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Life is Precious

Imagine if you were jesus or Any religious or spiritual figure looking at history and all of your children..

Look at what he is collecting....

Then in your short life.. How many souls are on your wall..

Everything is relative.. It's not right producing life and have an absolute no interest in keeping it alive.. When it's so easy to destroy things.. Because it's too hard to keep it alive.. Because you're too distracted.. Too busy.. No respect for life.

This is what I see all over facebook.. People collecting souls.. And celebrating collecting souls.

Now you see my pain.. Now you see why I do not like religion or spirituality.. Or politics or the science religion dogmas.. Accepting death.. And can't wait to die.. And take everyone down with you..

I see the catacombs..

Now you see why they want to guide reproduction carefully.. Now you see, why is so painful watching people try to save things they have absolutely no intention to really save.. They're just selling life.. And capitalizing on people's emotions.. That's the commodification of animals and humans and children.. And you accept that

When you finally face your humanity.. It's fucking brutal.. Now you see my pain.

Animals and children and humans are not made to be somebody else's plaything..

I respect animal so much. They belong in the wild.. To be free. And given food in a different way..

Like those groundhogs who get to raid the farmers garden.. The farmer just made the food available.. But he didn't control the animal..

That's the ultimate humanity.. When you're not enslaving your children and your friends and your animals.

Below is a picture of your religion.. Your science dogmas.. And a picture of your politics..

That's why I have no friends.. Only acquaintances and a business respect love relationship with my husband.. I have very safe acquaintances.. And have other acquaintances that still believe in the commodification of life..

But friends are deadly.. Because they will destroy you because you let them.. Because both of you are desperate to feed off each other..

I'm okay being an island unto myself..

Because this information is too fucking powerful for most people.. Who are a slave to their image.

That's why I have no connection with my vietnamese heritage.. The old land is full of traditions.. And the vietnamese population here are too worried about social capital and the american dream.. Feeding off children.. And feeding off their friends.. Destroying their body..

So I am unto myself.. Just like I was when I was a kid..

When you show people who they are what they advocate and teach..

the reflection is appalling...

When you get to be the mirror.. it is not for the faint of heart..

I did NOT invent surgeries or antibiotics or starvation... I am against the destruction of life..

so instead of resisting me, take a look in the mirror..

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