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Liver Functions and Climate Changes

Your liver is what filters out anything that is excessive.. If you have a closed system your liver is also not working at its ultimate capacity.. And so your body will hold on to things in the liver.. Liver disease is when the body is not able to release at the level it needs to and so it holds on to toxins..

When you hold on to so many lymphocytes from the body producing antibodies to protect you this is also why you also get lymphoma..

I'm telling you, you have to understand your alimentary canal because that is the key to everything .

Hepatitis a and B and other diseases of the liver come from damaged Hydra and the excessive elements it tries to filter out from the body..

How harmful is vinyl chloride?

Vinyl chloride exposure is associated with an increased risk of a rare form of liver cancer (hepatic angiosarcoma), as well as primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), brain and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia. Nov 3, 2022

If the EPA and the CDC says the water is safe to drink and shower in, most likely it's true.. There will always be a segment of the population who will be intolerant to change.. I wouldn't compare yourself to someone who is sickly..

You need to strengthen your system to deal with climate change..

The issue is those who are already over capacity.. And it doesn't matter on which end.. They will have a hard time filtering out those excessive elements in their environment.. That's why you must understand the release process..

It's one thing to have enough substance to deal with energy conversion but if you're not releasing at the level you need to save your liver and other organs that could be a recipe for disaster.. Especially if you get exposure to excessive elements..

The more you can poop organically.. The better off you are.. Organically mean you're not always using excessive elements to make you poop.. You're using your muscles and fingers internally and externally to help your system release..

Those who must turn to excessive elements even the Jilly Juice to poop will cure themselves and those offending proteins inside the body and so then it would be pointless..

In my opinion the bigger you are and the more you are pooping the better off you'll be.. In my opinion the more you're pooping while you're sick the better off you will be..

There is something to release the demons in all the different ways your body has the opportunity to.. In climate change you must have an open system or you will be over capacity..

Note: Any kind of detoxes will age you aggressively, and you'll develop more demons to get stuck in your colon and liver..

Any kind of excessive organ stimulation using aggressive elements by mouth/inj3ction ensures you don't use that organ properly in the future because you don't know how.. Your bodily literally will forget how to use it in the scheme of the whole picture.. Then you become dependent on it because your body will think that that's what it needs..

Eventually since you can't produce the energy and the cells on your own it will stop working.. Even the body will get antibiotic resistance. Causing the person to turn to a different organ stimulant..

In reality the holistic world is not holistic/whole istic, it still compartmentalizes everything and treats them/organs and systems as if they're separate..

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