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Judgements are like Evolution, too much or too little Accomplishments in this Society is Relative

Main take away.. Facing other people's judgments is a great evolution and self examination. Judging other people is also a great way to examine yourself and your own intolerance..

There's such a thing as too much fielding and absorbing judgments of others and not enough..

There's such a thing as judging everyone all the time and not enough self Reflection..

Activism is always about somebody else but never about what they have done..

If you're going to be an activist and accuse somebody you better look in your own backyard.

And all accusations must go through due process..

And if it doesn't don't even bother chasing that dragon.. Exercise in futility..

Everything is balance when it comes to judgment..

Accomplishments are relative to the society you live in and the intention of that society..

And the death culture of finding ways to die as peacefully as possible is an accomplishment in the medical holistic system..

People applaud those who find another cure for disease.. Cures are deadly.. But they're only good if they don't destroy right away. Again it's the cumulative effect of all the cures you've ever taken..

In the j world do not expect anyone to applaud what you're doing..

And so your accomplishment in the j world is to survive this great reset.. Eat food and stay alive.. And be that representation in the best way you can..

Sometimes people will judge you.. And one day you will find a way to articulate why you do what you. If that's even your goal..

Every day is about survival.. Every fucking day.

As sometimes you have to leave one negative comment on your page with your response so you can show people that you can handle criticism with a response..

A well thought out response. Like walking into a forest seeing dead bodies hang from places as a warning.. Don't enter if you don't want to end up like this representation.

You could make examples out of your critics.. The ones who cross boundaries..

Freedom is judging EVERYTHING without targeting a specific person.. just the behaviours and lifestyles of EVERYONE EQUALLY

Equitable judgementalism is an ART..and one must JUDGE and hold oneself to the same STANDARD..

People who hate judgmental people can't even judge themselves properly.. They can't even hold themselves accountable so everyone else cannot judge. Because they can't handle the truth about themselves..

To them the mirror is ugly.. Well I don't blame you.. When you have a lot to hide.. You don't use the mirror.. And you hate cameras.

When I judge people I definitely look at myself at the same time..

That's my opening of awareness of how people see me.. Because of how I see them..

Then I correct myself.. So that way I have room to judge..

People who judge have room to judge.. Because they developed their own conclusion.. And it's not for me to say if it's right or wrong.

They are right in their world.. Just like i'm right in my world..

And we get the value of diversity..

And if our judgments are illegal, community standards will step in as well as the legal system..

So go test boundaries people..

And enjoy improving yourself.. Judge everybody.

People who say they are "non-judgemental" or advocate "non-judgemental" are judgemental AGAINST judgementality..

Face it, humans are judgemental.. it is a matter of survival

Denying your humanity is a religion of elevation and holier than thou persona..

I am proud of my judgmental evolution..

Because you can't assume someone hasn't reasoned their conclusion.. NO matter how quick or how long..

I don't want to be easy going.. And I have been open minded..

I know my boundaries..

I developed an intricate argument as the basis of my judgements..

And i am ok living on my island of judgements..

I do not hide them and I am open about them..

Some people pretend they have no judgements, but they truly do.. case in point..

Truth hurts..

It is a pain i convert to my benefit

Judgmental is a negative word to describe someone who often rushes to judgment without reason. The adjective judgmental describes someone who forms lots of opinions — usually harsh or critical ones — about lots of people. Judgmental types are not open-minded or easygoing.

Mother Nature judges me daily.. and I can handle her criticism, her pain, her suffering and she is the ultimate judge, jury, and EXECUTIONER (died suddenly)

Here is a judgment.. I'm not friends with my childhood friends because i've evolved.. I'm not really in touch with them.. I observe them and they observe me and that's about it .

I growed up.. I'm not the same person.. I'm not trying to rekindle the past with people..


It is different based upon the world you live in. Or the world you desire to live in.

EVERY inventor develops something that could be used and abused or indirectly influences series of events that could be used and abused..

Einstein regrets his role in the atomic bomb..

And although people have mischaracterized my intentions.. My only regret in the j world..

