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Little Nikita and Long Kiss Goodnight

Little nikita.. Long kiss good night.

Scientists who developed those experiments with me.. Everything worked.. Your experiments worked. And i'm giving you the outcome of what you did even back in the eighties ..

You found the type of human you want in the future. Drug free. Alcohol free. Peaceful. Personally accountable. Evolutionary. Innovative. Vocal. Tolerant

Who also does not put emphasis on family.. But on her own or his own balance of body mind and spirit. And let the state develop the humans they want in the future..

Good job scientists

Around the age of fifty the system knows if the experiments worked or not .

You have the chance to save yourself..

It is not a coincidence that around fifty your programming starts glitching.. It's not a coincidence many of you are suffering.

You have a chance to release those demons.. If you understand where i'm coming from. At the eleventh hour people are doing hail marys.. I'm not the one to be your last hail mary..

If you've been treated so much by the holistic system and the medical system.. And you're in so much pain right now .

And I don't know what kind of nutrition you have access to..

I'm not the one.. I can't be the one.. You're not ready..

People think they're ready for my protocol at the eleventh hour.. They think they're ready to face the pain.. What kind of food do they have access to.. What kind of demons will rear up during this time..

If your doctor is not on board especially if your under a doctor's care.. This is not for you.

Some people, unfortunately, will wait to the last minute before they even see what they did for the last twenty years of their life.. And it will be too late.

So some of you are enjoying your youth and vitality right now . But if you are trying to escape pain through drugs, prescription drugs and over the counter, drugs and diets.. And using herbalists all the time..

This is the groundwork you are laying out for your future.. This is a suffering you will be facing.. If you even survive your diagnosis.

Everyone is a mirror..

Take a look sometime.

This is your future.. Your parents are a mirror of your future.. That's where you will end up..

And some of you are too blind to see that. Greetings Ms. Epperly,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm **** and I'm writing to seek your advice on something important. I recently heard about Jilly Juice and its potential health benefits. Unfortunately, I've been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I'm wondering if you could share any insights on whether Jilly Juice might have a positive effect on my condition.

Your expertise would mean a lot to me, and I understand you have a busy schedule. Even a simple "yes" or "no" would be incredibly helpful.

You could make a real difference, Ms. Epperly. I sincerely hope you'll consider my request.

Thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

I said That's a really hard question to answer. Because the j world is not just targeting a specific situation. If you want a specific target situation to be relieved of suffering, you have to ask your doctor. They have a very targeted approach..

My world it's a global approach to your body mind and spirit. It won't just have to release those demons in your colon causing you colon issues and cancer.. My method in my book tells you how to release those demons systematically.. But every other issue in your body mind and spirit will come to surface . Not only do you have to feed it all food.. But you also have to deal with every single issue you have.

You're not prepared for that until you read my book and understand you will have to deal with so much pain in suffering. Even with your colon issue.. I suggest to get my book read it.. talk to your doctor about facing the pain. He knows what you have to deal with. He or she knows how much pain you will be in. And some people are too far gone. They won't be able to handle the pain.. Because you also have to eat.. Rest.. It took me seven years to kick out all the different cancer triggers and demons.. Go to my website. Watch my videos on my facebook page.. Youtube. Read my book. I can't tell you if you should go with pain or not.

That's something you and your doctor have to discuss. Also your family because they will have to watch you suffer.. Many many people are not prepared to suffer to live.

That's all I could tell you. I don't have the answer for you. I have the answer for me .. You will have to determine if my answer is your answer as well.. Talk to your doctor.

His response Greetings Ms. Epperly,

I talked to a gastroenterologist about it, and he's pretty worried. He thinks the stuff about the demons is a "load of pseudoscientific nonsense" but is willing to prescribe me morphine for my extreme pain. Unfortunately, chemo is costing me a small fortune, and I was wondering if your methods could work instead. I am ready for any issue that may arise.

Since you know a lot about the Juice and the J world (I still don't know what that is, what do you think? Again, Your advice would be super helpful.

Warm Regards,

I said I can't be any more help to you because your doctor is not on board. And you have to be the one to read my information and make that choice for yourself

I can't make it for you.

I really wish you good luck.

My analysis That's where it will end..

The choice will be his and his doctors approval.. I have eloquently seen myself out of that situation..


It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye literally from disease. And I also mean that facetiously tongue in cheek..

It's all fun until it's not.. It's all blame until there's no one to blame when you're sitting in the darkness in pain in hospice on morphine.

When you're sitting in the darkness facing who you are.. And you are praying to whatever god to give you some kind of relief..

That's when the rubber meets the road..

People don't survive this..

It's too late. Mistakes made in evolution and revolution..

In the course for preparing for armed struggle in the late 1969, we began mistaking friends for enemies..

We applied the strictest standards of willingness to risk everything to comrades and allies, as well as the real opportunist who represented the politics of retreat..

We attacked those who could could not come along the whole way, sometimes it's just because they were not ready to support everything we said and did.

We did not learn from meaningful criticism from comrades.. Now look at who you are around and who you are opposing and demonizing..

