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It's never enough.

It's never enough.

Slaves choose their slavery and they go off to war to fight for freedom and die for freedom that's why they left home because they were enslaved and so that's even true and so the system turned that truth into reality.

Some people go off to war to fight for freedom and die for Freedom they actually freed themselves from the slavery of their friends and family and Society they supported which was the slavery of everyone around them.

When soldiers go and fight for freedom and they come back home they come back to their own enslavement.

Dying in War is the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate freedom for people who are fighting to be free and die for their freedom


Selling people oncology and supplements and protection is basically selling them the freedom from life so they can end up in the morgue one day becoming the ultimate sacrifice.. and then it is THOUGHTS and prayers all around and rituals death rituals

When people sign up to die for their country. That's truth in advertising people are literally signing up to die for their country. When they don't die for their country they come home to slavery

Which is why Middle America is so patriotic because they've been sold into slavery and then told to die for their country and celebrate it

And that's why America is so religious. Because most people in America will die for their friends their family their religion their politics and their science even for their country

And they do and they keep conscripting their own daughters and sons to die for their country and if they don't die they will suffer in the slavery of the family and friends and addictions and money

And I was one of those who fell through the cracks and so I concripted myself into the CA Air National Guard and was okay for dying for my country and then I left the Air National Guard a few years later realizing my gut this was not the way

I wasn't supposed to live I was supposed to die for my country at some point.

Now that you know this what will you do differently if it's even possible

The biggest logical fallacy of the world is selling people protection. And I don't care what kind of protection you are buying and selling. That was the biggest deception of all time.

And stating the obvious is another multi trillion dollar industry. The truth community has so much redundancy it's f****** crazy

Selling people protection and awareness is a multi-tillion dollar industry.

No matter how much armor you wear or how many faraday cages you live in, you can't stop the environment when it has an intention to do what it needs to do.

No matter how many vaccines or supplements or operations you undergo and take, you always kept having to take more and more and more until the system just squeezed every bit of money out of your body mind and your spirit and they used your friends and family because you can never say no to your daughters and sons and a cute face and some influential sexual creature on Facebook who will sell you everything under the f****** sign even her religion and her hot body..

I've seen a lot of hot chicks who sell religion on the internet. And they capitalize on their sexuality and God

No matter how much money you make And how many cars you could drive it's never enough and people want more and more and more. The Greed for money is endless and it's f****** ridiculous

No matter how many children you conceive and put out there in the world mothers are still extremely lonely and desperate for someone to pay attention to them

No matter how many stories are developed around aliens and the Bible and the Giants of the past there's never enough twist and turns and new theories people develop and so then people get lost down the rabbit holes of stories and storytelling until they supernova

No matter how many beautiful girls men interact with and potentially even get with there is never enough and men who are addicted to beautiful women and sexual activity and they will always find the next thing and when humans are that desperate to meet their desires and needs there's no amount of protection and there's no shortage of what it is they are Desiring and looking for until they destroy themselves.

No matter how many beautiful men out there for other men to play with there is never enough and when they have used up one man there's always another man ready to be used and abused in whatever manner. That's the dating world and the relationship world. How many people can you consume in a lifetime and still stay alive

No matter how many painkillers you buy and sell on the open market there's never enough painkillers to take away the pain of life until you actually end up in rest in peace and that was another logical fallacy with buying pain-free Lifestyles and supplements and all the operations so you can end your suffering. The morgue is where you end your suffering.

No matter how many strains of pot you develop in Biotech or in your backyard it will never be enough for people who smoke so much pot and then develop a resistance to the effects and then one must buy more pot more supplements more drugs more alcohol until they completely destroy themselves

No matter how many SOB stories you read on the internet there's always going to be a sob story that is going to traumatize you so much that you become sob story.. because inevitably you will try to go and save a person place or thing and end up becoming the leading headline

No matter how many diets you adopt and undergo and developed and circulate on the internet there will always be a person and people who will have to blame a person place or thing and develop another diet and people will still be suffering almost running out of things to blame until they are starving and a skeleton and then a shell of their former self and then they die.

No matter how many religions and spirituality you develop and propagate on the internet there's always going to be somebody who's going to spin your religion into something else. There's never an end to all the spirituality and God and religion on the internet..

No matter how much love you give to a person place or thing when people are so f****** desperate and deficient there is not enough love to go around in this world because people keep reproducing people who are so addicted to love and who need it and then they die and reproduce another person who is so addicted to love.

Then love turns into human trafficking and drug addiction and also religion

No matter how many animals the system produces to keep people company There Is Never Enough animals for people to consume and have as a pet. It's never enough for people who are so desperate to consume something.

No matter how many EDUCATIONAL degrees you achieve under your belt, there's never a shortage of people achieving degrees which completely dilutes the achievements you achieved..

Then the system has to find a 2 year old that has 50 PhD degrees and learned to speak at Age 2 months

and then it's just inflated EGOS we have reproduced all over the f****** world

And when there is no end to people's consumption the system must END people's consumption.. because it's looking rather ridiculous on the internet. Just look at your friends list

No matter how many articles to prove all of your conspiracy theories are correct and they are there will always be a person who will make you keep posting articles because they won't change or move the way you want them to move and so what is your need jerk reaction?

to keep posting more articles and more awareness until you've completely used up every bit of resource and they're no more writers to give you another article to prove to the world how the system is changing everything when they've told you they were changing everything..

Stating the obvious is another multi-billion dollar industry.

No matter how many times I go on the internet there's always going to be somebody who's sneering at me from behind there computer and I will still continue to post because that's how I Channel my energy. There's no shortage of people to give my truth to until you don't see anyone posting anything anymore because they're dead.

Right now we're watching many people supernova and they don't survive their activism or their friends and family or their lifestyle and belief system or their animals and pets and love life

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