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It is Ok to Question Your Own Discriminatory Beliefs

My information is not declaring war on your choices.. It's given you another option to consider.. It is okay to change your mind about stuff.. You don't have to stay stuck in your politics in your religion or science dogmas..

I've had to change my mind over a million times the last six years over things I thought was what.. But it was something different.. To be that self righteous to the point where you sacrifice your body mind and spirit and your family.. That was someone declaring war on being wrong and making it bad being wrong.. It's okay to get it wrong.. It's okay to change..

It's okay to express and release and feel something.. Sometimes I hate being right because meaning that someone else was wrong and their paying for it with their life.. And even if you are right in your world and you happen to pass away.. Did you really mean to pass away.. Or did you just resign yourself to the fact because you didn't want to change.

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