If you have a revolution.. It's your revolution . The power of being alone.. No one's in your ear whispering to you.. No one's making choices for you.. No one is giving their opinion on what you should do or not to.. No one is giving you eyes and making comments about your choices. You have no one to blame but yourself. You're not leaning on people who are taking advantage of you.. You have power and freedom to change your mind and or relapse if that needs to happen. No one is shaming you.. No one is telling you good job.. Because relative to what it is they are shaming you or telling you good job could be your undoing..

When you're on your own.. You are free from the shackles of validation.. The shackles of shame.. The shackles of addicting lifestyle..

And now you have the freedom to save yourself..

Because your friends and family do not want to save you.. They can't.. They have no power to do that..

When you embark on a journey of saving yourself and you have been treated so much by the medical and the holistic system.. Now you have to beg the medical system to support you in the journey of becoming whole again.. And if you don't have the resources for that support, and they don't have the resources for that support..

You're up shit's creek.. You don't know what to expect.. Not anymore for meeeee

When I had all those rashes under my armpits.. And all that liquid coming out over the last three years.. The feelings of pain of my lymph nodes opening releasing those demons.. Or antigen antibody.. i basically side stepped lymphoma.

I released all the cancer triggers.. Homeless and the cartels..

When you want to be rid of what somebody call undesirable especially around drugs and homelessness.. redundancy and hmm

Crowd everybody together..

Remember fires.. Floods.. fissures fema pharma

Hmm.. Now you see why I understand the world I live in.. It's not what you think.. I have a very healthy amount of respect and fear for what we're going into.. I know what is going on..

I knew a long time ago.. It was a matter of getting it out. Some people pride themselves not telling you INCLEMENT WEATHER until the last minute because they're too afraid to scare you. I ain't afraid to scare you..

Better to be scared and aware and prepare.. Then to be told at the last minute and be unprepared and suffer. And potentially not survive..

You see the main issue with those who died in these fires in maui was because nobody warned them.

And so absolutely .. People already don't like me so I could give a fuck if you like what I do or not. I don't look for likes loves or even atta boys.

It's very disingenuous to say. I don't want to scare you. Because I want to make sure i'm a hundred percent correct before I tell you anything..Please. Right there you're fishing for shit. And you're so looking to be liked

I understand not yelling fire in a theater unless it really is a fire.. You don't want to cause a panic and devastation to people..

But when it comes the weather.. Yeah you better ring the fucking bells. Fire fissures floods and fema ain't no fucking joke. You don't want to know the last fucking minute..

You want to know as early as possible the potential of major devastation.. And I mean major..

And the upside is early information is like insurance.. It's better to have it than not need it than need it and not have it.

Get it.

Even if nothing happens.. You know in this world in this new world anything is fucking possible.

Am I giving them ideas..

No.. I see the strategy.

Everybody has fears.. Everybody tries to predict what's going to happen next..

Why don't you figure out what the configuration of the future map of the u s and find a way to move from the places that are the most exposed to Is fire floods and fema..

As far as smart cities.. And the depopulation from that..

Figure out your area.. I wouldn't want to be in any homeless area.. I wouldn't want to be in any retired area..

I would want to be around middle class people..

Not so much upper middle class.. Because even then they are expendable.. Is there a lot of redundancy in some areas. Are you getting rich off the stock market.. Is that why you have a million dollar house..

The system wants everybody equally relatively middle class.. I wouldn't even say poor.. That means different things to different people..

Maybe be rich enough to be extremely healthy and mobile.. And poor enough not to own so much bullshit..

You are pliable adaptable.. And you're not weighed down..

And if you have an american passport.. Get out of the 3rd world countries..

If you are an expat.. You might be going down the ship with everybody else.. Go back to the first world and find the safest place to be.. But if you think you're not gonna survive anyways because of health issues.. Stay where you are.. Hugs to you..

Vacation destinations may be the thing of the past.. If you are living in vacation destinations.. Climate change is going to kick people's asses.. Especially in 3rd world countries.. Of course especially in florida. And all coastal regions.. Like california.. Oregon washington..

The writing is on the wall.. You gotta realize that they want to engineer bodies and brains and minds..

A lot of bio engineering..

In my world.. Just take on any kind of programming that's in your environment.. I don't use the medical holistic system.. I stay away from all that.. But I will adapt to my conditions. Whatever that looks like.

If I happened to be bald in twenty years.. With spots and a conehead.. So be it fear can keep you in line fear can also destroy

understand the strategy of fear..

The system already showed you the power with the outcome of maui.. burning man.. And now this hurricane..

The system wants you know they have the power..

Who are you going to be..

What will you be..

And if you are so literally dead set in resisting the system and everything else..

Fires.. Floods.. Fissures.. Fema and last of all.. Pharmaceuticals..!!

This system has a plan for everyone if you cannot change.

Don't be mad at me.. I was trying to give you guys a way out of dying, but yall had to face the pain.. And eat all food including milk..

And it's not my fault.. But many of you have demonized me.. And now we are facing everything.. And I don't guarantee I will live through all of this.. But I definitely will not die from natural causes or a tsunami. I can't rule out tornadoes..

So I am being the best person I can be..

I've come to terms with how people view me.. And at this point it doesn't matter..

