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It Is Very Brutal Getting Your Humanity Back

What's the main take away.. You will get your humanity back once you have admitted what you participated in in the medical healing energy veterinary system surgical system.. you will see the destruction of animals and children and humans in the veterinary system with the antibiotics and the surgical system with the medical industry..

And all the therapies.. Once you get your humanity back. You will be so remorseful with what you participated in.. Because the veterinary system is fucking deadly.. The medical surgical system is fucking deadly..

And people are desensitized. To suffering.. And they are desensitized to death. And they collect souls on their walls.. And on the mantle..

And then they destroy everybody in their community and their own family.. And then justify it. Through politics religion and science. And they collect souls...

Just look at the walls and the mantle of all the pictures of people who have died in their presence.. That's satanic when you think about it..

I'm not calling people satanic.. But their practices are all about worshiping death and collecting people and souls.. And collecting animal souls.. No respect for life.. using people and animals and their children.. That was the old world..

It's time to reverse all that.. But many of you are not ready to finally face your humanity.. You still want to be a monster.. But call everybody a monster. And you never want to look at yourself..

Humans.. You're still children.. And the kicker is.. Children are having children . And there could be thirty five year old who are still children.

When you release the demons.. Imagine when u are not a slave to your friends and family. Imagine when you're not a slave to those demons in your body and all the addictions.. How much of your life you'll get back .

When you release the demons in your world in your house.. In your business.. Imagine how much life you'll get back.. Those who are constantly being distracted by friends and family and distractions. Those demons are feeding on you.. And they will keep taking from you and taking from you until there's nothing left..

My mother prepared me for this environment and it's saving my life.. She prepared me to suffer through facing my demons.. And not following the crowd..

Your parent will make you a break you.. My mother made me... And she's fucking awesome..

And with that training i dodged so many cancer bullets.. Because I released so many demons.. And I will not follow the crowd over the cliff.. Watch your facebook.. People are starving themselves for their husbands and wives.. And family.

I will not starve myself.. And I will not die for anybody.. Not even my husband.. I will live for him.. He can choose what he wants..

The message of #returntooz was human dna will be controlled by MACHINES AND ELECTRICITY... Dorothy experienced electroshock therapy in the movie and then today, particle acceleration (cern) ionosphere research with HAARP and bioengineering using all therapies, surgeries and herbs and drugs.. Then look at all the different rife machines.. Direct energy weapons.. oncology.

and now look around you....

now remember my info and the need for ALL food/insulation and release the trauma demons.

Just because the name to the food changed.. Does not mean the elements that make up the food changed.

You need to eat all food.. Or you won't survive.. And the more you resist evolution . With ivermectin and all herbs... The more you will fall apart..

The less you release the demons.. The more those juvenile cells will take you over..

Science has already proved it.. Just reverse the equation.. Especially in the medical holistic energy healing world.. Reverse the intention.. Reverse the equation..

Reverse engineer the depopulation agena for YOU #VanHelsing When people get their humanity back.. It's brutal.. Remembering what you used to be like.. Desensitized to death And suffering.. #VanHelsing electric vampires.. See salt water aint poison When you take all the drugs and herbs to delay all the evolutionary reactions.. Even starving yourself..

Evolution and all the feeling will come rushing back. Double triple quadruple what it was in the beginning when you first stopped the reaction.

That's why you want to stop doing drugs.. Because that delayed reaction.. Will destroy you..

It's happening.. People are dying suddenly.. Because their body could not handle all the prior delayed reactions and it finally had to release

That's called a super nova..

In this environment.. You must allow your body to release.. And you must build up the pressure of food to repair all the prior damage.. And all the trapped allergens..

People hold so much allergins in their immune system.. Which is why they are being tortured by new allergens.. And the offspring that keep reproducing because the body does not release. Your body controls how many juvenile cells are allowed to exist.. When you stop your body from releasing.. Those cancer cells stay stuck in the body..

Working immune systems... Never have to use anything in the remedies world.. And they don't even require a vaccine..

Compromised immune systems can't handle energy no matter what..

The issue with everyone is.. They collect everything.. they hoard history in their body.. And they hold excessive children in their body.. Collecting allergens.. Collecting history and offspring..

They hoard history.. And histories offspring..

That's why people are a mess..

Don't be greedy.. I notice in this environment my hair is getting thinner.. My dna is changing in this environment.. This very accelerated environment..

I don't do any medical holistic energy healing stuff.. I eat food.. All food.. I deal with all the symptoms by releasing the demons without taking away substance.. Or a compromising my immune system.. And I rest.

And my heart does beat faster sometimes.. In this environment everything is accelerated.. Even my digestion.. I noticed today.. After I did my facebook live.. I ate a hamburger.. And then my heart was beating faster.. And then two hours after that.. I had to poop it all out.. And it was fast digestion.. Everything came out perfectly fine.. Not watery or anything..

But my whole system is online.. And everything is working the way it's supposed to..

When doctors ask you when did you poop.. When doctors ask you for a fecal sample.. When doctors ask you how's your stomach feel..

They know the importance of releasing.. But you have to eat substantial food in order to release the demons.. Or else become the demons housed in your body..

Not everybody does horrible things when they allow the demons to stay in the body.. They just lose life force..

