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Love and Indulgence Develops Self Destructive Hitlers/ette Who Lead Their Followers Over the Cliff

Your friends and families are examples of why the system programming you to be this certain way.. So you saw why this system is doing what it's doing.. You're watching people suffer through the hell of their own family and choices..

Hitler was the savior and the devil.

The system sets you all up to fail. Because they know they can't control your lifestyle and belief systems.

And so they weaponize them by telling you how to raise children in a certain way.. And they also use peer pressure you into raising your kids in the way they see fit..

So now we have girls who are being brutalized by the men and getting pregnant, and the boys being held into slavery of raising and paying for all these children because his hormones were out of control.. Because he was sexualized at an early age..

You want to have a family.. The system will make it so full of hell and suffering.. That's how they're able to show you be careful what you wish were..

And that is the children who hold their parents hostage.. And the parents hold their children Hostage and no one's allowed to change.. Because the peer pressure is too much.. And then it's human sacrifice

they sacrifice each other for this system. To this system..

Hitler honored his father but loved his mother.. What if hitler honored both his mother and father would humanity be different..?

Love and indulgence is so destructive and dangerous. And I knew this.. Then you have the overindulgent father and brutal mother..

Any over indulgence by any parent leads to entitlement drug liquor addictions. You'll still see some kind of manipulation and domestic violence..

there are ways to be brutal that eventually will lead to innovation and survival. Only behavioral scientists understand that type of brutality that isn't as brutal as you think..

Because it's psychological..

Or somebody going down in flames.. Because the parents were so brutal with their own addictions and unresolved issues from childhood..

Yeah raising kids is no fucking picnic it's not a fad..

It's not something you encourage your kids to go into . Because then you're treating them like an animal like a pet like a farm animal. Only to be used to breed.. And that's it..

On the other hand you don't want to turn her into a prostitute or him into a prostitute or a courtesan.. Because sexual violence is all over the place.. Even in marriages..

It took me fifty years to figure this out.. And I have no children.. Because they would have stunted my evolution and growth.. And I would never be sovereign.. I would have to answer to them forever.. Because that's the culture.. You are a slave to your children until you die..

Because they will stalk you and terrorize you if you don't fit in their paradigm. And so will the community.. Because they will expect you to cater to your children forever.. Until you die. The system wants you to sacrifice yourself for your kids. So they sacrifice themselves when the time comes.

My mother was strong enough for me.. Because she built me.. She's fucking amazing.. I'm so glad I don't talk to her anymore.. Or have a relationship because that's what made me stronger. I respect you. Thank you mom..

Some people in the j world will be strong enough. Hopefully not to allow their kids to destroy them even as adults.,delay%20gratification%20as%20an%20adult These kids right now have seen so much violence with predisposed issues that the mothers are in danger of over indulging them and are in danger while holding them accountable

Because now kids are not supposed to be held accountable. Given that they have seen too much violence already..

And so parents are in danger because these kids are unpredictable.. And they have no choice but to kow tow if they survive their own children.

No matter how much love you think you're giving to these children.. No matter what you do..

They're going to be a little Hitler. And the world will regulate them and they may not survive.. The system will try to protect them and regulate them and give them chances.. But you know how the medical and the holistic system does their regulation..

That's why you don't want to encourage anyone to have kids nowadays. Because again nowadays kids are a lot more dangerous and unpredictable..

And so that's why you just do your best.. And if you released your demon's mom and dad or in the process and you're not so aggressively brutal but not so loving and over indulgent, maybe your kids might have a chance.. But it's the mother, who is the one who sets the tone.. She has to stand up for herself around her children.. Because her children will take advantage of her..

When my mom was gone somewhere. We would find ways to take advantage of our dad.. Because he was the push over..

But he didn't allow us to push him over too much.. But we knew who we could get away with stuff with . Sort of.. Everything is relative..

And you will see signs in your kids how they deal with other people and girls and women and men..

If you already see the obvious gender roles and the manipulation, especially in the young girls.. Yeah it's already done it's already over with.. You just hope she survives the world out there..

And I will say these young girls already know how to manipulate the men and women in their life.. I've seen it happen i've seen it happen..

Daddy's girl will be looking for her prince charming.. And mommy will find every way to indulge her..

now she's trapped.. She's done.

