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It Was Always the Mother... She Was the Scoby Who Set the Tone of Destructive Cultures

It really does not pay to be ignorant and compartmentalized..

Main take away.. I narrowed down the problem with our society.. It's the mothers who raise their daughters and sons to be destructive..

It will be the mothers who will finally wake the fuck up or not..

It's the mothers who must release her trauma.. Without destroying everyone around her..

It's the mothers who will save or destroy her family and friends..

And it's not just one mother.. It's all mothers. That's addressing the global problem of motherhood.. what the hell is she raising..

Now look at your society..

That's why we are in a great reset..

Right now women are faced with 3 choices 1.Baby mama baby maker/Somebody's sexual plaything 2. Death angel 3. Or they saved themselves.. They don't try to save anyone.. Because we know the road to hell is paved by good intentions.. And taking away people's pain you are taking away their life.

And so the religious people and the atheists are two sides of the same coin, developing very rigid and traditional roles.. The spiritual people the occultist are also following in lockstep with the religious right.

And your children will be sacrificed to the system.. And to the family.. Because you mom never knew any better.. You were slave you became a slave. Through your offspring.

Women you have a choice.. You have a third choice..

Men will be faced with three ways to be from the choices of their mother..

1. Prickish arrogant alpha male.. Who has no respect for women.. Who uses women.. No respect for himself or anyone around him.. And extremely sexual to the point of harming other people to get what he wants..

2. Subservient male who is a mama's boy. Who only listens to his mother. And that's it, and even his wife does not hold any kind of influence in his life. And a combination of both being an alpha male who is subservient to his mother.. Treating his wife and his women like shit.. .as he only worships his mother.. mommy dearest

3. Or a male who finally releases those demons and saves himself, not following those outcomes because of how his mother raised him or did not raise him..

Right now males are being phased out.. Because they can't evolve and the women in their life and the men in their life refuse to let them evolve.

I've dealt with so many men who told me very violent words.. And I didn't even bring up the male position.. I just introduced change..

And boy, were they ready to string me up. Calling me a witch bitch..cabbitch because the females around them radicalized them..

That's how influential women are.. Because they trained people to use them and make them destroyers of evolution when the son worships his mother .. and she worships him..

How many mothers are developing a Norman Bates situation????

When the sex demons of urges already built into the male from porn/circumcision and gender roles and then ON top of that, a toxic puritanical mothers brainwashing her son against females, and the son has urges, what kind of monster did she develop and create.

While on the other side, a meddling mothers will instruct her son to be the MAN of the house and with what all of that entails, and his wife has NO say and she is then reduced down to servant to his mother and him.. begging to be heard.. but NOPE the mother inlaw and the son collared the wife into servitude..

that is how rigid destructive and deficient females will raise their sons to be because she has been damaged by her own family..

Now watch all the documentaries around the sons and husbands committing violent crimes or consumed by alcohol because the mother never took a stand for her own identity.. She was still suffering from being set up to fail by her family forced into a marriage/sex relationship to a man who had NO respect for her or their child..

Or the wife or baby mama was SO toxic due to her own family damaging her she became so difficult to deal with and so he left, to save himself..

Now watch your facebook..

This is what women cultivate in their family.. destructive entitled husbands, fathers, and sons..

If women do NOT stand up to the destructive men, raising destructive men, their men and boys will end up like this..

And I am NOT saying worship the women and give them everything they want.. I am saying maybe find a way to redirect the boys away from family, porn and gender roles but NOT subscribe to be the complete opposite of some gender role, et.. Women need to strategize or they will develop demon destroyers out there..

In turn, women or mothers are developing subservient women to be a wife or babymakers and also end up in Only Fans or Instagram selling sex and makeup to anyone who listens.

The Murdaugh Case is on Netflix.. In most cases, it is too late for the women/mothers to stuff the "genie" back into the bottle.

However, she can save herself.. after she comes to terms with what she developed and contributed to, if she can even question her own lifestyle and beliefs..

IMO, women and men have a better chance to survive if they admit to themselves what damage they developed from their own trauma they never faced and never released..only compounded..

