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Lack of Balancing the Masculine/Testosterone and the Feminine/Estrogen is the Problem of Our Society

My curse of premenstrual dysphoric disorder was the fact I had too much estrogen.. Looking for the extreme male the testosterone to balance me out..

That's the danger of breeding extremes.. you will cause a war. That's why I feel for the men and women in our society developing children who are in each end of extremes. Because they are not prepared for that aggressive war.. And will they survive the wars between the hormones??

hot males and hot females become targets.. And then you bring in politics religion and science. Now you have a story line..

What are you setting your kids up for?

You can only answer that question..

I understand myself now.. And I understand society..

Balancing the masculine and feminine in a person, so they have major longevity or immortality....

Yes testosterone and estrogen are the major hormones that determine sex..

Too much on either end will cause crazy imbalances and died suddenly.. You must understand how to balance your hormones without getting caught up in the politics around it.

That's why I post pictures of myself because I don't look like a man.. I have balanced out my testosterone and estrogen.. all my plumbing works but I don't have crazy crazy sexual desire.. Which will save me in the long run..

Men can temper their aggressive testosterone without looking like a chick.. Its when man takes so much estrogen trying to change genders is why people have an issue.. Some people don't agree with that..

I was hot back in the nineties.. I've tempered my hotness and I look relatively balanced.. And i'm still a woman..

Men can still look like men and temper their aggressive hormones.. And they would still look like men.. They don't have to look like a caitlyn jenner.

It's when you're doing hormone therapy is when you're trying to go from one extreme to the other.

Just eat food and release the demons like I have in my book.. And you don't have to be afraid of turning in to a man or a woman.. If that's not your desire..

Please don't intend to misunderstand me.

It's balance don't be so extreme.

As far as people attacking me three years ago.. The argument and the problem was between me and my moderators.. And the argument and the problem was between me and the government..

I did not deserve to be attacked by anyone.. I did not deserve to be ridiculed by the youtube as well as the journalist.. I did not deserve to be mischaracterized..

But.. I benefited from it.. If I wasn't attacked what I have developed this information.. If I wasn't suffering through all of that bullshit would I have developed my thought process and evolved. If it wasn't for the war, we wouldn't be where we are today in my world.. Did I deserve to be attacked.. Nope but I was and I benefit from it.. An innovation came out of it..

Now look at the middle east.. Did israel deserve to be attacked.. No but they are going to benefit from it.. And you can't get in middle of that war..

Innovation will come out of that.. You must let it play out..

That's why We are in a surveillance society.. evolution require surveillance.. People get stupid when it comes to ideas conflicting with their beliefs..

And so in the future, the reason why there will be infertility. Because the extreme testosterone and extreme estrogen will die off. And you will be left with balanced people. The ones who can balance their own hormones. And they don't have to look like the extreme on either ends

Freedom is when you understand less is more.. Because who are you working for.. Are you working for yourself.. Are you working for somebody else's addictions.. And high fullutant consumerism..

And so if you want to set yourself free.. And leverage your position in the community..

No addictions. No health issues. No consumerism.. Live very simply.. Lessen if not eradicate your friend's base. And start feeding your brain.

Or else you are slave to everyone and yourself and your addictions. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

You want to set your children free.. Tell them the importance of living almost indefinitely.. And don't encourage them to have families..

Because their family may not survive on the way to twenty fifty. It is already in the cards..

Set your family free without destroying them.

But if you choose to die for your beliefs.. Then you have no reason to be mad at nine eleven.. Because they chose to die for their beliefs.. And they took many people down with them..2k

And all your doing is following in their footsteps. And you're taking your audience down with you too..

Even your family.

And so with your two thousand five thousand followers..

And youre recommending remedies surgerie.. Imagine what muhammad attah did to those in nine eleven.. He took down at least two thousand people.. Now times that by seven point nine billion people..

I'm not willing to die for my beliefs.. And I won't take any of you down..

I live for my beliefs.. And i'm giving you the choice.

Right now we seriously need to evolve as a human race.. Because we have been farmed out like animals for centuries..

I want to evolve as a human race..

meaning of life changes all the time..

The fact that you are speaking says that life does have meaning..

Life will always have some kind of Universal platform.. And there must be a meaning given to you to keep you within the parameters of control, But there also must be room for a personal definition of life.. For the greater good of the world..

Because if life does not have meaning to you.. Or it is meaningless.. Then it's worthless.. You only value life until the meaning you gave it runs out on you.

But who do you live for..?

To live there must be a meaning.. Life is to live for yourself.. So you can live with others..

And then life has value.. And it has meaning that could also change.. And it was still have value.

But you are life.. Without you.. There is no life.. Only death..

Imagine grandma adopting this notion.. She could save herself.

Micro to macro...

Family happens at the micro level.. That's called infection..

Then you see large families or even small families out there.. The system can call that infection..

And then there is sudden cardiac arrest.. Death from cancer and disease.. Too many families clog up the system if not being released properly.. Whatever that means. That's why they want to control reproduction carefully.. Or you have so many strays people and animals clogging the system..

causing sudden cardiac arrest.

