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Keeping Proper Gut Bacteria Intact Working For You

If you want to sustain the necessary gut bacteria you must use Kefir or milk based probiotics..

Obviously you must gain weight.. Even if you have too much weight you cannot starve yourself of food. Even drinking milk can be converted into a probiotic because your immune system also ferments the foods you eat.

The Jilly Juice is ionic and it's the catalyst and it will wash away the other valuable probiotics when abused because the JJ is not the only probiotic your body needs..

It was more proof to show you that life can be sustained within the jj with the amount of salt that was in it..

The JJ woke up people's demons that needed to wake up because they would have woken up eventually during climate change..

Right now climate change is waking up your demons so you don't need the JJ at all anymore when the frequencies woke up the demons..

Now you must activate and assimilate to the demons and release properly effectively without taking away intelligence

Now you must sustain the life within you without washing the bacteria away with detoxes or the J world and sustain the life that you have and learn how to release the demons without taking away valuable substance..

Your good gut bacteria must convert the bad bacteria so everything can work for you not against you..

You take away the good guys nothing is working for you and the environment will work against you.. Which is why all natural and synthetic remedies also known as light or aggressive oncology destroys people faster because they are destroying the good guys and the bad guys and so the environment works against you and you don't have things working for you.. That's the aggressive aging process and/or outright death..

My book is a strategy that most people have shame around different body parts and since I was never abused in my life in that manner I don't have shame around body parts that are functional..

I have complete control over my intake and my release without taking away viable intelligence..

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