I would say, most men and women will not admit to themselves their part in this depopulation agenda..

and therein lies the problem.

so we get to watch and see how everything turns out.. Traditionalists in our society will enslave naive girls from the Midwest, South and indigenous regions to be the brood mare.

And then when she starts breaking down from disease and deficiencies, she is let out to pasture or sacrificed.. or divorced..

Or her child will be born deficient with special needs..and one day the child will succumb to disease..

yeah your kids are cute.. but will they survive their world? The color blue on rooftops and what the rooftops are made from might actually neutralize the lasers used in dews..

I knew people in California who applied copper roofs to homes.. and when copper oxidizes, it turns blue..

Of course the rich can afford to apply copper roofs to their homes.. suspend disbelief: If you are literally sticking to the mainstream party line.. Upset at trump or biden.. Worshipping trump or biden..

Or worried about grocery prices..

Your heads in the sand..

It must be nice. To be that compartmentalized and completely oblivious..

Consider it a luxury.. You can afford to be oblivious. Because you don't care where you end up or where your family ends up..

That's why we're in a great reset.. Intentional obliviousness..

Some people are very over zealous in their conspiracy theories.. But they have passion.. They know something's wrong.. And at this point.. To them everything is wrong..

Where's your passion for life..

That's why it's so easy for people to fall victim and be destroyed by ignorance..

So what are you passionate about? Besides falling into the same arguments given to you year after year after year..

You are in an amazing time where everyone can speak their mind and find ways to better themselves and their family..

We are in an amazing time where we can point out what's wrong with humans AND SOCIETY..

Without coming from discrimination through ethnicity and sexual orientation. Or gender.. We don't have to knock the genders.. But we can question the gender roles .

We are in a fucking amazing time for you to start giving your daughters and sons and grandchildren another option besides the obvious ones out there..

Set your family free from this crazy mind control slavery, we ALL have been under for the last 6000 years...

And maybe it's time to tell your daughters and sons they are somebody even if nobody loves them.

Even if everyone hates them.. And they're not breaking the LAW or hurting anyone else.. They are so worthy.

Because they stood up for themselves and their ideas. Why else would people hate them if it was the fact they are different and wanted to change into whatever the hell they wanted.. And they weren't hurting anyone.. They were not putting their hands on anyone. They had ideas.. They had thoughts. They had feelings.

They don't have to determine their worth by how many people love them and worship them.

And their mate does not determine their worth..

If your worth is determined by your husband and wife.. You lost your identity.. You don't know who you are.

Now you're just a robot to somebody else. Serving their wants and their needs and that's it.

And now you're just a baby mama.. A wet nurse to everyone in that family..

And then the other side, some men are treated like just a robot, bank account and the doormat to his wife who will step all over him and then if he doesnt forgive her for her transgressions, he is threatened with divorce, alimony, and child support and she will threaten to keep the children away from him....

You know this happens in family court.... You know children are used as leverage.. As a weapon..

And she may take on several lovers and he still forgives her.. Because that's the best he can do is to take on someone who disrespects him. And if he leaves it is frowned upon.

So he's fucking stuck..

Because he married a destroyer a demon a succubus..

That's what some mothers do to their sons.. She made him so dependent on her that he won't see danger for what it is when it comes to spouses.

He accepts whatever is given to him by whatever female, who's willing to give him attention.

His doting mother set him up to fail..

But, as you know, puritanical mothers will cause the men to become serial killers and hate women.. Norman bates for example..

The men must release those demons out of their body without using their sexual reproductive system to do it..

Or else he's in danger of becoming a danger to society because of how he was raised by his mother..turning into a good old boy of using women whenever he can..

And people wonder why families are suffering..

Why the family is diminishing and divorce is at an all time high..

Even if everybody hates you..

Your worth is determined by how much you respect your body, your mind and your spirit.

Your worth is not depended on somebody else telling you they are respecting you..

If you don't respect yourself nobody will.

My advice, treat people with respect and reverence.. Even if it's not returned..

You don't have to take abuse from anyone..

You can walk away.. Without trying to convert people.. You don't waste time with people who want to destroy your body, mind, and spirit ..

That includes the medical holistic energy healing world. Because they do the most distrespect to your body mind and spirit.. They violate the laws of your life. Because the intention is to take away your life and pain progressively. As well as take food away from you.