She'll be pushed into a relationship and marriage. She will get pregnant a divorce

hopefully she survives the relationship..

And now she's part of the single mom club..

That's how the system trapped your family into sacrificing themselves for each other going through the hell of raising a child and watching them suffer in fucked up relationships with children.. And the children turn into little hitlers.. Needing to be regulated by the system. Hitler mentality when the savior turns into the satan..

When you have to purposely attack a particular person because you think you're protecting other people from them.. When you attack somebody Unprovoked attack.. Now you're taking on a god complex..

When it is citizen.. Not the government.. But a citizen takes his position as a savior to be a satan to somebody else..

That's how you raise little hitlers in the world.. When you purposely galvanized campaigns against a group of people.

And say you are saving your base, promising your base that you're going to be better while in the process developing an enemy..

Making yourself out to be the savior.. You're going to take away all the pain all the suffering and all the division.. Making promises you can't keep.. At the expense of an entire group of people whoever it is.. Of course using violence. terrorism and stalking..

Yeah that's hitler mentality..

And it's not just men it's women.. The mothers have been radicalized to take on those characteristics.. Along with some of the fathers out there and men..

But it was a mother's who were developed to be like a little hitler.. With a base of people.. Her family her friends.. Her following..

Of course men too..

But that's how you see the rise of the little hitlers in our world.. And that's also how you see Mothers raise their sons and daughters to be the way the mainstream acceptable ways of raising children have told you to be..

So you have the complete push over mother who will destroy someone else to protect her son and her son does no wrong... The brutal father..

Out comes little hitler..

Of course there's always the blame game.. That's how you know you have been programmed to be like a little hitler and take down everyone around you.. Using your own propaganda.. And taking everything to extreme. Never personally looking at what you have contributed to the problem..

And then activating a base to attack somebody else..

And it's all emotional.. Barely any intellectual thought process unless they are mischaracterizing science..

And of course, the worship between the mother and the sun and the sun and the mother..

Now look at the families out there..

When the mother is programmed to worship her son.. That kid has no chance in the future.. Because he will feel entitled.. He will try to regain some manhood and do violence against the woman.. To prove he's not a mama's boy.. His dad's pissed off because the mother keeps babying him.. The dad wants a toughen him to be a man so he beats his son..

Now you have a monster in our society.

They might be smart.. Probably very sexual.. And can never be questioned.. Really..

And when men aren't held accountable by his mother or by the women in his world.. Men become very dangerous.. Sometimes women are in danger of holding a man accountable because he will not have it..

And that's what we have developed because the mother allowed the husband and the son to run rough shod over her..

What women allow and do not allow produce the type of males and females in our society.. And then the woman has to stand up for herself..

And if she doesn't, she will forever be taken advantage of by the women and men in her life..

some women ruin some men forever... And some women will ruin other women forever..

It takes one woman to redirect what a man does to her and every other woman he comes into contact with..

If any other men correct another man around a woman, then the man who has been corrected will then take the woman to the side away from other men so he can take advantage of an abuse her in private instead of public..

That's why shit happens behind close doors.. Because when someone realizes that somebody else will stand up for somebody else.. Because the person didn't stand up for themselves.. The aggressor will be sneaky in how they abuse the people they target..

This also happens in the virtual community....

Women need to stand up to what's going on in the world, intellectually not violently... Women need to take personal accountability to what they had produced in the world.. The men had been trained not to take accountability. The men have been trained to just take and take and take until the woman says, no, i have boundaries.

But also women force men to have babies in marriages. And when a man can't stand up to his wife it was because his mother told him not to..

And so yeah.. It's bad out there

And when you predicate life in the world on so many families.. How you raise your kids is why society ends up the way it does..

Look at america and the justice system and the prison system. Look at all the violence and sexual predation. .

And it happens behind closed doors and in marriages..

And nobody talks about it.. People are too scared to piss off their base and their family and their husband and wives.. and they justify it through agreement by surrounding themselves by people who think the same way.. Never questioning anything.. Except to blame someone or the government or find an enemy or a savior.. To be completely controlled and manipulated by the story lines out there.. Teaching that to their children..

