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It's time to address the Amazon reviews..

It's time to address the amazon reviews..

Yes this will be good... Remember you have to face your demons.. It's hard to Face pain of criticism.. Pain of release.. pain of explanation

One point seven stars is everything.. Because that means that what you have is not popular.. Ground breaking.. Not illegal.. And there's so much room for growth.. And this is a ground floor opportunity without exploiting somebody else..

One point seven stars means that yes one person found relief and thank you Masa for at least giving your review..

The JJuice is not supposed to give you relief but if it does great.. Inevitably, suffering does lessen, once you earned it.

But it's not the point not in this climate.. The eight reviews on the lack of stars.. Says that I have people following me listening to my every word..

Some of them do stalk me through email, Of course embellish their hatred because they have no reason to hate me.. Aside from the fact they're afraid of their own poop..

1.7 stars is awesome for something as groundbreaking as the J World!!

As you can see many humans are full of poop they admit it.. even defend holding onto poooop

Some people cannot afford to lose their shizz..they are living off of old poops, on diets.. fossilized

Read the reviews

As you can see.. watch my fb.. im doing pretty good using my technique.. im sorry some cannot use my methods im 49 years old.. no makeup.. no filters and no botox.. not too skinny or obese.. i eat allll food.. no issues.. no need for hospitalization or doctors or herbs..

all my parts work..

no therapies required..

ive been sick then i handle my business with no medical intervention.. ive had aggressive INFECTIONS, STIFF NECK, HIVES, HEADACHES, FATIGUE, ETC ETC.. no diseases.. kept my weight, my collagen, mental clarity.. EVERYTHING

Great mental clarity when you release the demons

It is popular to be pain free using shortcuts.. but the beauty is the path less traveled..

Woman before her time..

Plagiarism is stealing people's ideas! Lol i can assure you.. no one will admit doing the JJ world publicly accept for my few jj people and NO ELSE HAS devised the jj world techniques.. IF anything the medical holistic want strangers understanding your sphincter

Plagiarism haaaaa.. if i was.. i would be sued.. no lawsuits.. i cited my sources and my ideas are NOT anyone else's... do you see anyone else out there getting this kind of flack... lol.. we are not drinking urine or eating poop.. lol.. despite what my trolls are claiming..

I AM NOT Special, I USED the JJ intermittently to wake up the demons but climate change is like your little sister waking you up with a loud radio.. not much jj needed, now JUST USING MY TECHNIQUE TO RELEASE. COUGH SNEEZE BLOW YA NOSE..


DO people think im on drugs.. yes.. they cant believe anyone is drug free in climate change 49 years old..

Im drug free... i can prove it.. but it does not matter.. i have no cancer disease chronic illness or smoking cigs or anything...

All from the J J WORLD.. took me 6 years.. long process but worth it Salt and water is a conductor.. Food is an insulator.

Your body is supposed to release.. That's why salt exists.. That's why electrolytes exist.. You're supposed to be able to fluctuate with the environment..

When you're taking medicines to stop the body from releasing.. And or putting it implants because of pain and deterioration, Not only is that Is a foreign object the body wants to release, but if it's also metal, a super conductor..

People want range of motion.. They don't want to rebuild.. They put in implants and live on painkillers.. Until you can't stop the pain..

Why do people not like me..

I mean when you think about it it has nothing to do with the j world... It has everything you do with somebody is telling them they should feel pain just survive.. It's also the fact that I'm conflicting with everything they were ever taught about the medical system and the holistic system..

That people know they need salt in their diet.. But they don't want so much of it to feel anything.. Ie blood pressure And of course lack of water..

People don't want to feel... They don't want to be dead but they want to be dead..

I can't make people live.. But the irony is living is suffering on some level in a diverse world..

You can't get away with being pain free in a very aggressive environment even when it's not.. Because you see what happens when you turn up the heat.. Who cares if it's contrived.. Who cares if we're in a universe cycle..

You must be able to condition yourself to deal with evolution while you're alive.. Or you keep dropping children and dying and reproducing and not learning from your mistakes being exploited by someone who knows more..

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