People will use my juice as a cure. Not a catalyst..

That's my only regret..

And how was I to know this would happen..

All cures are deadly.. No one ever should be cured in a dynamic environment ever, if they want to live.

Called entropy.. Especially in this dynamic environment.

But my juice was a catalyst to evolution and awareness change and potential in indefinite life.

Catalyst does not mean cause..

You need food.. You really don't need my juice anymore.. You need salt in your food..

You need meat milk cheeseggs fruit vegetables.

When you have indefinite life under your belt, you're not in a hurry to perform to the level of outside expectations..

You are able to slow down and smell the flowers, while cultivating, whatever craft you choose..

You have that freedom..

That's the beauty of my world, is the freedom to know you have time..

You're not in a hurry to accomplish so many things in our current society.. And accomplishments are all relative to what you're accomplishing and who you're performing for..

And not everyone would agree those are accomplishments to them, in their eyes.

Maybe, because you're not performing for them..

They are accomplishments to you. Because you know where you came from.

And you know where you're going.. And it's not something you need to explain to anyone. I do sometimes because I like to verbalize everything.. But not everyone understands through the haze of their own filters. I am not trying to make everyone understand. That's impossible..

Simply living Is quite an accomplishment because you have to do things in order to live..

Maintaining your life is quite an accomplishment..

Developing the life you respect and love because it means it could change is quite an accomplishment..

Love means change.. Dying and reproducing.

Life is always bound to change.. It doesn't mean you have to die. But it might mean the world you used to live in will die. The societal constructs might die..

But a few adapt.. You might live to see the new societal constructs.

Quitting all addictions is quite an accomplishment because that would mean that you didn't replace one addiction for another..

You're in tune with the power of suffering.. And sustaining the life around ending your suffering without dying..

That's quite an accomplishment.

Standing in the face of opposition is definitely quite an accomplishment..

Surviving scrutiny and backlash is an amazing fucking accomplishment... Many people cannot handle that.. And they quit before they accomplish what they set out to do.

Not quitting is quite an accomplishment. Especially when there's a lot more work to be done.

Not living in fear is an amazing accomplishment..

I guess if you can't control the world out there.. You might as well control how you relate to the world..

Not all accomplishments are going to be applauded.. Revered.. Or even recognized..

Some people's accomplishments are laughed at and ridiculed and even violently opposed.. Just make sure you're abiding by the law.

And if any accomplishment is widely recognized and revered.. Better make sure it's not in a society that is trying to destroy itself.. Because what did you just accomplish?

Einstein was revered because he influenced something that a society intended to eventually implement as a self destruct mechanism, and on top of his research he also discovered the theory of relativity, general relativity, and special relativity..

<The more famous 1939 letter, however, came to be known as the Einstein-Szilard letter and is widely considered to be the key stimulus for the United States developing the atomic bomb, according to Lanouette.

What was the self destruct mechanism.. When they bombed nagasaki and hiroshima the system saw and experienced different kinds of disease and the outcome of the fallout that came from radiation exposure.

And they discovered different cures and ways to use the diseases for different things..

No crisis is wasted.. Scientists studied what happens after someone is exposed to radiation.. And you can best be sure they observed people at the epicenter as well as miles away..

And if you're getting the nobel (peace) prize, it might be the nobel rest in peace price..

Doctor Hayflick discovered the difference between immortal and somatic.. Thus, giving oncology another avenue to work from.. He won a prize for that..

The world isn't trying to save people's lives.. We are in a d population scale down..

A great reset..

Right now the world is trying to end so many different lives at their own hand and choices..

Some accomplishments are way ahead of it's time..

And so patience and time..

Having patience with time is quite an accomplishment..

And so many of you have plenty of time. You don't need recognition for what you are doing..

Just save yourself.. Take the time.. Have patience..

Accomplish what you need to even if it's just surviving your diseases and releasing those demons and developing an infrastructure to do that. And never demonizing food..

Food tolerance is quite an accomplishment. Because you're not proving to the world how deficient you are to your environment ..

People who demonize food and say food is poison are proving to the world they are EXTREMELY intolerant.

