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It was always the three generation rule..

It was always the three generation rule.. Watching the heads of families conscript their daughters and sons into this.. It's brutal.. When you finally see what these kids are going into..

The prisoners of our society follow this formula.. Some have no choice.. They're trapped.. And you can only feel sorry for them but you can't save them. You can only save yourself.. When all the conditions are right..

Love Alkaloids Ectoplasm Fertility Sexual slavery Death

The alpha and the Beta generation will have it so much worse. That's why they call it the alpha beta generation.. The alpha's will destroy the betas..

That's the great reset right in your face.

So if god family and football is your religion.. I don't want to hear it.. I don't want to hear how the system is destroying you.. Now that you know this.. You're making a choice.. You're making a choice for your children as well as your whole family.

Your family came from using alkaloids.. Even potentially maintained and bio engineered for a specific job or a purpose..

But it's the continuous dying and reproducing has what made the family so weak because of the alkaloid usage, the continuous usage..

Because, as each offspring tries to assimilate to a very aggressive world and they keep taking alkaloids, in response to disease they weaken themselves and also potential future offspring..

That's why it's a three generation rule..

The third generation in that set, ARE the weakest.. Because the system will come down even harder with a stronger remedy that you are giving money to..

Remember you all running for the cure.. Giving money to cancer research..

Be careful what you wish for.. Because you will get it. It's just a matter of time.. You all wanted it for centuries..

Now look at these families with grandmother's children and grandchildren

That's why I am saying your kids having kids could kill them.. I'm not some BRAINWASHED left wing, WING nut..

The science is there.. But again the system knows how committed people are to resist any change.. So they will give you what you want.. Which is what they want anyways .

Remember you all expect to die someday.. So the more aggressive your kids fight against disease.. The stronger the alkaloids.. The weaker they will become.. It's been proven.

I don't care how strong do you think your children are.. They are no match against mommy loving them to death.. They are no match against grandparents loving their grandchildren to death.

All those ferocious mama bears who would kill for their children.. Yeah.. That's why we don't fuck with you.. You'll do it to your own family.

That's how the system will get all of you who think you're stronger, who think their children are stronger until they learn how to change.

Note.. Everything is right in your face.. You see those earth mothers selling you everything under the sun.. They're not saving you.. They're saving the world by letting you go through their remedies.. They have been employed to take down everyone who listens to them.. And they look like your grandmother.. Or they look like a sexy beast.. Using their tits to sell your remedies..

Now go look and those died suddenly groups.. And look at the kind of medication and remedies they are giving and recommending to not only their children but also the people they claim to love and respect..

That's why you can't fight a war you know nothing about.. And I already know it's pretty much too late for many people.

But this is how I get my frustrations out.. I don't expect even ten of you to get where i'm coming from.. I could probably count on my hand how many people I probably think actually get this..

That's why I keep to myself because it's way out of my hands..

Now I am just watching everything unfold the way it was meant to.. It still sucks but there's nothing I can do and i've tried..

Even people in the chemtrail activists have tried.. It was a valiant attempt but it was never supposed to work.. It was never meant to work.. Just keep you distracted.

This is why you have to save yourself. If you even can wrap your mind around what that even means. You could be going over the rainbow and dying suddenly. And that would mean you have been "saved" to your family. Because they think you're going to heaven.

Damn it. Just remember.. Where do food allergies come from.. The use of alkaloids are in everything against life.

Now you can't get mad at the immunizations or any remedies against whatever's going on.. Because even the holistic people use alkaloids in their medications and remedies and concoctions..

And disease.. Developing aggressive fertility..

It's one thing to make a prototype of a person.. And then use food as a way to maintain with proper release.

It's another thing to be using medications all the time causing the body to defend itself against the whole world.. And then attack the world.. Versus assimilating and releasing..

That's why these kids have to get mucus sucked out of them because they don't know how to release the demons. Something as simple as blowing your nose. Even mothers can't even teach their own sons and daughters how to do that .

Imagine what's in people's guts... The garden of eden.. Especially after all the remedies out there.. It is so bad out there that people are taking dog medication because they're crawling with fertility.. And they chose not to release the demons..

Just FYI I don't answer any pm calls from anyone i've talked to previously around the j world doing consultations on whatever.. The people I have talked to already have demonstrated they understand what's going on.. And when I did talk to them I was going through my own bullshit.. And that was the last time I went through that bullshit..

I will never need people again around certain things. Because I will never put myself in a position to need someone around certain things..

I really am a one trial learner.. Especially now that I am more clear headed..

There is nothing like dealing with people who never learn their lessons.. Like literally don't learn their lessons. It's exhausting..

Helping people through the j world.. That part of my world and life is over with..

You all are on your own.. You have to help yourself.. And if you've never helped yourself my world will not be for you..

I've been around long enough for you to absorb the information and apply it. And you can buy the book and see how I did it and watch my videos..

But i'm not your doctor.. I'm not a therapist.. I don't instruct people on how to save their own life..

I'm not anyone's hail mary..

You've always been on your own.. And when you're trying to save your life at the eleventh hour.. That's why the system is doing a great reset

People don't want to listen to indicators or warnings until it's the eleventh hour..