And yeah we do over indulge our children.. Especially the grandparents.. But even more so the parents.. That's why these kids become little monsters in the future with addictions.. Because they were given everything.. No one said no to them..

We allowed this to happen.. All of us allowed other people to take advantage of us.. And we weren't taught to stand up for ourselves intellectually..

only taught to use violence.. When that should be a last resort when you're cornered..

And so now, we have children who will be very interesting in the future, the system is going to have to regulate.. Assuming they survive climate change..

It's the females in these men's lives that will make a break the world.. Also in 1876, while Alois was still married to his first wife, Anna, he hired his relative Klara as a household servant, and began an affair with her. Their relationship continued in secrecy until Alois's second wife, Franziska, died and Klara became pregnant, which prompted Alois to marry her in 1885. According to a close friend, Alois was "awfully rough" with his wife Klara and "hardly ever spoke a word to her at home". Alois treated his children with similar contempt and often beat them.[3][4],to%20marry%20her%20in%201885. Blondi played a role in Nazi propaganda by portraying Hitler as an animal lover. Dogs like Blondi were coveted as "germanische Urhunde", being close to the wolf, and became very fashionable during the Nazi era.[6] On 29 April 1945, one day before his death, Hitler expressed doubts about the cyanide capsules he had received through Heinrich Himmler's SS.[7] To verify the capsules' potency, Hitler ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test one on Blondi, who died as a result.[8]

The first people to arrive in north america are the ones that own it and they were around thirteen thousand years ago.. Thirteen thousand five hundred years ago..

And so nobody today lived thirteen thousand years ago so nobody owns anything..

You all are just borrowing the land.. Because many of you don't even plan to be around in the future..

All of us came from africa.. All of us are clovis people.. All of us are related..

All of us have a right to all the lands and those who are evolutionary and stronger with the intention to keep the human race moving forward will be the ones to figure out how it gets divided up.. And nobody owns anything.. Because the system wants to stop the oppression of humans and animals and land..

Everyone is renting space..

And it's been proven that the third generation squanders away anything they inherit.. Even their own life... They squander away what their parents developed and created.. Many of these children don't give a shit about the future and what their parents built..

So no, you're not leaving a bunch of land and money to a bunch of people who don't give a shit. Because some of these kids are just waiting for their parents to die to inherit their wealth..

And then destroy... That's why some of the rich people out there don't leave their children anything.. because all these kids are going to do is just spend it on a bunch of b******* and destroy themselves. And society.. Just remember.. What it's like to be bred to be somebody else's pet.. Or be purposely brought into this world to be traumatized so somebody can save you..

Stand in the shoes of these animals out there.. Brought into this world for just one thing..

To be oppressed by somebody and to be their pet and plaything.. And then tossed away when not useful.

To be somebody else's entertainment.. Or therapy animal.. And then destroyed when not useful.

And that's exactly what the family represents.. You were bred to be somebody's pet and plaything.. And then be destroyed when not useful..

And then be radicalized to blame somebody else when you have embraced that kind of behavior lifestyle and belief system. when i see mothers worshipping their kids.. i know those kids will be problems later on.. even if they come down on the kid, kid has already been exposed to violence and done..

now.. you hope they can release the demons.. and wow.. idk.. you hope they can eat food, but not likely, many mothers are starving.. ie kids are starving, too.. how many of you are channeling klara Hitler?

most of you.. you were bred to..unless you can break the spell and i do not know how in the hell you are going to that..

smh. which is why i know most of you will not understand my info.. sorry.. i did try.. i really did..

just because i cracked the code does not mean anything .. it just means i see the big picture and the programming and the agenda will march on.. maybe some of you will break your own spells, but do not count on your kids following suit.. they have been programmed and are pregnant with kids.. already married off or actively looking to be pregnant

gone. I am posting this again because you have to see it. And I want you to read it twice on my timeline.. I knew this.

read about adolf hitler's mother and how close he was to her..the trauma of losing her to breast cancer etc

When your kid does no wrong and you spoil your f****** kid. They will turn into a hitler and be destructive. Right there is proof.. She set him up to fail like so many mothers out there.. They set their daughters and sons up to fail and then blame the world.

