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Life is a Virus and its Defense Systems are Humanity

Life is a Virus and its Defense Systems are Humanity

China One Child policy boys were chosen

Main takeaway

wives/women were and are traditionally the slaves to their in-laws...

that is what were women were bred for as the men were worshipped in families, the women were and are the slaves..broadmares.. and slave drivers as the matriarch enslaved the wife of her son..

which is why the men in china were revered because they stayed home and took care of his parents and then employed a wife to carry that load while he went off and worked or took on lovers..

which is also why in laws choose the wives for their sons because the wife must be submissive to the mother in law.. and why the sons are like Norman bates, bowing down to mommy.

This doesn't happen all the time because sometimes Sons don't respect their mothers because she was not the representation of what they thought was an angel And so then there is that

You don't always want a man who "loves his mother" because that would mean that you are second fiddle and will always be second fiddle

And I can only imagine how many mothers out there with sons that she is so close to sneering at my information because she knows it's true. She knows if any woman comes between her and her son she will become the most deadliest f****** Predator ever.

Prove me wrong. You can't because you know it's true. And women like that hate women like me because we call you on your b*******

which is also why women have been royally phucked ever since the fall of mankind

and women who have sons are extremely deadly to those who cross her.. and the wives of the sons who worship mommy are the lowest man on the totem pole..

she is done. wives of sons who are close to mommy must kiss the ring.. or she is cast out.. and her kids are used as weapons..

that is how the family controls women and destroys them all at the same time..

which is why girls in our society have a bleak future if mommy must marry her off.. oh boy.. she is done.

mother in laws are the most dangerous predator when she has more influence over her sons than his wife does.. the wife is trapped ..

grandmas are deadly.. grandmas in all societies are the most deadly formidable human being and when she wants control over her sons, she will cast out the wife.. eventually.. because that grandchild becomes her prize.. and used has leverage and currency..

i have seen it over and over and over again.. it is all over the first and 3rd world.. women have been nothing more than something to be used and abused and traded and used as a tool..

and women enslave their own daughters and sons to be put through major pain and suffering and die.. their family gets no return on the pain and suffering.. the matriarch ensures everyone dies from the pain and suffering...

the family have been used as the depopulation agenda.. family and porn is the depopulation agenda..

it always has been..

What happens when you have Society full of boys or mostly boys. You have human extinction and a population crisis

China is going through a population crisis and the world Factory are also compromised which means you better scale down your consumption because you won't have access to cheap Chinese Goods anymore in the future.

And yeah summer is f****** brutal because the heat is astronomical and the oceans are heating up and hurricanes are going to be far more destructive that's why the tornadoes are so easily developed in a high climate change so those of you who are climate change deniers and think that oh a heat wave is just summer.

You are part of the problem you are a part of the biggest problem out there which is denying what's right in front of your face

And then of course you have the choice to put your family in harm's way by saying oh it's not hot

Like f****** hell it is not

it is f****** hot shut up

go ahead go out there and suffocate and die and be dehydrated

that's what these grandmothers and mothers do to their poor children force them into high heat and then say there's no such things climate change Or heat

it's just summer.. yeah summer can be enhanced. Like aggressively enhanced so shut up

biodiversity is the virus, every human animal and plant and ALL LIFE, are viruses..

they are antigen causing the receiver to convert into antibodies to be protection and then cast out of the immune system, not be a "prisoner" of war...

all antigen converts to antibodies and based upon the bio diversified receiver those antibodies can and will be EXTREMELY INFLUENTIAL AND DEADLY relative to the climate and how fast the antibodies replicate..

climate change has made every living thing and microbes extremely deadly, predatory and highly influential, which is why you are observing turbo cancers and died suddenly in the population.

When humans have large families, they are holding prisoner the antibodies that should have been released during immune system activation and now are facing their own demons and "curses" they decided to cultivate ...

isn't that insane????

so, every single time you commune with large groups of people, have sex with multiple of strangers, go to concerts, attend large gatherings, you are cultivating and metastasizing life that will one day wake up and be the "demon" and the "curse" you will eventually contend with and fight to the death with..

every single pain I have experienced is a person and people I have hung out with, partied with, traveled with and even had sex with and now it is hell, time to pay the piper...

I am pain/paying penance for all types of exposures I did not know would ever come up and rear its "ugly" head..

that is what America's greatest experiment was and is.. America, the melting pot of diversity and letting people microbially and "physically" fight to the death to see who the ultimate survivor will be..


all of us are representation of some "demon" virus the host had to be forced to deal with and bear the evidence..

hell is when the earth becomes so hot teaming with life people do not survive thermodynamics.. they fall apart.. no different than a man/woman/non binary finally must face their body full of viruses from their past and present lifestyle and even their children are representation of the strongest sperm/virus/antibody swimming at the time..

why do you think Charles Manson was so pissed at the sharon tates of the world.. he knew what the hot women were used for.. and he knew what the children represented.. and wow... wow.. wow..

