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Judgment Day is Here

Representing the j world..

Literally we are in judgment day and now it's about surviving it.. And feel free to judge everyone because you have every right to as they are judging you..

When it comes right down to it mother nature will judge you.. She is the judge jury and executioner.. The court system will judge you for violating man made law and mother nature will judge you for violating the laws of life..

And when you judge somebody else you are making a choice so stand by your choice.. Those who are judging you they are also making their choice.. Both of you can point out the benefits and detriments to your own belief system.. If you can't point out the downsides to your beliefs then you're not coming from an objective point of view..

All politics all religions all scientific dogmas are subjective and try to come off one sided even when deceptively people come off hypocritical..

When you understand both sides of an argument you are honestly hypocritical and that's a good thing..

Then you can come by your belief system honestly and then you have no one 2 b**** at and no one to blame

It's those who are in fear blaming everyone under the sun are the ones that come off deceptively hypocritical

Hubby is feeling better

Boiled Cabbage, water, salt, chicken, Scrambled eggs

pork chops and creamy mushroom gravy

Lemon pound cake

Did wonders..

Of course he p ooooooo p ed and replenished his fluids

No meds, either Two days. Rest, release, salty and sweet food No natural or synthetic antibiotics

When someone's sick, you make them eat.. not just chicken soup and water, but heavy high meat protein sugary salty foods!!!

Body needs the substance to diarrhea out/throw up , if need be.. not because you intended, because it needed to..

You must release the demons.. not trap them inside!!!

Salty Cabbage chicken broth with veggies is the best drink and addition to the meals prepared!!!!

I'm interested in the European old country food practices because the people back then and even today in some parts of the country are extremely strong and can withstand climate change..

I'm not just some Asian girl looking for a white guy to glom onto.. Seriously I'm not a cliche I'm not even fresh off the boat.. I was raised in California my whole life minus fifteen months..

I'm probably more American than some Americans out here because I lived here longer than they've been living..

When you think about a white collar versus blue collar.. White collar built like a brick shithouse probably uses steroids and works out in a gym all the time.. I know that's not across the board.. Creatine is also another protein building workout thing people use in lieu of steroids

Blue collar men work with their hands.. They have the strength of fifty horses.. They're out there in the extreme elements doing stuff that white collar people won't do.. They have to eat the starchy foods and the meat in the milk and the cheese and the eggs..

In my opinion I think the alcohol is the blue collars downfall.. White collar downfall is not only alcohol but fake muscles.. And soft living

I think my intuition told me.. The strength of certain Caucasians because of their background would save me as far as their lifestyle and food and climate world..

California before climate change was made for all the people with the skinny bodies and Botox and plastic surgery.. Now they're under eight feet of snow and they're malnourished.. Can Californians handle climate change

we'll see..

Californians need to gain weight and release the demons

Ohio people built like brick shit houses need to Keep their weight but release the demons.. And become proportional to their environment because it's extreme even today..

Obviously I'm making very black-and-white observations. However find out where you fit in and figure out where i'm coming from..

Be ok with judging EVERYONE, AS they will also judge you.. every time you speak, post and wear your culture, assume EVERYONE is judging.. they are. Give people something to judge..

"the unexamined life" is your blind spot.. (sorry Socrates, i just evolved your quote) The unexamined life is probably worth living if you actually examine it.. Not resist it and judge it and then destroy it..

Examine and judge it all.. i give you permission not that you need it..

People are judging me right now.. it took me years to accept it and stop resisting judgment day..

Survive all judgments.. appreciate diversity.. if your lifestyle and beliefs are so wonderful, prove it.. no need to defend it.. wear it proudly AND tolerate those who represent the opposite... they are the ones giving you the choices you never had..

Surviving judgment day is the JJ WORLD.. not the j juice...

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