We all will be dealing with our own personal judgment day.. No one should be putting their hands on anyone else.. unless the government says so.. And gives you permission to put your hands on somebody.. just remember: the stronger the evolution/symptoms, the stronger the antibiotics.. the system has a plan for everyone resisting evolution..

if you are in a 3rd world with no access to the internet, really or first world ideas.. you will think it is the second coming of christ and your home is washed away along with your family and community. When you're hit with a pyroclastic flow or fumes from an aggressive Volcano. Not too far from your village. Maybe it's time to get out of mexico.. I would not want to be in a third world country during this great reset.. Because the people around you are expendable.. Unless they make their way into the united states.. And become a contributing member of society ..

People have issues with immigrants.. But the immigrants want the american dream.. You want to defend your ancestors laying the groundwork.. As you are taking advantage of what your ancestors did for your family as far as work and building america.. Well you plan to die someday.. So the immigrants are taking advantage of what groundwork you laid. You don't own the american dream because you've been here longer.. The groundwork was laid for you.. You are laying the groundwork for them.

If immigrants make it up here.. And some could be criminals.. Others are legitimately wanting to make a better life for themselves in the world.

And if you run away to mexico because you think america is being destroyed.. What kind of patriot are you.. Why would you leave your countrymen behind.. You will get sacrificed..

If you are in the first world, fires, fissures, floods, fema, and pharmacia will be the things that will do you in.. aggressive oncology and religion..

later on, another scale down in the smart cities..when they do finally get you in smaller areas, easily controlled and watching you..

time to reflect this next 7 years..

time to reflect..

this is a warning of what is to come.. not trying to scare you.. but the writing is on the wall..

you see what the system wants.. are you it? the key thing is to know when you have been outsmarted by a system which has been around a whole lot longer than you.. and they gave you and your family all the belief systems you have and they can also take them away, as well..

if you cannot even fathom that notion.. you will be traumatized.. from all the denial..

I figured it out pretty quickly this last year... very very quickly.. It is NOT Biden I am referring to.. he is just a figurehead.. it is who is holding up biden is who YOU need to worry about.. and it will be interesting to see what happens to Donald j trump.

the world is not what you think.. To put a comment on a Youtube video, you have to have a Google+ account and a channel. This means that unless you create a whole new G+ account and a whole new channel just so you can post one comment, you can't be anon.

i understand drawing out the for/against.. i am aware i am in a conditioning process and the system is gauging how receptive people are or are not to my info..

My gut knows.. it is clear..

And I have no problem with the system guaging the receptiveness of my society..

If the system has to take devil's advocate to measure anything.. The system will do that . And they will analyze those who resist my information.. Because everything you do when you press like or unlike somebody knows who you are..

They know when you watch my information or not.. They know when you google me or not..

The system knows who you are and they know your belief systems.. They know where you live.. They know what you think what you believe..

So they're just collecting data.

To figure out how to develop society and where they're going to put people ... So if you are in a world full of a bunch of resistors.. And you're in a smart city of resistors.. Intolerant people doing so many drugs.. The system the system.. The system..

And if you want to show your cards that you think i'm stupid because i'm trying to introduce change and tolerance.. You will act out your intolerances..

The sysyem knows who you are..

And who's to say you won't be around like minded people who are intolerant in your own commune or smart city.. And you won't change..all Of a sudden


At this point anything goes..

The system sees you..

I don't care what you do.. I'm not trying to hurt you.. The system is not trying to hurt you..

But they're tired of the bullshit.. I'm tired of the bullshit.

Be very careful anyone leading you into homogenization.. You could be set up to fail.

By the way.. There is one negative comment by an anonymous user.. Who is completely the opposite of the other anonymous user.. And it's about fifty fifty..

Five or six people like the negative comment about me .

Five or six people liked the positive comment about me..

And the system knows who you are..

You just showed your cards..

That's how easy it is to gather information.. Just get people to react in one way or the other or not react . They know what you don't say.. They know what you've seen and they know what you don't say. And obviously they know what you do say.

your reaction is their power.. Your non reaction is their power..

Your lifestyle is their power..

Your belief system is their power..

Do you have the ability to change.. Is your power. children will either be a clone of their parents and DIE SOMEDAY IN A RELIGION

OR they will be a clone of the system which has been around ever since 6k years ago..

what odds do you want for YOUR child.. dying like YOU did mom and dad from cancer and disease or do you want to give them half a chance and let them EVOLVE??

IF i had a kid, i would want them to be a clone of the system which has been around since 1776 and take on the evolution of the J world and live, if not, indefinitely, and NOT in resistance or someone's sex toy. I will say this.. If you think the system is trying to destroy you.. It's a self fulfilling prophecy you will destroy yourself . Therefore you are correct.

I'm giving you a different way out without curing anything in you.. Get off the jj.. Feel the pain pull out the shit. Eat all food.

It doesn't matter how much proof that the system is trying to destroy you when you've already accepted the destruction of yourself.

And so you are participating in circular reasoning.. You are the proof the systems destroying you because you are the system destroying yourself. And the system won't get in the way of that

Because that's your intention.

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