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It must be nice to bite the hand that feed you.. And still expect to be fed

It must be nice to bite the hand that feed you.. And still expect to be fed

Correction: Around why the jews went to jerusalem to begin with after the exodus of egypt. Why did it take the Israelites 40 years to reach the Promised Land? They did not believe that God could help them, and the people as a whole were persuaded that it was not possible to take the land. As a result, the entire nation was made to wander in the desert for 40 years, until almost the entire generation of men had died.

then David beat goliath and king Solomon was king david's son .. and the rest is history..

That's why the split in our society have civilized and uncivilized people.. But the system is using your talents.. But now you have to evolve.. Or slip quietly into the night.. We thank you for your service.


So the jews actually defeated the giants first..

When humans stopped being slaves to the giants.. We enslaved each other and animals..

Thx John Oakes for that banter Eventually animals and humans will be free from slavery..

But it will be painful to earn your place in this world.. Freedom means responsibility.. Noah never ate humans. He was not nephelim He was a giant probably.. And maybe he had enough food and I don't know where he got it from..

But he was not the blood thirsty nephelim that they talk about in the book of giants..

That also means we will not be enslaving children to be our mini me's.. The system will guide reproduction carefully.. Because child slavery is all over the world..

Some people's slave quarters are much better than others..

But slavery is still slavery..

We are in a transition so don't feel bad that we are in that transition.. That's why the system is doing what it is doing.. There's a fine line between raising children and developing slaves..

Some people actually raise their children.. Other people enslaves their children. Some people's pets are part of their families.. Some people's pets are just a center piece.. Entertainment.. And then disposable when it's not useful..

That is very hard to regulate.. And you can't legislate morals..

But you see the type of adults out there.. And how they treat themselves their animals and their children.... And so..

The system is watching everybody.. And we are seeing how we were raised in the eighties.. And what we have turned into as adults..

Why people don't know this side of history.. About the giants.. Most people are not mature enough to handle another side of history.. Most people will deny sides of history they never were exposed to.. Some people white wash history.. Just like the fairy tales.. They weren't all joy joy and happy.. Some were downright atrociously grim to children..

Why didn't you know about the tartarian giants who potentially brutalized humans.. Could you even wrap your mind around the brutality of what happened to humans way back when..

I can barely even watch what they did to people in the middle ages.. Much less what happened six thousand years ago..

Which is why i'm not a fan of the surgical system or the veterinary system.. Brutality under the influence of anesthesia or sober is still brutality..

Which is why my world is more humane for humans.. And potentially even animals who have never gone under the knife.. Or had too many antibiotics shoved down their throat..

And that's why you don't breed so many animals and people with so many issues.. Because becoming whole again is fucking painful..

That's why the georgia guidestones is guiding reproduction carefully.. Because so many humans and animals bred within an inch of their life are suffering from those who are suffering.. And I mean astronomically suffering.. To the point where you have no choice but to put everybody down.. Or die suddenly..

Because how many agencies do you think the world can afford breeding people who are brutal to each other.. Just look at the shelters.. The animal shelters are full of animals suffering because people are overbreeding them and selling them on the open market.. And once the vet system gets ahold of them.. It's just a matter of time before you have to put that animal down..

I learned that the hard way..

And that was fucking painful.

Of course, everything is relative and has historical reference also used as a way to identify where people place in the world we live in.. And when you are capable of destroying somebody else.. You force people to be capable of destroying you..

That's why we're in a great reset.. People are forced to go to war because they have to protect themselves from those who would destroy them..

Somebody walking into the middle of the war watching from the sidelines would not know the history of the war unless they studied history..

All of us came into the middle of a war of history.. Only a few people actually study history and understand what's going on right now..

It doesn't take much to understand the other point of view.. But again, if you've been injured and have so much hate in your heart and you choose to be ignorant.. You'll bite the hand that fed you and feeds you.

Right now, we are experiencing so many people who are biting the hands that are feeding them.. And when a dog bites the hand that feeds them.. That dog must be put down in a very humane way..

Now do you understand what's going on.. You better learn your history.. And you better open up your eyes.. Because you are being given a choice especially in the west.. We are changing from the old world to the new world..

And slavery will be off the table..

If you think america and israel AND THE WEST are the spawn of satan.. Then why don't you move to the gaza strip and fight the battles of the people you claim to defend so conveniently behind your fucking computer. Or better yet move to russia or north korea or iran..

I dare you.

It must be nice to be an arm chair quarterback..

You're so privileged.

