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Life may be short for you but it's long for me..

Georgia Guidestones

Maintain humanity under five hundred million.. In in perpetual balance with nature..

Five hundred million future population divided by seven continents

Equals approximately seventy one million four hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred seventy one Humans in each continent..

For scale.. Right now there's about thirty nine million people in california..

Which means the continent of north america will be populated a little bit less than double the size of the california population..

Life may be short for you but it's long for me..

Life may be long for me and short for you..

We project what we identify with.. And then we bring in believers..

And we try to convert them or we keep reinforcing our intentions..

Life could be long for you.. But you keep saying it's short for you..

People speak their own destruction or inception..

I will never say life is short for me and long for you..

Why would I short change myself..

If you think life is short.. You will cast spells on the people who follow you.. And make their life short.. Because they don't know any better but to believe what you say..

If I think life is long.. I will cast a spell on the people who follow me.. And make their life long..

Because they know better,

they were told life was short by someone they trusted and now they're given a choice..

If we're going to cast spells on people.. Make sure that it's the kind of spell you would want someone to cast on you.. I would never want anyone to tell me that my life is short.. that I should and deserve to die.. And I don't care if they dress it up with happiness..

Death isn't happiness.. Unless you are under the influence.


I will continue to say your life is long and you deserve to live.. Even if you resist me and hate me for it..

If you truly believe life is short.. I will never get in the way of you destroying your followers and countering you..

Everything was meant to be the way it is..

I won't get in the way of your food source.. If you choose to drop seeds of hope for the future..

You'll drop the seeds..

If you don't want people to be exposed to new information.. It's because you're feeding on them..

I won't starve you.. Happy feeding..


If I (vac/cines) bring out the worst/(disease) in you.. Enough for you to hate me but still be attracted to me.. It means you have too much hate in you.. And like attracts like.. You see so much of yourself in me. You can't help but be attracted to that part of me that brings up the hate in you.. I could be just walking.. And I would trigger hate in you.. Because you hold the hate within..

Some of You don't like me because I have mentioned something about your politics your religion or your science.. Your occupation.. Your lifestyle your belief systems.. Since there is no separation between you and those belief systems.. anyone questioning it, triggers somebody potentially trying to take it away because of how addicted you are to those thought processes.. The fear of abandonment, the fear of scarcity, the fear of aloneness.

When someone mentions pain is necessary.. And you've been told your whole life that pain means you're going to die.. Anyone who embraces pain and faces it.. triggers the fear of death in you.. Some people are so full of pain that they can't handle anyone embracing it.. Because they couldn't embrace it themselves..

Some of you bring out love in me.. Some of you I get such a great feeling from.. But I also don't want the love to be excessively all over me and you're not excessive but when I get attracted to you and your Facebook. It's because you bring out that in me.. Some of you are all about love love but you keep it to your world.. Sometimes i'm attracted to that.. Sometimes i'm not..

Some of you hate the government so much.. I have to unfollow.. Because I can't let hate and fear rule my world..

Some of you bring out the rebellious anxiety p***** offness.. And I laugh with you.. And I can relate to your dark sense of humor.. I can relate to the humor around all the stuff going on..

Some of you bring out the youth and creativity in me.. And so I appreciate what you offer.

And I thank you for it

The twelve different personalities in me and all the different traumatic experiences as well as intellectual experiences... Recognizes every single personality in you..

The trauma in me.. recognizes the trauma in you if all you are is trauma, angst, and bitter about your ex and in laws and people who you are still in entanglements with.. When you haven't let go of all that trauma from the past and it comes out on your facebook daily.. Your complaints about your ex husband your ex wife your child your husband.... Then I have to unfollow.. Because you're so traumatized it will bleed all over into my world.. I don't want to take on anyone's trauma..

I released those demons a long time ago..

So now I know why people like me and hate me and why people will accept my friend request or not.. And why I won't friend request some people..if they friend request me, ill consider it..

I understand myself and the world I live in..

If you want to see who people are.. Look at their friends list.. Some people are so homogenized they will not allow any new diversity in their life.. Some people are so diverse they don't know who they are.... We don't know who they are..

You are the government.. I am the government..

You hate the government.. You hate aspects of yourself..

When you are intolerant to certain things.. It means you have so much of it in you that anything more would make you feel overwhelmed..

Just like when you have too much garlic in your system your body can't handle anymore and you start pooping..releasing the demons, spouting off..

Check your intolerances because it means you hold that within.. And you are scared that it might come out..and when it does come out, is it a painful release of the messages verbalized and articulated?

Have a good day...

Too much diversity people are unsettled.. Not enough diversity people are clones..

Homogenize your evolutuion so you can save yourself.. your genes..

Homogenized evolutions are open systemic changes so death is not immediate or even in the future called natural causes.. What is homogenization in evolution? Biotic homogenization, the gradual replacement of native biotas by locally expanding non-natives, is a global process that diminishes floral and faunal distinctions among regions. Although patterns of homogenization have been well studied, their specific ecological and evolutionary consequences remain unexplored. Ecological and evolutionary consequences of biotic ... - PubMed

When you google the future of your economy in twenty fifty/2050.. Better make sure you can handle all the natural disasters that are prone to your area..

If you are in coastal regions and or near bodies of water that could be prone to algae growth, sea level rises.. If you are near volcanoes and earthquakes tsunami's and all that.. Just because it says that in the future by twenty fifty the area will booming that's assuming you can survive everything between now and twenty fifty..

In ohio.. The worst will be flooding from the rivers if they make it to my part.. Tornadoes.. Blizzards Potential drought..

I can't see a tsunami unless a huge meteor made it past hour g p s systems and couldn't be knocked out by a nuclear warhead..

I would not look to the future as what they project will be a booming economy as a reason to move to or stay in because we're in a reconfiguration..

I would look at if you could you survive any natural disaster today in your area.. Could you survive economic disaster.. Could you survive another pandemic in your area..

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