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Living in 5 Minutes to Midnight

Living in 5 Minutes to Midnight

The Big Event all of us in the conspiracy world is waiting for and expecting has happened, been happening and ONE big event or several ONE big events will also happen and by that time, it will be too late for those expecting something bigger..

Your illnesses and climate change and even economical changes in your area are the BIG EVENTS people like us in the conspiracy world are talking about.. but you were given a story to explain it away thus waiting for the next BIGGER EVENT...UNTIL DONE.

some people's big events happened 20 years ago when they first were diagnosed so not aware there are even bigger events waiting like an understudy waiting to experience their debut..

oh, it will happen, that big event will happen and many are waiting for it, watching it happen and still will never move away from the inevitable..


WHICH IS WHY I LIVE IN OHIO. NOT CALIFORNIA.. And what I won't move to the coast because i'm not trying to drown from climate change.

Climate change exists regardless if you think it's fake or contrived or a pattern..

Radicalized people will have an argument between whether it's organic or synthetic. But not realize it's change you must survive..

And so some of these radicals won't even survive their own climate chang in their body , and they're just in super nova.

It's not about who's right or wrong. This is about listening to indicators and saving yourself.. If it's even possible.

Choose your own adventure..

You can see things literally and live in that side of the universe..

Or you can see things allegorically and symbolically. And understand the world you live in and live on that side of the universe..

Or you can live in both worlds and enjoy the benefits of both.. And still protect yourself.

I had so many hives last night it was insane.. I was itching so much. And that's a type of boil when you think about it.. But i've already opened up my system so they weren't able to actually be boils.. But when I scratch i release energy.

We're heading into some dark times.. The environment is that aggressive.. We've been in dark times.. And it's gonna become darker

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