So now you see the connection of infection cancer.. Large families and friendly gatherings..

And then sudden cardiac arrest..

Everything is connected My thoughts about the past seven years and 2017 and 2018 And the war in the middle east..

It doesn't matter why you attacked anyone first.. Attacking a person place or thing starts a war..

No matter who is the first aggressor or the responding party.. Do you have what it takes to fight the war and do you guarantee to yourself you will win that war and survive it?

There is no excuse to attack anyone regardless of the reason.. And so if someone were to say, the reason why you were attacked, jillian, was because of what you said as a thought process.. And you exercised your right to release the demons out of your group or out of your body.. There was no excuse for anyone to attack anyone.. And so I was not in the wrong with anything that I was doing.. I did not deserve the hate..

And so it's up to the government to regulate me.. It was the government that needed to make their intentions clear.. And it was also up to facebook community standards..

And if the government has cleared me from any wrong doing.. Or never even built a case against me..

There should be no reason why you would hate or attack anyone. Unless you are intolerant to another different thought process. And you think of yourself as a destroyer of evolution as well as judge, jury and executioner.. So you think you are god.. God complex..

And so way back when in twenty seventeen.. I did not deserve to be attacked by anyone. Not at all.. It's like when you release the demons out of your body and they come back and attack you for letting them go.. They were pissed that they couldn't belong to an accommodating host such as yourself.. Yeah, once you release the demons out of your body, you don't want to entertain them ever again.. You let them go for a reason.. You walk away forever from them..

And so I was not in the wrong.. Anything between my government and myself was between myself and my government.. Because I will be in a lifelong relationship with my government.. And that's guaranteed.. But those out there who want to attack me.. I'm not in a relationship with you.. I have no allegiance to you.. But I have an allegiance to my government..

And so anything that I do is between myself and my government.. Even back then.. And that's it..

And that was the federal trade commission.. And I didn't have to answer to my peers.. But I did because I needed them to figure some shit out.. And I did and if you don't understand me I could give a fuck.. Because it won't matter anyways.. You're taking your antibiotics.. You don't care anyways what I think..

Back then.. And so FIRST, the state had to step in and assess to figure out if they need to go higher to the federal and they did..

And so.. With that being said..

Someone will always declare war on you.. Someone will always attack you for something.. And it won't matter what you said..

Do you have what it takes to win the war.. And if you don't win it will you survive it..?

That's the society you live in.. Someone will always lob a grenade at you..

I hope you have what it takes to survive it..

But any time someone attacks you first.. Make sure the punishment fits the crime.. And you can't take the Law in your own hands..

And you better learn how to speak and defend yourself.. And articulate your thought process..

Or you end up attacking everybody.. And developing a cult.. And then the people you attack lob grenades back at you..

The only way to win the war.. Have a heavy defense system.. And walk away.. And if you're cornered and you're forced to fight..

You better have what it takes to fight the war.. And you better win..

And remember, if you are following the laws and the rules, the government will always be on your side. Just make sure you understand the world you live in..

And remember those who have an axe to grind with the world... Will always jump in and cannibalize the nearest body that will allow them..

That's why you want government.. Because the people can't be trusted to be objective.. That's why lawyers and judges go through a lot of training of subjective law and objective analysis.. And even then some judges and lawyers go rogue..

There must be checks and balances.. And that's even the black budget.. That's even your government.. Or the men in black..

Peace out Human survival is about balancing out the masculine and the feminine.. Balancing out estrogen and testosterone

That's why all the crazy diseases. Because the body is aggressively trying to balance out, the hormones and people resist..

They're not trying to make anyone girly or boyish.. What they're trying to do is balance it out..

I see activists commenting on pages of Hollywood stars that were very feminine back in the nineties who were under extreme estrogen programming.. Just like me..

As the body got older, it had to balance out the hormones as they were aging. And then the women look a little bit more masculine.

You saw the extreme sides in women.. As well as men like steven t.

As the EXTREME HORMONAL programming wears off, both men and women in hollywood look almost the opposite sex as they get older.. Or as they deteriorate..

What i'm saying HAS NOTHING to do with man hating or woman hating..

It's fucking human survival.

And that's why they put MAN and woman together in marriage to see how those hormones interacted with each other on a daily basis. Yes it was the balance of masculine and feminine..

However.. Over time the distribution of hormones were not as equal in each person.. And that's why you had the fight and the wars and the deadly domestic violence..

People were not balancing each other out they were destroying each other.. Violence is from one person completely wanting to overwhelm the other..

Then it becomes dangerous for the woman who doesn't understand what's going on.. It also becomes dangerous for the men who don't understand what's going on..

Now the system understands the distribution of hormones and how it influences behaviors and thoughts and feelings, and even roles within a family..

So extremely masculine men will have a short lifespan.. and extremely feminine women will also have a very short lifespan.. And then you bring in lifestyle and believe system and a culture of remedies..

Boom.. The perfect storm..

That's why I post pictures of myself during my process so you see what I look like and I don't look like a man.. Though some people might disagree..

I'm not too feminine and i'm not too masculine..