She allowed him his own way whenever possible. For example, she admired his watercolor paintings and drawings and supported his artistic ambitions in opposition to his father at what cost to herself one may guess.

the irony a jewish person treated his mother for cancer and he protected her, but destroyed so many jewish people..

you can see the boy's/men's attachment to mothers, the pathological attachments to mothers could develop extremists in our society.. even men angry at their mothers disrespecting women.. etc

as i am watching momma's boy get away with "murder'.. mothers worshipping her sons.. as they do no wrong. which is why men feel entitled and get away with murder.. literally.. ww2

now you see why the activist politics, religion and science world are full of little hitlers.. it was and is always the mother.. always..

Adolf Hitler, who had a close relationship with his mother, was devastated by her death and carried the grief for the rest of his life.

While Hitler was not a mother's boy in the usual sense, I never witnessed a closer attachment. Their love had been mutual. Klara Hitler adored her son.

She allowed him his own way whenever possible. For example, she admired his watercolor paintings and drawings and supported his artistic ambitions in opposition to his father at what cost to herself one may guess.,was%20a%20%22dreadful%20blow%22. it was the women trolls who clued me in on this and the all loving gaia mothers who also reinforced the realization..

thank you women.. you do rule the world you will make or break yourselves and family.. now i see what the system wanted YOU to model your families after..

they wanted you to have the same relationship with your family like hitler had with his mom... ultimate destruction through love and pathological worship

they could NOT tell you not to have kids, but, they had the holidays like mothers day, fathers day, all the family first stuff wanting you to worship your parents who are taught a specific belief and then you develop little hitlers who will take down their own downline, followers..

politics religion and science dogmas are like MLMS you will destroy your downline with your beliefs and sales of whatever.. like hitler.. galvanized his followers to destroy everyone with beliefs in remedies, surgeries, etc etc and love and family.. and of course, SCAPEGOATING... OMG.. DONT FORGET THAT... the blame game..

phucking brilliant.

just read the relationship between Hitler and his mother.. and now look at your family... and look at what you are breeding...

victims of a type of Hitler or predators like Hitler..

now you get it..

boom. done.

i do not love my mom, i fucking respect her.. brilliant..

as you all are starving your friends and family saying all food is poison ahahah you did it.. you allowed the system to manipulate you based upon ALL the stories YOU CHOSE TO BELIEVE..

i kept trying to tell you.. but noooo. jillian is stupid.. people say.. yeah ok..

good luck.. kinda late to reprogram some of your families..

some of you might be able to redirect, but i highly doubt it..


that is why you keep seeing ww2 on the history channel be repeated.. you are the hitlers in your family taking down your own family.. via love and light.. read about adolf hitler's mother and how close he was to her..the trauma of losing her to breast cancer etc

When your kid does no wrong and you spoil your f****** kid. They will turn into a hitler and be destructive. Right there is proof.. She set him up to fail like so many mothers out there.. They set their daughters and sons up to fail and then blame the world.

She allowed him his own way whenever possible. For example, she admired his watercolor paintings and drawings and supported his artistic ambitions in opposition to his father at what cost to herself one may guess.

the irony a jewish person treated his mother for cancer and he protected her, but destroyed so many jewish people..

you can see the boy's/men's attachment to mothers, the pathological attachments to mothers could develop extremists in our society.. even men angry at their mothers disrespecting women.. etc

as i am watching momma's boy get away with "murder'.. mothers worshipping her sons.. as they do no wrong. which is why men feel entitled and get away with murder.. literally.. ww2

now you see why the activist politics, religion and science world are full of little hitlers.. it was and is always the mother.. always..

"In all my career, I have never seen anyone so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler."[10][11] In his autobiography Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that he had "honoured my father but loved my mother"[12]

women are under the influence because they are abused by society.. they cannot handle the pain of their own reality and being under the influence is the only way they can take the sexually charged expectation their boyfriends and husbands expect.. and they are in pain, from past experiences...

men are under the influence because they have to deal with women/men who are extremely brutal in body, mind and spirit..and they have their own demons..

the reality of being abused by family and friends causes people to be under the influence..

which is why we are in a dying world.. and we will watch people suffer as they leave it.. and watch families marry off their daughters and sons to be impregnated, enslaved into supporting a billion kids while taking it up all or!fices.. and these mothers force their daughters and sons to stay in these relationships and/or encourage her to find prince/princess charming.. who will abuse her/him, again..

