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J World_Avoid Using the Word Satanic_It Comes off Biased and Religious and Easily Dismissible

J world..

It would be great if you did not use the word satanic in regards to my information..

The word satanic is all relative to perception.. You have to be way more specific than that.. Especially in this world..

Because you take away the clinical aspect of human programming using behavior modification and biotechnology sexualizing young girls at a young age to sell sex and their body to the highest bidder.. And then grooming their daughters for it.. That science coupled with a lot of suffering..

It's not a story in allegory

it's a reality.. Look at how many people are disfiguring themselves to keep up with the neighbors..

And those who are already turned off by religion will close their eyes and ears simply by the words you use..

You want to reach people.. Don't come off biased or religious.. Speak science.. Not allegory

I know I use the word demon in reference to trauma coming out the body..

But that is known everywhere..

And the word demon is the same for everybody because it's something that is torturous to everybody on some level..

The word satanic

it is specific based upon bible allegory..

And some religions have been painted as satanic.. And satanic is about worshiping dead things and or also acknowledging the elements in nature.. And so if you call somebody satanic it's all relative.. And it would be appropriate.. So that's why I don't use the word satanic.. Nobody wants to be referenced as satanic..

Demons is a better reference when it comes to releasing trauma from the body.. Because you're not a demon..

And you're not calling people demons though offspring can be known as a demon. But they can also turn that s*** around. It's all relative to how you want to characterize offspring.. Offspring don't have to be demons..

But you must release a trauma...

Hollywood is not satanic..

Just people who have been programmed and some have been programmed very aggressively than others.. And yes they've allowed nefarious people to run amuck.. But again it's about pragmatism..

a job had to get done

And if parents give up their children to the industry.. That's unfortunate for the children..

We hope they survive their career..

Again it is about context..

Release demons release trauma all the same thing..

We don't want to insult religions people or industries..

Understand why you use the words you use.. if it is very easy to call someone satanic

imagine what they're calling you..

We need to give everyone a way out once they have been programmed and if there is something to recoup..

For many people out there in the industry it's too late for them..

But hopefully some people can release those demons..

Because when you think about it all of us are satanic.. It's about order versus chaos.. What are you putting in order and what are you allowing to be chaotic..

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