That's why we're in a great reset.. All of you waking up in a nice warm bed and a safe neighborhood.. Relatively safe neighborhood AND going out in the street and protesting what's going on..

Why don't you suit up like the israelis and go fight for hamas.. Go fight for the palestinians IN GAZA if you're so inclined to be that vocal about how much you hate the home that is giving you so much..

Are you kidding me.

It must be nice to be in europe so protected and post so much hate.. Standing for something you have no idea what's going on and the history behind it..

Believe me.. I wish we didn't have to have guns in this world or go to war.. But there are idiots out there they force you to defend yourself.. And force you to fight a battle where there will be only one winner and a surveillance society..

Now you understand why fifteen minutes cities..

That's why we're in a great reset.. Oh I understand now.. Believe me I understand.

Sometimes I don't want to understand how much I do.. But it's what set me free..

Understanding both sides to any story saved my own ass.. And now I understand history and present and future..

By the way.. We are so privileged here that we starve ourselves from food and say food is poison.. And we have the privilege to go and blame somebody else.. We are so privileged.. We get the choice to butcher ourselves . With antibiotics and surgery and herbal remedies.. And some of us blame somebody else..

Ungrateful children.. Turn into entitled vicious adults.

I get the freedom to develop a protocol.. To save my ass from all of you all. Maybe you should look at your own politics OF genociding of your own family with food mitigation and antibiotics..

And you have enough nerve to question what's going on in the middle east.. When you have declared war on your own genetic line with HERBAL ELDERBERY SYRUP remedies and surgeries.. And fear of food and gluten free everything. Your fucking kids are starving.

That's a little barbaric don't you think..

bar·bar·i·an /bärˈberēən/ noun plural noun: barbarians (in ancient times) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).

who was "there" first really does not matter per se, in the long run.. however, when one extremists culture LIKE HAMAS wants to genocide a WHOLE CULTURE OFF THE MAP.. it is good to explore the official story so we all can live in peace and harmony one day without arming ourselves to the teeth..

And you will find dying people will be hateful about what's going on.. And they have a scripture to give you to show you..

That's why the jay world is about reversing the aging process.. Because dying people are fucking destructive. Especially when they have been radicalized.

That's why some of these families don't stand a chance.. Because the matriarch is destructive.

And she's proud of it..

Relative to where you do research, the dates might differ. But the ball parks are around the same..

I've seen so much conflicting dates. But anything over anything over 5000 6000 years ago, it's all about the same.

In my opinion what really matters is the last six thousand years.. But you can always dispute the oldest civilizations to the most influential.. But if I wanted to go in chronicological order.. I would start with Sumer then go to egypt.. Of course the bible is a great reference.. Or the old testament and the new testament.. And then of course all the different contributing nations..


Civilisation is said to have originated independently at six different points on the globe known as the “Six cradles of Civilisation” (Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, China, Egypt, Peru and Mexico).

1. Mesopotamia 4k or 2k bce to 6k or 8k years ago 2. Indus Valle 7k bc or 9k years ago 3. Egypt 3150 bce to 30 bce or over 5k years ago 4. China 1250 bce or 3272 years ago They had the longest written history.. 5. Peru or Incan Empire 1200 to 1530 AD or 822 years ago 6. Aztec Empire 1300 to 1521 AD or 722 years

Giants ruled these empires for many years..

Humans then became smart.. Because they employed someone like IMHOTEP When he was a child.. He died before he was twenty years old.. But he contributed so much to humanity.

But now it's time to evolve from the egyptian alchemical surgical ways..

I think the reason why immortality was never introduced is because we hadn't found the answer to the perfect human.. The system always needed to make sure they had a loophole to start over again..

Now the system has both.. They have a loophole start over again.. And those who can't survive won't.. And those who are strong enough and strategic enough and evolutionary enough could potentially tap into indefinite life..

But they needed a way to get rid of the undesirable humans without targeting anyone specifically.. We can't repeat world war two..

You have to volunteer to leave this earth.. and be okay with it.. And you would have to teach your family how to be okay with leaving this Earth. After all of your resources have been used up.

And if you were deadly and destructive the justice system would hold you accountable.. And convicted criminals could perish in the jails..

But we also need justice reform and prison reform..

But now we can live with both mortality and indefinite life..

You have a choice.

Why do I bring everything back to me.. Because once you know yourself.. And once you experience what is like to stand in somebody else's shoes..

