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Justice Is An Illusion It Is An Absolution for Those Who Need It

Remember you are sixty nine trillion colony forming units of microbes.. Those microbes build an infrastructure called your immune system which is your whole body..

When one colony allows another colony to become too numerous. Then you have a justice system within your body to develop closure and to temper things..

Natural law. And man made law work off each other.. Both can manipulate each other and develop outcomes based upon intentions..

Justice Frequencies Colonies

"Justice" after the fact is like enforcing seatbelts after the "required" numbers of fatalities justifying the seatbelt laws..

Looking for justice for anything is a manipulation.. Be careful when someone parades around somebody you think should be arrested..

Justice doesn't help anyone after the fact..

Justice is like going to a funeral, it is for the living not for the dead....

Finding a way to mitigate the outcome the undesirable outcome to begin with is how you can escape somebody else's intentions..

That you have to figure out what the ultimate outcome you want is.. If you think something is poison but you believe humans should pass away. Then, what the f*** are you doing?

There is no amount of money that will bring anyone or anything back.. Even money can't buy happiness..

Even seeing people rot in jail ... The damage has already been done.. They're useless..

Some people were allowed to get away with so much for such a long time because of how much money they were making the government.. They were very prominent in their community and no one questioned them.. Paying people off everywhere is how people can get away with stuff for such a long time until the well runs dry..

There is no justice.. That's an illusion.. Looking for justice for anything.. Complete illusion..

People will waste their whole life trying to get justice for something that they were partly responsible for..

I learned the hard way.. Even when you win a case everyone still loses.. But it was a lesson for me..

The only justice i respect is never to need justice..

The only good lawyer.. Is a lawyer you never have to use or need..

The court system are for those who put themselves in situations and then don't know how to get out of them..

When we breed irresponsible people we need the justice system.. If both parties can't take accountability they need somebody to find out who is mostly accountable.. Or develop reasonable doubt..

The Justice system Enables victim mentalities..

Once you learn the hard way you won't ever want to go use the justice system ever again.. It is a circus and it's not always fair.. Justice is not always blind..

And people get titillated by the details.. Developing more predators.. And then it's more trauma to the victim who never learned how to take responsibility to begin with..

It's tough to be young and learn the hard way.. Not everybody survives their childhood or young adulthood.. They get consumed by the justice system..

How to avoid the justice system..

Stay away from people who invite drama in their life.. Don't ever take the law in your own hands.. Release the demons..

Be okay with being on your own most of the time.. When you get lonely that's when you invite drama in your life..

This is the advice I give to my younger self..

During climate change, the body will release proteins..

Your lymphatic system releases the demons.. Which is why you get dermatological issues/pain on the skin/muscles in those areas..

People who try to stop the release process clog up their lymph nodes which is why they get lymphoma..

Lymphocytes also need to be released..

Right arm sore or crease is sore today.

Cancers are when you have so much growth because you are not releasing at the appropriate level.. Those offspring are taking over the body and destroying it because you choose to hold everything inside.. And turned off your release process your indicators.. You choose to take anti-inflammatories and painkillers.

A cancer of the lymphatic system.

When you feel pain in these different areas you are releasing the demons.. Your bodies pushing them throughout the body to get them out..

That's why you don't stop pain.. That's your installment payment to live in this world..

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