saying that and dreaming about all the open questions about everything was resolved Shirley Temple She was born to entertain people during some extremely terrible at times..

WW1 ended November 11 1918

The INFLUENZA pandemic was start in 1918 after the war.

In the 1940s, the US military developed the first approved inactivated vaccines for influenza, which were used during World War II.

WW2 would start in 1939

The great depression 1929-1939

Shirley Temple was used as a tool for distraction through the interwar period and WW2

The interwar between WW1 AND WW2 Was between 1918 and 1935.


Shirley Temple (1928–2014) was an American child actress, dancer, and singer who began her film career in 1931, and continued successfully through 1949.

Shirley Temple was groomed to be the distraction Between world war two and the great depression, DUST BOWL.. She was like the first child beauty pageant sexualizing children at a young age.

With the sexualizing of children and the great pandemic and war, which was so much instability electronics and other stuff..

Starvation from lack of adequate nutritional intake warranted the need for immunizations..

If you didn't have enough adipose tissue.. and didn't know how to respond to symptoms correctly and release.. Biotechnology would develop protein memory to attack foreign invaders in the body.. Nothing is poison..

It wasn't bad of course because look at the 1920s to 50s and the golden era of Hollywood.. Then you have the Katherine Hepburns who broke boundaries, and Errol Flynns, who was extremely predatory per j edgar hoover.

And so you had someone like Jay Edgar Hoover and the G Men or the government men or the men in black acting like judge jury executioner..

And then on top of that..

New diseases were coming out because dying and reproducing was encouraged and everyone has been sexualized at a young age looking at the images and then you have the kinsey institute study human sexuality in Indiana..

Then you have the 1960s 1970s 1980s

Influenza immunizations were given out every cold and flu season.. Weather was manipulated.. Weather has always been manipulated

Now you have so many generations of children living on earth and adults with so many generations of memories in conflict..

More immunizations to help people.. Of course more conflict.. More diverse reproduction or sexual expression..

And people still believe everyone should die some day..

But with the amount of diversity trapped in people's bodies. Then this is why heart attacks and strokes become the number one reason why people die regardless..

But in the process, people are in pain..

people are in massive amounts of pain or are doing things purposely to their body to look like someone in the media.. Plastic surgery and botox causes so much f****** trauma to the body mind and spirit.. I'm noticing a lot of accidents and reports of dead bodies showing up around my town..

One accident happened today just down the street..

And I heard it..

Be careful stay home stay safe.

The environment is especially aggressive..

And here's the thing..

Yes we know there are drug overdoses.. And there are illicit drugs overdoses.

But remember people are also on extremely strong prescription drugs which in this environment could be looked at as an overdose based on how their body operates and processes the chemicals..

But what happens to the body when it overdoses, it goes into cardiac arrest..

The antibody proteins that are produced to protect the body become so numerous that it shuts the vital organs down or drowns the person's respiratory system..

People who die from drug overdoses prescription are otherwise.. Or die for natural causes, they have a closed system and they are full of protection..

And the body can't sustain those antibodies anymore..

So when they report deaths it's all a based upon your lifestyle..

If you are a struggling drug addict and they find drugs in your system they will say it's from a drug overdose..

If you're battling a disease.. They will say specifically what you died from as far as natural causes..

It's crazy out there..

But what ties everything together is the fact that people are not used to an extreme environment such as this.

Drug overdose is the leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. Association of Cardiac Arrest With Opioid Overdose in Transport - PMC

However, People can release the demons..

But it is a battle..

And you need food you need meat milk cheese..

You need to eat..

All death from natural causes is from a closed immune system full of antibodies on bodies who are starving.. Regardless of body mass index..

their bodies are overtaxed and nutritionally deficient

And no, supplements are not the answer

To the cannabis users.. I'm not trying to ruin your day.. But you deserve another option besides cannabis.. It's called food.. And release. And rest..

By the way cannabis also produces antibodies.. Which is why thc shows up on a drug test..

THC Antibody (C29) THC Antibody (C29) | SCBT - Santa Cruz Biotechnology What if we tolerated diseases? Some scientists think we should allow our bodies to more harmlessly live with pathogens until they’re cleared from our systems. I smell j edgar hoover.. Channeled through epstein..

Mr. Gates was propped up and now he's been taken down by the media.. Not because of his inventions... Which eventually will be outdated because people will just take on fat or lose the excess immunity, they won't need the v@ ccines, over time.

Adipose tissue is the immunity.

Evidently billionaires didn't realize they were being leveraged..

The system sets you up to fail if you fall for all the pleasure and paradise..

Your sexual urges will be out there if you don't control them.. And nothing is sacred and secret..

J edgar hoover exposed Errol Flynn for his bad boy ways.. Back in the 1930s

Jake edgar hoover was the beginning of the dichotomy of respectable versus disreputable..

He literally developed the madonna whore syndrome

Youtube and google the documentary of the life and times of J edgar hoover..

The system knows how to leverage people.. Your mom is in politics.. So what do you do.. This is about the politician's daughter going into a magazine selling sex because she could not do anything else for whatever reason..

Isn't there anything more these kids can reach for besides what the obvious is..

What happened to learning how to write and speak and read.. What's wrong with that..

Not much is available besides selling your soul to the system.. In body mind and spirit..

What's left when you're not selling your body and your soul to the world..

Maybe it's time to use your brain..

Maybe read everything on the internet and all the classics.. Read everything.. Understand the world not just from your parents point of view of politics.. Because that's not reality.. That's one reality but that's not the only reality..

This is what i'm saying..

Too many kids are tunneled.. That either follow in their parents with steps or rebel to such a level.. They go off the deep end to the extreme..

I'm glad I had an outlet to go to an extreme that many people arent doing at this point..

When people around me are pounding death into me.. I rebel and want to live..

When everyone's under the influence.. I want to be sober..

Let's hope the alpha/beta generation rebels against their families who are under the influence right now..

Let's hope..

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