Because doing what I am doing.. Developing an infrastructure to save yourself in such an aggressive environment, and eating all food.. Without demonizing it..Is quite an accomplishment.

Not many people are doing it. And not many people can..

And you won't get applauded for it because you won't brag about it.. Because you know if you do.. People will shit on you.

And then tell everybody they shit on you. Or they think you're a goody two shoes.

That's what a dying world will do to you.

They don't like the living. Because they are trying to destroy their own life. And they have already justified it.. And it's not for me to say they couldn't save themselves.

I will stop casting spells of that.

I won't say you can't save your life or you can save your life.

It's not for me to choose for you.. Or even speculate.

And so when people choose to destroy themselves.. Because the outcome in their world of everything they do, is death.. Remember they are following in their parents footsteps, they want you to join them.

And when you don't join them.. It's like a cult..

Some people will find a way to lure your back into their fold into the death cult.

And they use fear.. Ridicule.. And sometimes violence .

When you survive the world around you. And you don't fall into the death cult..

That's quite a fucking accomplishment..

Pat yourself on the back.. Because no one else will.

Living in my world is an extreme accomplishment.. And you cannot expect anyone to understand it..

3 generation rule

Ww1 build

Ww2 maintain

Ww3 destroy

Biden is just a puppet.. trump cannot guarantee ww3 avoidance..

Just be alert.

Dad of 5...

I post this so you get conditioned to this ongoing trend.. This upward trend..

That's what the system did with us.. Conditioning us to expect a lot of changes.. So we don't get so traumatized we pass away from it..

We expected it at some point in our world..

It doesn't matter if you shield your eyes from the information.. Life still happens.. Death also takes out those who are not prepared ..

Everything is about conditioning.. Survival is about conditioning for the environment.. For the culture.. For the economy.

Some of you need a little debbie cupcake because you are way too skinny..

So I dont want to hear how little debbies cause diabetes..

Maybe they do not get enough salt.. And other nutrients..

Why would you blame the food.. That's what people who are starving say who have something to prove to the world.

Who want to starve out their fellow man .. Because of their own inadequacies.

Somebody asked the question. Why have many body builders passed away during the past three years..?

And why are athletes most susceptible to dying suddenly on the field..?

My answer.. Resistance is futile and it causes breakage and death..

Resistance training is death training.. Especially in a higher frequency environment.

Increased kinetic activity during the day and then at night when the body has to reconcile with everything you have come in contact with, develops great stress to the vital organs..

The person is not giving their body a rest.. Essentially wearing themselves out sooner..

You need to have great balance of rest, muscle and fat.. And also food with high fats.. Carbs and proteins.. You need the fuel in this environment..

Especially in this environment..

And when you're mostly muscle and bone and skin.. High resistance high death rate..

Especially during climate change..

Wake up to the patterns..

When people say people are too afraid to confront what's going on or fight or whatever..

Many people are afraid and they are exposing what they can without being taken out.. Or they don't want to be a target for the mainstream to make a fun of like they make fun of the conspiracy right wing people.. But I also understand as well because some of the archaic traditions many people practice .. But both left and right have many things to answer for as far as sexuality.. Which was and is the weapon of mass destruction..

That's why the movies and the music industry is the way it is.. They're fucking trying to tell you without telling you. Or they end up passed away.. And some people's lifestyles caused them to pass away sooner.. And you will never know the difference. You can never prove it..

Everything must go through due process. Remember that.

Say what you need to say without pinpointing any specific person place or thing.. Air out your grievances but don't attack anyone.. Because chances are the person you are attacking has absolutely no control over what's going on.. Just because they're an easy target doesn't mean they are the target..

Represent what you do to survive, but don't assume people are going to do the same thing..

Give yourself choices and attempt to give other people choices without forcing it down their throat..

. And I always must remember. I am one hundred percent personally responsible for how I react to my environment..

Nothing lasts forever and evolution is necessary.. And if you don't evolve you die. Just like divorce.. People change they can't handle it they divorce each other.

My world is representation of how I adapt to change.. It's not for me to say whether or not change should happen..