So that's why we're in climate change because the system let life become so out of control that we have to defend ourselves against children and other humans who were bred to be killers and destroyers

And that's why the Georgia Guidestones exist so we can guide reproduction carefully so we don't reproduce a child and a family who wants to destroy people because they look different or act different or try to introduce a new thought process. Intolerant people destroy Evolution and innovation

Now go look at the hospital medical holistic industry intolerant people destroying their own Evolution and innovation through the cures market and the operations and all the oncology. And I'm not pointing out anyone specific because if you look at your Facebook almost everyone if not everyone has and will take part in the medical holistic industry at some point because they can't handle pain pennants or PAYING PENNANCE for their lifestyle and belief system

I've been paying pennance for the last 7 years and it's brutal.

It's very f****** brutal

Now Imagine This. Every single time you get a virus that causes some kind of disease that you have to go and get a medication for and it's torturing you. The virus is torturing you. Imagine it turns into a child. That virus turns into a child. That's what children are that's who we all are. WE ARE A conglomeration of pain and suffering our parents went through during conception and a compilation of everything we were exposed to in our environment

And then every single time a genetic line procreates and has a child, the MOST influential virus took over the offspring and became so aggressive and so intense and so dynamic it even has problems keeping itself intact alive and relatively balanced. The offspring also become extremely biased and tunneled and sometimes deadly.

That's why it will be difficult for children who have been procreated on so much at the end of a long line of genetics to find that balance. And it's painful

Which is why you want your girls to find a way not to get attacked by the antibodies in society and find a way to release the demons within and build up substance and balance because if she has a child, that child will be representation of all the antibodies that ever possessed her and now all of that will be in one person and oh my gosh what are we releasing on to the population

Whenever you either inherit a virus from your parents or genetic line or you catch a virus but it hasn't triggered yet eventually it will trigger at some point. Because it has to. If you've been exposed to it or if you inherited it it will eventually surface

Oh my gosh I understand now what it's like to have either a continuous neuropathy or a type of fibromyalgia because this last trigger of the flirt variant woke up a few beasts within and holy s***

And sometimes these viruses when they wake up they coagulate at the back of your neck and they could be like a Cushing syndrome storing and distributing the virus to then go and Gene edit the person's immune system

If you can handle the gene edits then you could potentially survive every single virus and every person you ever or exposed to in contact with or hung out with. And yeah it's a painful process because your immune system has to go through and exchange one Gene for another and it's a progressive process and it's painful and you have to sleep and you have to eat and you have to feel pain and yeah suffer and sleep oh my gosh you have to sleep

The dreams are awesome when they're not aggressive

And you literally have to release those demons from your upper and your lower immune system and that right there is Paramount because during any kind of growth and development it can't be holding on to so much that you metastasize the Enemy Within

Every culture has been used as a tool and a scapegoat as a Satan and a savior and every culture will keep taking turns to be the new Satan or savior to whatever situation the system needs to use as a change agent

That's why I urge you not to hate a person place or thing or even a culture or a country because everybody is being used to be an enemy or a savior and they are interchangeable to scale down the human race. That's why you have to walk away from their War because you won't win when you've already declared you're the Savior to a Satan and vice versa.

I know, I'm not happy with death and destruction of innocent people and even people in my world don't think I say anything worth of value and don't even take me seriously. And I don't know what it would look like for someone to take me seriously. That's another logical fallacy that there is a way to take me seriously.

There is no way to take me seriously. It's either you understand or you don't. You either agree or you don't.

So there you go

I mean you can imagine what I feel like when I know all this s*** is going down and people in my world don't even take me seriously. Or in other words, they don't agree with me

People that know me personally don't take me seriously, or they don't agree with me

So I know how angry you are at whatever country is attacking women and children and innocent people and whatever. I'm angry too at the system and at everybody who takes part in the system doing things that I don't agree with and they can say the same thing about me.

But when I look out there in the world and I am like a person watching a horror movie, trying to tell people, "Don't go in the basement, don't do this, don't do that",

and of course when you're watching a movie, the actors are playing a part ...

they don't hear what you're saying.

They "don't know" that they're going to end up being chopped up by the Chainsaw Massacre.

And you saying watch out don't go down there is not going to help anyone or anything.

Either the movie script will save them or the movie script will have them get all chopped up and sawed up from the Chainsaw Massacre.

Everyone has been given a script and they're playing a part and you can't stop the part they're playing because they were given this role and they're acting it out and they're getting paid very well for it. Your friends and family are getting paid very well for whatever they're doing or not doing

So all any of us can do is just sit back and watch this movie, this train wreck of a movie that WE have no control over and that's the most maddening of all.