yup.. it is Bad.. painful realities are shining the light on the darkness of taboo.. women do hold all the power..

the mother will make or break society and her family..

it was always the mother.. always..

the sons follow the mother and the daughters listen to their mothers..

it was always the mother..

the mother will make or break her family...and many are breaking their family..

it will take an extraordinary mother/father to redirect themselves.. with no expectation their family will survive.. i told you.. it was always the mother.. once women acknowledge their part in this.. society will change for the better..

illuminati (women/mothers)=predatory activists who scapegoat people and destroy via love and hate and large families.. and it is the women who are the most brutal... and many of them raise the predators in our society.. the men are brutal because their mothers and wives and girlfriends allowed them to overstep boundaries and treat women horribly.. women allow men to enslave them and their daughters.. they did it..

once women figure out their part in it.. the men will calm the eff down.. but it is the women who train the men to hurt her and other women. women train their men to hurt her and other women..

some women/mothers/aunts and caregivers have trained their daughters to be abused by everyone...

families traffic their own daughters and sons to strangers called marriage and family, NOT caring how that daughter and son will be treated in the bedroom or the boardroom..

mothers train their sons to hurt her, enslave her and other women.. mothers do this.. and women do this when they allow the men to hurt her..

matriarchs and patriarchs in families, politics religion and science.. you are the ones who want and act like you are at the top of pyramid.. the all seeing eye.. you are telling people who the enemies are, scapegoating and also acting like saviors.. you are acting like you are at the top of the pyramid.. committing animals, families and friends to be destroyed by the system..

you did it.. you are the illuminati.. the capstone running your kingdom

that is the illuminati... all around you. and the ones who the system is convicting or convicted, weinstein,epstein, kelly, Cosby, etc..

if you are scapegoating someone and hating them and they are STRANGERS TO YOU.. you are the illuminati.. if you say you LOVE strangers, maybe you are the illuminati..

the illuminati are not the 1%, they are telling you, it is YOU... your chosen beliefs, when given the chance to believe...

wow.. now you see why the system is doing what it is doing.. people are breeding major predators in our society who aim to destroy because they are dying.. blaming someone for their pain and suffering..

that is the illuminati.. maybe it is you.

we have boomers, gen x millennials with NO CONNECTION TO THE HOLOCAUST AND TYRANNY

you will see what people do when given absolute power...

watch the mothers and fathers tyrannize their own families via surgeries, etc...

you had to see it.. we are watching so many different births of hitlers in the politics, religion and science activism world.. and yes, the music industry, Hollywood,

if you are a holocaust denier.. watch surviving r kelly.. hitler did what he did to people.. allegedly p diddy did what he did..

listen to these stories of women FORCED INTO MARRIAGE or given to these predators ...

we have fathers raising sons to be PREDATORS.. THE NEXT HITLER.

YOUR activist groups, sociopolitical groups shows you how easy it is for a hitler like person rise to power.. just listen to these women and men... spew hatred, vitriol and accusations.. dying.. while oppressing animals, their kids and friends ...

right now, at the hands of family, we are watching fathers and mothers commit their kids into the medical holistic system basically destroying their own family and then scapegoating others...

maybe you are the hitler in your own world in a controlled circumstance..

you have no connection to hitler.. but the system allowed you to become one to show the world how bad humans can get when given the chance..

boom. look in the mirror..


that is why i left the activism and society... i realized the company i was keeping..

it IS bad out there.. now watch your facebook.. watch these mothers and grandmothers scape goat yet another person, place or thing for their own misfortunes...

it is dangerous out there.. watch these families force their daughters and sons to endure a psychopathic sexually charged male/female who will damage her.. or him..

watch them.. while they auction their kids off on facebook marketing their body parts.. faces, hair, skin nails... etc..

now watch these parents, grandparents and friends... these poor kids.. The Family Slave Trade Developed Little Hitlers and Hitlerettes destroying you with love, hate and remedies claiming oppression WHILE enslaving animals, to boot. So who is "oppressing" who???