That's how fast my body processes everything.. That's why I come to conclusions and connections much faster.. I am not weighed down by post traumatic genetic history..

When you hold all of that post traumatic stressful history in your dna and in your body.. You will age aggressively.. And it will be very difficult to teach you anything.. If at all.. They have been coming up the last three years.. In twenty twenty one they were the worst.. They came back every so often the last few years.. And then this last july.. They came up again and now they've mostly disappeared... I just eat food.. And release.. I have a lot of allergins in my body that need to leave the body.... They are seeing their way out.. I'm not trying to stop them from leaving.. Because theyll only try to leave again.. And maybe the next time it will be really worse.. Or whatever is stuck in my body will torture me while turning into another condition that must be treated, yet again.. And it's a neverending loop until you pass away..

And so I will suffer from my genetic line and the sins of the father.. And I will also suffer for the bad choices i made the last forty nine years.. Learning extremely hard lessons..

And then we'll see what happens.. But I know I have a lot of history In my dna.. And i have a lot to come back from.. And i must also catch up to this environment..

And food is the only answer for me.. And also the type of release process outlined in my book..

And it's not the J juice..

And my release process has saved my life and my sanity every single time my body has to release..

That's why I don't have a diagnosable condition.. And I can eat all food..

Because that's the most important.. Your body needs all food.. Your body needs meat.. Your body needs milk or cream.. Your body needs fat.. Your body needs gluten.. Your body needs carbohydrates.. Your body needs sugar.. Your body needs electrolytes..

If your body is deficient.. It will rebel against you.. And it will punish you.. And people are experiencing that right now.. If not now, they will later...

If I had not conditioned my body to release the way I have trained it to do.. I would have been in the hospital with a cancer or lymphoma.. Or leukemia.. Or some kind of ovarian cancer.. I know what I dodged..

That's why I don't stop speaking..

Because I dodged a major cancer bullet.. And i dodge being tortured to death by my bad choices and genetic history.. because the demons would have destroyed me..

That much I know and i'm sure of..

You all saw me release my demons the last seven years.... And they were aggressive.. And they held no prisoners..

Once you release your demons... And then you become a whole person again.. With all food..

You'll be able to finally relax and breathe again.. No fear.. No anxiety.. And you'll be able to handle the seasons changing.. Because right now they are changing constantly..

And you'll finally stop relying on people to protect you from disease.. And you'll finally stop blaming people for giving you disease..

Because that's the worst when you have to depend upon somebody or blame somebody.. Because it shows you absolutely have no idea how to control your world.. And that's a fucked up position to be in.. Contantly dependent on people.. To save you.

You don't want to ever be in that position... Because it's hard on you.. And the world around you..

There are so many lessons out there from our elders... Learn from your parents.. What to do.. And what not to do.. And I hope you have discernment.. Universe 25

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is a 1971 children's science fiction/fantasy book by Robert C. O'Brien, with illustrations by Zena Bernstein. The novel was published by the New York City publishing house Atheneum Books. If you can't face the pain of my information and my thought process.. There's no fucking way you'll be able to face your own demons..

I'm the indicator.. Of what you perceive you can handle or not handle..

And i'm not putting my hands on you.. Or sending ypu messages.. Or sending you mailers

I'm just representation.. Climate change is not just the government modifying the weather.. It's also like hell week in basic training.. The TI's either made your life hell.. Or your teammate messed up and made the whole flight suffer under the punishment.. For team building. No different than your neighbor crashing into a telephone pole and taking out the electricity in the whole neighborhood.. Suffering from your community..

Can you handle all types of climate change.. Or just plain change?

This is why you must build up your internal infrastructure.. Your climate control is not always guaranteed to stay on.. Shit happens.. This is why you must have substance.. So your body can cool you off.. As well as keep you warm..

When there is nothing to you as far as a strong infrastructure in your body.... And you suffer a break in the community infrastructure.. You may not survive.. Stuff can happen overnight.. Your body must be ready to adapt to all types of conditions.. I don't take my heating for granted.. And I don't take my air conditioning for granted.. I know one day I will be dealing with the elements.. And the temperatures of the day.. With no climate control..

And I am ready to lose everything.. I do not assume everything is going to stay perfect.

It is so important to build up your biophysical survivability.. Now you see why I didn't like my mother for many years.. Because she didn't give a shit if I perceived what she was doing was correct..

She was correct...

She wasn't my friend.. She was my mother.. Doing exactly what needed to happen..

She did her job.. The rest was up to me..

She wasn't going to be that soft peddling mother who kills you with love..

You're either going to make it or you wont..

And if your own parents are afraid to challenge you.. You will not like anyone challenging.. And you'll suffer from the lack of conditioning or stress..

Thanks mom.. I hope youre surviving climate change..

You were smart not to assume i was gonna take care of you in your old age.. Because I would make you suffer to live And I would try to save you..

You knew that was never gonna happen.. The American Dream at the expense of the Americans and the children of the World.. Just because we've been doing it for the last eighty years.. Does not mean what we been doing was going to last forever.. It doesn't mean it was meant to last forever..

Even in your job.. Nothing last forever.. So try to adapt to all changes and be the one to stick around when the environmental programming changes.. When the economical programming changes.. When the cultural programming changes.. When the old programming starts breaking down, will you die with that old programming or will you allow yourself to evolve to the new programming?

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