You know the world.. Because if humanity was meant to be extinct.. We wouldn't be here

That's why i'm disgusted with my fellow man in the west .. You own yourself.. But you have destroyed yourself.. And you have given way your body mind and spirit to other people.. And you have the nerve to say they destroyed you.. Remember you put yourself in the hospital.. You took all the drugs they gave you.. You took away all of your immune system activation until the body couldn't handle anymore.

Those in the west have a chance to save themselves.. Save themselves from what? From whatever you think is going to attack you.. Save yourself from whatever said enemy is out there.. Nobody is forcing to go out to war. And nobody's making you take anything..

The next major frequency shift.. The major suffering will be silenced.. Because those who are really behind the 8 ball suffering so much all over facebook.. May not be around anymore..

Right now, they're using their last little bit of energy to protest their way out the door..

Stay out of their way.

So yahweh came from some other planet.. And played gene editing..

Adam giants Noah giants

Abraham human Moses human

When you compare the atmosphere revving your cells at extremely high rpms, imagine not only how much gas is used to fuel the energy, but what kind of wear and tear happens to the infrastructure..

imagine you are NOT feeding your body the type of food like meat/cream/eggs/fruits/veggies/grains/breads to fuel your body's high rpms.. you stall or your body breaks down and glitches or crashes..

Right now this environment is a race car.. And it is revving your engines at an extremely high level..

Not only are people starving.. But they are also breaking down.. Because the environment is that accelerated and the r pms are going so many rotations per minute.. Are you keeping up.. Or are you activating those babies in your body called antibody offspring to cannibalize you..

That's literally what's going on right now.. The aging process has been accelerated.. So has the turbo cancers.. Because you absolutely have no idea what kind of environment you're in because you refuse to believe we are in climate change. You fell into somebody else's argument.. Or you are under the influence and you can't feel a damn thing..

And the environment will only get more aggressive.. And the rpms will even go faster.. Many of you will not catch up. Because you don't have the infrastructure.. Why +*+=positive (too much growth you will die) Why -*-=positive (too much death you will die)

why +*-=negative (negative is the opening to evolution and change or you will die!!)

obesity is too much growth leading to starvation because the parent cells are starving and the food is feeding the antibodies/offspring stuck in the person's immune system and those offspring are destroying the parental infrastructure = death

emaciation is too much death from starvation = death

balance is life.. and the negative attached to balanced positives are the openings to life and evolution

did your children and grandchildren come into this world on a STRONG STABLE PLATFORM?

you will find out soon enough.. maybe it is time to start changing the way you do things grandma/mom..

you know very well your children are starving.. all children are starving.. why? Because they are NOT allowed to be sick and those remedies developing offspring are cannibalizing them.. You just hope they have a good life but no guarantee it will be a long life if they are NOT allowed to be sick and NOT allowed to eat gluten and sugar and meat and milk.. all these crunchy mothers are not only starving themselves but also their kids..

now look at your kids.. please..

remember: fear of food and symptoms and being skinny was built into your culture..

how will you change and survive your own culture.. all children need MILK MEAT AND BREAD GRAINS AND FRUIT AND VEGGIES.. ALL CHILDREN NEED FOOD..

ICE CREAM IS SOOOOOOOOOO NECESSARY... I ATE SO MUCH ICE CREAM LAST SUMMER TO SAVE ME FROM BEING RAVAGED BY THE ENVIRONMENT.. I HAD TO CATCH UP.. YOUR CHILDRE ARE IN DEFICIT.. OF COURSE THEY ARE, THEY ARE GROWING UP IN AN ACCELERATED ENVIRONMENT SPEEDING UP THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM RPMS. everything is physics and chemistry and biology.. in a slower frequency environment you could get away with eating 3 light meals a day and look hot for everyone..

in a high frequency environment, the RPMS in the body are moving so fast that your 3 light meals a day and fear of food is STARVING YOU..

THAT IS WHY the died suddenly and the lack of complete development of children because humans are NOT eating for their environment, they are eating with fear of symptoms and of course eating for traditions..

skinny girls and boys need to understand that.. as the RPMS in their environment are ravaging their body mind and spirit..

which is also why you are getting the turbo cancers.. all the offspring from all the herbs and remedies are growing VERY VERY QUICKLY...AND PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING AHEAD OF THE GROWTH WITH PROPER RELEASE..

too much conception equals died suddenly..

in essence.. the children/rogue offspring are eating your memories.. no different than human children of parents eating their parents' memories using all the herbs and oncology, surgeries and food mitigation..

deteriorating is lack of memories.. death is a memory that wiped you out in your body, mind and spirit and death comes from starvation..

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