So don't think I don't know what you're feeling because I do. I've been feeling suffering every single f****** day for the last 20 f****** years..

And the suffering will not end until people who are suffering, die and the activism is over and the climate changes again.

And no matter what I say or don't say people are going to either dismiss me or they might cock their ears and potentially attempt to understand where I'm coming from.

That's why I just say what I say because no matter what I'm going to be hated by those who don't understand or I'll just be entertainment to those who have nothing else going on but to watch my videos and laugh at me.

And so I'd rather just speak the 100% blunt truth regardless of how hurtful it is to people who think that I'm talking about them because I'm not.

You are one of many clones out there with the same culture and lifestyle and belief system and I just hope somebody f****** gets it.

That's it..

I'm not saying this is true or not true but another argument to consider and not something to say it's true or not true I'm just putting it out there. Because there's a whole lot more we don't know

I just know that thermodynamics is when you can convert energy into whatever you want as well as convert ideas and thought processes. You can convert something into something but never out of nothing. Nothing never came from nothing it always came from something. Now you have to support whatever you're converting correctly so it stays relatively stable until it's time to change.

The system always hidden everything in plain sight. You just had to decode the words the formulas even the chemistry and learn everything from Square One.

Even learn the specific programming of the day and understand it and not resist it and then you would get the privilege to develop another argument that would be based upon the basics that you would have studied if you took time to study it.

Just simply believing as a statement with nothing to back it up is like saying pigs could fly because pigs could fly. We have enough logical fallacies in our universe we don't need another one.

If you want to prove that pigs could fly then first of all we need to see the science and we need to see the actual evidence without putting them in an airplane and flying them on a plane from point A to B. I want to see f****** Wings on a pig and I want to see an atmosphere that can hold a flying pig.

If you can't see the actual proof in the evidence then provide a space and a science that would support the theoretical statement that something could exist if all of these conditions were met.

And it would help if you took the formulas that were given to us as a basis and then reverse them or convert them to another reality that is repeatable

If you want to prove a geocentric model then reverse everything Kepler proved and even the formulas and I'm not sure how you would explain all the different planets but maybe one different solar systems have different shapes and sizes. I couldn't tell you what's in the sky and what I'm seeing what I'm looking through a telescope. I mean yes I see round objects and I see twinkling stars. But there's something in the language that's cluing us in there are other possibilities other than what we've been told and taught to keep the order of humans during this time of their existence..

And then as far as NASA or what someone would say is never a straight answer well I don't know how we could disprove and argue with all the different astrophysicist and those who do own powerful telescopes in the sky and what is it are we looking at and where are we looking at and what are we looking at. It's kind of crazy all of this but I'm not saying anything is true or not true I just know that physics has a lot more arguments than the binary arguments we've been given..

And maybe our atmosphere and Humanity must change the lens of which we are looking through attached to a very specific storyline

When it comes to the sexes yes there are extremes and then there are genome that can hold both sexes within to give an even playing field and you know you're going to have to figure out how much your can tolerate..

Human DNA especially through biotech can be recycled on some level and then also enhanced and even develop certain types of clones like anything is possible. Physics and biology makes anything possible if the environment can hold life and support the stability of that type of life that is programmed in a specific way nature and nurture. And I wouldn't say anyone is evil or the devil or horrible. I would never condemn anyone to be less than human.

I just know the world is not what we think because we were given a certain way of looking at the world to give us order but then from that chaos that were experiencing right now another order will be developing and I hope you have a tolerance going through the transition because all of us are going through a transition

And I'm not pointing my fingers at any specific country and saying any specific culture is responsible for the changes that are going on but I know people and some countries are used as a tool just like America used as a tool maybe Israel is used as a tool to develop the changes in our society and so someone can blame and demonize and then we can root out all the intolerant people but again I'm just a product of my environment and everyone deserves to have a voice and you deserve to see and hear another voice but it doesn't mean you hurt anyone or troll anyone. Just consider all information

Woman becomes world's oldest mother at 63 or three she has a boy

An antibody


plane t earth

round vs flat is like satan vs saviour


if you are smart enough to reverse all the formulas relative to a round earth orbiting the sun, you can prove flat earth...

for all the flat earthers

i got you. meaning, i hear your argument

plane t





a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it would wholly lie:

"the horizontal plane"


flat surfacelevel surfacethe flathorizontal


a level of existence, thought, or development:

"everything is connected on the spiritual plane"

Whether you call our planet the Earth, the world or a terrestrial body, all of these names have an origin story deep in history.

Like many names of solar system objects, Earth's original namer is long lost to history. But linguistics provide a few clues. Ertha is an approximate spelling for "the ground" (meaning, the ground upon which we stand)


The pandemic and climate change will end when all of the suffering and activism ends..

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