Change is happening and here is what I do to survive it.. And what I do does not necessarily mean you can do it..

Just because somebody is an easy target doesn't mean they are the target..

Just because they are your chosen target doesn't mean you chose well..

It just means the system made it easy for you to blame somebody else for the changes in the world that you cannot handle..

This system will give you just enough rope..

And remember i'm in the trenches with you.. I'm adapting to this climate change and it's fucking hell.. But i'm surviving it because I have changed my lifestyle.

It's still hell..

In this environment, eating is more meaningful and you can actually feel the work it's doing..

skinny was how the system controlled your programming and talents...

obesity, too..

evolution is not encouraged until the system condones it ie forces it, when you least expect it in the form you do not expect it in.. like climate change....

the death culture is very seductive, requiring group think/mentality and tons of socializing..

all of us are descendants of Adam and Eve and some were chosen to carry on the Human race and evolve it and many resist evolution, called war and died suddenly..

I told you a long time ago, I am not that special, you are NOT that special.. some people choose to evolve and others resist it and then blame..

there were many adam and eves and many gardens of edens testing humans WAY BACK DURING ANTIQUITY...

always testing humans.. and you are being tested right now..

a tale as old as time.. evolution, resistance, war, death..blame

New societies and cultures..

You're being given a choice

now you know you're being tested.

Choose well.

We were always pangea but we didn't understand what that actually meant..

The New World is phasing out the Old World Order..

that is why all the died suddenlies.. and if you do not understand what is going on, you have a place of blame to go.. air food water and public health therapies and the system of governance..

choose your scapegoat, and people do...

just watch your facebook..

resistance is futile.. causes breakage and also, died suddenly.. which is also why, if you are in my world, you have yet another option, if you can handle it, to choose from..

and my world, is NOT glamorous.. and people do not brag on what they are doing in my world.. conditioning for evolution is not pretty..

it is a shitty process with tons of energy ... i should know.. i lived it the last 3 years.

but necessary, if you want to surpass the Hayflick Limit..

and one must be eating all the food in the food supply..

one could NOT be food intolerant or political about food, at all.

Asian culture, you are also genesis.. adam and eve.. (evolution developed specific phenotypes)

i got away from the superstitious horoscopes and new age numbers..

i took my info back to the roots of mankind.. adam and eve and genesis..

i am tolerant to all types of religions, even new age ones.. but everything can be traced back to GENESIS and the garden of eden..

adam and eve is everyone, and everyone is adam and eve..

i will not be distracted by offshoot religions and/or spiritual dogmas, even within my own Asian/Vietnamese culture background.. that is and was the OLD world of control of women and men..

culture=petri dish

all the isms around race/religion/ethnicity and melanin stem from intolerance, deficiencies, and malnutrition or decay..

everything in the past, present, and future is necessary..

just survive it, if you can.. I hope you do, and if you do not, thank you for your contribution to this world..

you see how women were controlled through the clothing..

she was allowed to be respectable and covered back in the 1800s but at the turn of the century, the clothing came off, the starvation protocols and the heavy sexuality and drug use was encouraged..

the system did a number on women telling them food, sugar, salt, carbs, meat, milk, eggs and fruits and veggies are POISON..

ENCOURAGING anorexia... and of course, the men encouraged it with their own issues of intolerance and forcing their daughters and wives to have children...

hence, future died suddenly.

I know it's already too late for so many people.. There is no magic pill to gain/lose weight to tolerate evolution..

And if there is you will pay with your life..

It's just observing the playbook.. Some people will survive the playbook..

Others wont..

I know the risks out there in this environment.

And so I just list out the risks and everyone makes their choices.

adam and eve were not that special until they were chosen to be used as a lesson..

they were like any other hominid, lesser evolved species, until they both were "chosen" be part of a human experiment

Now.. you get the choice.. become more evolved and survive.. or succumb to the fate of Adam and Eve... cast out of the garden...

everything going on today, was and is from your consent...

everything is.

you chose... have chosen.. continue to choose your own personal 10 plagues..

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