I'm a comfortable human being..

if men want to survive climate change, they must soften up their testosterone and balance their hormones.. bringing in the estrogen through food and release..

men's men will have a hard time surviving in the future.. that is why it will be a women's world..

you need both estrogen/testosterone to survive.. too much on either side leads to wars.

And if you're one of those who are against evolution in men.. You'll sacrifice your sons and your husband and your brothers and uncles..

On the flip side, if women want to survive, they have to have more testosterone because of too much estrogen..

That was my issue extreme p m s because of I was extremely female.. This is a hard pill to swallow.. But again.. This is where the system is going.. They've done all the experiments.. They want to change society.

Don't get mad at the messenger.. Get mad at the fact that you cant handle the information..

Believe me I didn't make this up.. They've been telling us.

It's reality.. They've been telling us..

One of my followers decided to completely insult me.. He didn't have to attack me but he chose to follow my information

And why am I punished because of what you chose to do..

That's why the world's changing.

People try to warn you and the body tries to warn you.. but people destroy the indicators of warnings Like their own immune system.. And then they get mad when they weren't prepared for the change..

This information is not new.. I didn't make it up..

But I stay on my facebook I don't go on anyone else's facebook.. Because this is how I understand my process.. Why I was suffering so much the last forty years..

I had way too much estrogen to my system..

google the symptoms of too much estrogen/testosterone in both men/women

the information might surprise you

some of you are afraid of the reptilians but you exemplify the extreme sides of the reptilian brain.. hmm ( baser level instincts, extreme sexuality, territorial, etc. soo hungry based upon all the fertility) penis=vaccine=sexuality=crowds of people payload (semen from penis/liquid from vaccine/spittle) is the data information processing

direct inject=offspring/evolution/disease/kids/fertility

population decline or incline based upon how aggressive the fertility process is when people cannot stay away from others..

boomers incline gen x buster decline

2050 infertility

so.. will you survive your own beliefs.. and will your kids survive.. and men are being phased out.. too much testosterone.. unless they soften up with some estrogen if they are allowed to.. If you equate to what I am doing as a business, I would have save that company millions of dollars..

i have saved my husband thousands of dollars in health insurance, food, addictions and social interactions..

i am NOT a drain on my hubby or my society or anyone else for that matter..

yes business process reengineering must be applied to streamline all business processes.. It is NOT about making MORE money, it is optimizing what you already have and save your family/company money..without being a drain on your society, family and yourself.


the more you make the more you spend.. so downsize your expectations and consumerism or be equated as a useless eater and you enslave others to support your addictions and wasteful spending.. programmed anti-insulin hydra need to be released but the person has disabled their ability to release the demons, therefore, compounding the issue with insulin drugs or taking insulin further accelerating the growth of anti-insulin demons..because resistance is futile..

programmed anti fat regulator hydra stuck in the persons' immune system from all the remedies causes the person to "slowly" starve themselves to death and when they get to that "desired" weight, the aging process is accelerated, as they are deteriorating and afraid to eat food in fear of weight gain..

thinner, by Richard Bachmann

the voluntary starvation process via chemistry, economics and biology when you exchange hydra full of information, that is called VIRUS, OR vital information resource under siege.. and then infection/birth/cancer/disease.

now look at all the people in a highly aggressive environment breathing in all the HYDRA...AEROSOLIZED HYDRA/VIRUSES HANGING OUT TOGETHER in close quarters incubating diseases...and not releasing demons properly blaming the vees.. but look at the ballgames, and restaurants and concerts, lol

really? h/ate = eating someone/eating their info/them and shitting it out, shitting on other people

love = fornicating with everyone and developing offspring

umm.. yeah.. that is the family who were once strangers and became fami(liar)

fami liar

do you really love that stranger and your friends or do you get off on the pleasure of being lied to via fami.. are you getting high off their proteins, feeding off their energy.. their body, mind and spirit..

truth is brutal.

stay home and stay safe or be caught in public/private fornication with everyone in your community

haha, then the aging process from all the offspring/microbs/cancer/infection/children from the public/private fornication between your nose/mouth and anus/vagina, etc in a CLOSED IMMUNE SYSTEM USING REMEDIES TO DISABLE THE PURPOSE OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.. lie/fe d(eat)h


all con/cepts per/ception 9/11 is representative of extremist suicide b/ombers like the kamikaze pilots in WW2 trying to destroy western imperialism, greed and slavery.. no different than those in the remedies world "suici/ciding themselves with drugs and remedies and addictions taking everyone around them down with the ship..

all the players in 9/11 are allegorically, historically and culturally correct to what is going on today in YOUR politics religions and science extremism..

You are the mohammad attas if you are in activism, religion and politics and spirituality.. and you are willing to die for you beliefs.. When you choose to die for your family.. That's no different then what happened nine eleven.


You choose to die for anything.. Or for other people.. Or religion or politics or science..

You're no different than those who committed nine eleven.

Chew on that.. While you're blaming everyone for your problems.

You chose to die.. And yet you're resentful.

That's why I left most people out there..

I will not be your savior or satan.

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