And then they expect someone to bail them out..

That part of my life is done with..

If you're alive read my book.. The current one on the market.. Watch my videos..

Good luck to you

it's hell trying to get your life back..

But I will never be anything someone will blame..

Because when people actually have to face their demons and they don't want to or expect to.. They will lay the blame on the nearest person who helped them out the last time.. And so will their family members and friends blame you.. Not just for the last demon release.. Then they will blame you for all of their issues.. And let's say the person passes away which would have probably inevitably happen anyways.. Everyone will blame you..

That's why you stay out of people's health business.. You don't recommend them anything.. Because i'm looking at the died suddenly groups.. And they're recommending people dog prescriptions..

This system won't regulate them because the system wants them to take the dog meds.

People are desperate.. Nothing's working so they're going to everything in the human/vet world running through the whole prescription drug market.. Even the veterinarian prescription medication..

Especially those medications.. That's what should scare you.. The demons these people will be developing will be so huge.. Because the harder they hit the demons the bigger they become.. No different than some workout artists getting big muscles from all that kinetic energy.. The worms will get larger.. larger and larger from all of those veterinary prescription drugs. Even the herbal remedies..

They're making their infections stronger.

They're that fucking desperate.. Don't get in the way.. People will be canniblized by their own fertility..

Just observe.. People are that far gone.. Nothing will help them.. Until they rest in peace at their own hands..

The system is not getting in the way of people recommending people remedies causing potential inevitable fertility and then a died suddenly..

The system picks and chooses what they regulate based upon the intention..

That's why I don't help people out because I would actually "help them out".. Everything is relative based upon perception and intention..

But people who are so used to taking away their pain would not understand that..

So the system allows you to take away people's pain so as long as its fda approved.. And even if it isn't for the intent, facebook doesn't give a shi t what you do.. So as long as you don't use certain language

I will never play that game again.

I'm a one trial learner even if it takes a few people during those trials.. When covid nineteen came around I was done helping the world..

Now it was all about me.. And I didn't mind doing it publicly Because I wanted to dispense with any rumors about my background..

When you live out loud nobody can make assumptions about you.. People make assumptions about people all the time when they don't know what's going on..

And when you have nothing to hide it's okay to live out loud.. in my opinion you learn faster when you hear yourself.. And you make connections faster when you hear yourself.. Assuming that your goal is making connections..

There is nothing like hearing yourself.. The root of all disease is holding the past hostage..

There is always a positive to every negative.. But since people don't like to feel their body release, they hold on to the negative.. Making them test positive.

You never attack anything

you release the demons..

You never ever attack what you think is parasitic.. Because not only will it develop offspring from your medications. But it will come back at you harder..

You saw what happened to palestine and hamas. They attacked israel and they came back harder. Israel came back harder. I don't care if you think it was contrived.. It's the whole principle and the model..

You never attack anyone. You never attack anything in your body. Because it will only come back harder. And then you come back harder..

And then it's mutually assured destruction..

All out annihilation..

That's why people end up in the morgue after the medical and the holistic industry..

And also when they participate in a war..

And sometimes when people are held hostage they become Casualties..

And I will tell you palestinians are held hostage by hamas.. And hamas took israeli hostages..

And people are holding hostage to parasitic infections because they don't want to feel the release .

And then they blame other people for their issues..

But they hold hostage the issues they have..

Right now we are living allegory..

There is a way release the demons without destroying yourself in the process.

And I told you too much of any diversity in your body causes fertility..

This is why you must understand how to balance out your hormones and not cure oneself

Which is why food is so important.. To give you the strength to release those demons..

Because even the ectoplasm can cause fertility.. Especially if you're over abundant..

X mark's the spot.. We were the variable.. Now you know why I don't go out in public too often.. Releasing the demons of spirits from the ectoplasm in public crowded spaces I breathed in, is a bitch..

Which is why some people will not get ahead of their diseases because they won't stay home and release the demons.. They're take on more demons than they can release because of their lifestyle and belief system.. And they need to be entertained by everybody in their world.

So you might as well just treat your disease. If you're not gonna change the way you do shit..

For women it will be harder for them.. Because they are made out to be the caretaker of the world.. And they will be the self sacrificing mother friend whatever..

Many men will have a hard time changing the way they do things..

Some men are stronger than others who can handle releasing the demons and the pain.. And some men have never treated any disease really.. So they could release those demons..

The world is not what you think.

My world is for very few people.. I kind of figured that out. Culture/Politics/Religion/Science ("demons") NATURE AND NURTURE alchemy/alkaloids is what caused the diversity and cultures and sexual orientation from all the dying and reproducing..

india middle east asia northern Europe Mexico

all the diversity and culture are based in the alkaloid plant world matched with biodiversity..

your phenotypical characteristics also look like some plants in the plant world...

all plant alkaloids are in the drugs and remedies developing diversity

and all surgery and c sections cuts out the growths/excessive life in the body..

the world is NOT what you think..

fertility can be the life for you or the death of you....

all melanin are based upon sun exposure or lack thereof.. and the culture of clones are established from death and reproductions vs evolution..

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