You will not get another time like this..

Use your time wisely..

Or be another drone..

Selling the same bullshit to the same people.. Who will regurgitate the same bullshit to everyone else...

Acting like a self-deprecating deep thinker. When in all reality you're just depressed that you ended up this way..

Looking for outward validation so you feel okay with the decisions you made in life.

And it's tough to watch these stepford wives wither under the control of these mysogynistic men who only look at them as sexual play things and baby mothers..

As well as a slave who might have a college degree to give her some respectability in the circles they influence.

And its tough watching these women teach this lifestyle to their children..

This is what the 1950s and 60s developed..

It's time to move beyond these contrived lifestyles and belief systems run by people who serve to control you and your children..

Wake up..

You are being given a chance to change..

Use your time wisely.. Or else we get to watch you fall from grace.. Because it will happen in this environment..

After reading all this.. You still want to pimp out your daughter and grand daughter to the next available husband in college or on the street.

Or in the bar.?????

Knowing how women raise their sons.. You really trust what is out there for your daughters and granddaughters.

As well as sons and grand sons..

I got lucky.. And I also had strategy.. And I also had a fight for my position in this world..

I had it within me because I already had the training. When you suffer a lot in your youth you can handle the suffering in adulthood.. Assuming you survive.. And you're not under the influence and so destructive.

Your daughters and sons don't have the training. Do you really want them to learn the hard way..

I guess they're going to have to learn the hard way. I hope everyone survives learning the hard way. The "do not comply" directive is no different than a scab crossing the picket line.

We are certainly living in strange times.. If the system is only giving you a choice between trump and biden..

Of course you're going to worship trump..

Shouldn't that concern you.. That's the only options you have at this point..

Even if you were impressed by the g o p debate the other night.. If trump is your hero.. And he's the only one..

That concerns me..

No matter what.. The agenda is what it is.. Trump was never meant to really have any influence..

I would be surprised if he escaped the legal lassos..

At this point.. Let it ride..

idiom. informal. : to allow (something) to go unnoticed : to ignore (something) He made a rude remark, but I let it ride.

No one can save this country.. The country was gone a long time ago.. It just took fifty years to get here.. It took more than fifty years to convince people we are in climate change.

Save yourself.. #luckiestgirlalive

In my opinion.. Powerful women can get justice without destroying somebody else. Powerful women do not exploit the situations they were in..

Rather they attack the problem in a global sense versus an individual sense..

Because it's not just an individual problem..

What happens to men and women when they become victims is a global problem..

She didn't have to post an article in The New York Times and expose her r@pist. Dean barton already said he was very regretful and used his life to try to make up for what he did when he was a young boy.. He was in a wheelchair..

She was very angry from what happened in the past..

In the past, her mother tried to protect her even when her mother did not have her husband to help her out..

She violated her mother's rules.. And wanted to do what she wanted to do and ended up in a very compromising situation.

When boys and girls have raging hormones.. It's very difficult to reason with them... And then boys turn predatory at a very young age. And then forty years later they are not the same person.

That's why it's so important that mothers become relatively whole people.. So if she decides to have a family, her offspring have a short way to go to release their demons and take on maturity. It's very important that fathers release their demons.. So they're not teaching their sons and daughters to become predators and victims..

That's what comes from family.. When parents and grandparents are always in the position to be a victim or a predator at some point in their life.. And that gets passed down to the offspring generation after generation after generation. It's very hard to live that down..

Instead of titilating people with gory details.. Women and men release your demons. Release your trauma. Or else you will go and destroy somebody else. What if all the ufos you saw or other people saw were just virtual images..

It's easy to imply that ancient aliens are connected to those images people saw out there in the skies.

It's easy to make assumptions what happened six thousand years ago is going to happen organically again..

And if people saw alien ships crashing.. What if it was a virtual image and a direct energy weapon causing the explosion..

Question everything..

Enjoy the show..

Try to stay out of harm's way..

As far as Trump made ineligible to run: I honestly do not see this coming.. But it would only make sense..

No one has ever questioned the results before.. Except for gore and bush.. But it was the hanging chads..

And if trump admitted he lost and then tried to regain control.. I guess that's the loophole..

They got him between a rock and a hard place..

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