looks like you are the slave master, oppressor of life.. hmmm

women or men in the west claiming oppression are projecting and it is their daughters, sons, grandchildren who ARE OPPRESSING THEM or vice versa, they oppress their own family and ANIMALS... as they blame the govt and other people. they think the chemtrails are oppressing them but yet they voluntarily go into the medical system taking the remedies while in the jail of their beautiful homes and hotel rooms claiming OPPRESSION..AND have pets to oppress and rule over???

as far as a woman/man claiming oppression WHO IS OPPRESSING HER/him.. HER/him FAMILY. SHE/he IS desperate to get out but her family holds her hostage..cuz the govt aint in her home.. ahahahah yup.. dying people are irrational

they try to save the world but cannot even leave the oppression of her own family.. so what give you license to be someone's savior when you have NOT left whatever "oppression' you think you are in???

remember: the medical/surgical/antibiotic remedy system is oppression as the animals have no choice but to be treated for life..oppression.. (suppression of growth using abx surgeries) and then the animal dies sooner or later.. humans oppress animals and their family and friends.......

you oppress your own family and animals via your beliefs and outside agencies.. and yet you claim oppression.. really???

google the word oppression

irrational thinking is the FAMILY.

Hitleresque mentality= when you are paranoid the government is oppressing you as you jetset and have access to food attacking others.. afraid of the chemtrails, air, food water and fda approved protocols and thinking they have a good reason to take sides in wars in the comfort of their own home..

Hitler did that to the jews and we have academics, and activists acting like hitler, paranoid to all hell blaming and scapegoating someone for all the crap in the world, but yet they are raising and radicalizing PREDATORS, PURPOSELY hunting people, politicians, scientists, Hollywood actors and if given the opportunity, would and could harm them physically..'

projecting.. while claiming they are "saving" you from strangers who are NO where near them...


by the way, you do NOT own any land.. no ONE owns any land or has "rights" to the land as the land was settled and traded 2 million years ago up to now..

now it is about evolution... and change.. and if you think you own a person, place or thing or land, or animals, maybe YOU ARE THE ENSLAVER PREDATOR OF OUR SOCIETY PROJECTING YOU ARE ENSLAVED WHEN YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT.

PURPOSELY hunting and virtually/spiritually genociding those who think differently..

we should be afraid of you.. seriously

i had the luxury to see the worst of mankind in the world and my mother trained me very well to survive how bad humans can and will get, when given absolute power and i had the luxury to see and experience the worst of mankind in the Jworld..

my mother trained me very well..

thank you mom... and I did not turn out to hunt others who look/act like her..

she did it right..

and so.. with my experience, i understand now why the system is guiding reproduction carefully.. we have people and parents breeding PREDATORS in OUR SOCIETY WHO WILL HUNT THOSE AND DESTROY OR LOVE THEM TO DEATH, IF given the opportunity.. and would physically harm someone, if given the opportunity..

some women have no problem stalking and terrorizing or remedying away your life, and men have no problem hunting for their latest sexual conquests..

so now we have a predator problem all over society who breed children who grow up to be someone we must protects ourselves from..

which is why i walked away from society.. done..

i get it now.

that is why we are in a great reset.. people refuse to stop enslaving their grown children into sexual servitude (family) and refuse to evolve and change and so the climate will change.. hope you survive it.

now you see how the family, so sexualized in nature and nurture, are the major predators of our society raising children to hunt people not like them, bully others as well as destroy, with love, sex, drugs liquor and medical, holistic and then justify.. that is why Charles manson was what we he.. he was showing you how the family is what is causing predators in our society.. women having so many children who hunt and destroy others

and you will watch parents/women/men auction themselves and children to the nearest bidder.. the family slave trade.. basically advertising body parts to everyone on facebook, youtube Instagram.. trying to marry their daughters off to a rapper, businessmen or some rich man .. not caring if their daughters get brutalized by some of these men who aim to use large objects on their women or other thing.. mothers do that to their own daughters and sons.. telling their sons to be a man and work to death and have so many children to feed and raise..

we have people auctioning off their own kids.. all over facebook

the west is the mirror of so many centuries of brutality, slavery and horrifying outcomes.. and so we get to watch what people do on facebook in their family, what they say and do to their friends and watch them justify it..

we are the mirror with a billion different faces...

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