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Lord of the Rings of Wars of the Damaged Offspring

There's something to this

I thought I was going to read the whole article on social media. No I just went through a few paragraphs and now you can read it.

The Garden of Eden (Bible).. Another story around the amount of diversity before we became homogenized and programmed..

According to Tolkien, there were indeed evil elves. Or at the very least, ones who did evil actions. One example of this is Fëanor and his sons. All of them swore an oath that meant they would not let anyone take the Silmarils from them.Dec 31, 2021

Are hobbits related to elves. No, they were not related to elves but a race unto themselves. Hobbits, also known as Halflings, were an ancient mortal race that lived in Middle-earth. Although their exact origins are unknown, they were initially found in the northern regions of Middle-earth and below the Vales of Anduin.

Why Releasing Damaged Cells In Your Body is Necessary_ What Kind of Offspring are You Developing

Why releasing damage cells in your body is necessary. What kind of offspring in your body as well as in society are you developing.. When a child is that damaged from so many factors.. It won't matter what you do.. Every extreme will turn them into a monster or cause them not survive the environment.. Everybody suffers.. I mean everybody within influence..

one thing I forgot.. when you stop spanking or hitting your kid, they will learn the hard way what society expects of them.. some will survive societal programming respect for the public, other kids will not.

if your child is that out of control causing someone else ask you to control your kid and you only know violence, any type of corporal punishment will make them a weapon, however, not spanking your out of control impudent child will leave them for Darwinism.. only the "strong" will survive.. but the environment and the parents could create monsters in their society, and NOT even know it..

so how will kids learn boundaries...parents must be more intellectual and find a way for that kid to release the demons causing them to act out.. and if the parents are compromised, so are the kids.. both will destroy each other and destroy the world around them and the govt will help them do it in a legal way..

it will be the blind leading the blind..

watch your friends with kids.. it will be extremely obvious because they post their children all over the internet.. Again I am not attacking anyone.. I'm just making observations. I used to be a child raised with corporal punishment and fear. And it almost destroyed me if I hadn't released those demons. The holistic system almost destroyed me. If I hadn't released those demons.

and you see the tactics parents promote or denigrate based upon their mommy and me groups..

remember, people's children do no wrong... don't tell them how to raise their kids.. ok...great..

i hope they are not weapons against life.. but if parents are weapons against life, so will their children..

just watch the professions their kids go into and watch how the parents handle diseases and symptoms..

all in plain sight..

when you finally see the world for what it is..


very grim

if kids and parents are not releasing the damage and "demons" in their immune system, then they are developing the demons in our society.. or the antibodies people must find ways to protect themselves from..

yes.. we need protections from out of control children who develop into out of control adults..

everything is connected... which is why the movies children of the corn, the bad seed, etc etc "demonize" children. because essentially, that is what they are when they undergo so much trauma in utero and/or from the medical/holistic system attacking their life and longevity and or taking food away from their own kids..

now, it is up to the parents to not only release their own damage and demons, but also attempt to show their offspring how to as well..

some will, some will not.. the system knows this.. which is why we are in climate change..

we know we cannot force anyone to evolve.. so the environment is the judge, jury and executioner.. and you have been given a choice..

and you chose.. live with it.. or die from it..

your choice.

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