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Love Politics Religion and Science are Like Subprime Mortgages For Every A+ there are More Fs

Politics religion and science and the medical holistic system ACTIVISM and all the different quotes and philosophers and spirituality are like subprime mortgages.. For every A+ rating that is in the package.. There's fifty F ratings.. For every gifts THAT IS offered in all of those belief systems.. You have more curses and spells cast upon you.. That's marketing that's the medical holistic politics religion and science

When you start chasing love in pleasure and all of that.. It's like chasing the dragon.. Addiction Love not only makes you weak but also easily leveraged manipulated and exploited.. People will use those weaknesses around the things that you love as a way to control you.. They will take that weakness and threaten to either walk away or take it away. Relative To What's going on.. When you have a dog a child or any dependents. Someone will use them as a point of leverage.. They will threaten to take it away if you don't conform.. That's what makes people weak.. And easily leveraged.. Your desire to have so much love in your life makes you weak and easily leveraged.

When you buy in to getting a diagnosis because you don't want to feel the release and the buildup.. That's what makes you weak and easily leveraged... When you can't temper your own ego.. Somebody will try to destroy your ego and your id.. By casting spells on you.. by using the hermetics stoicism 😳 heat and sickness.. Nine pm night frequency and heartbeating is faster.. So they switched it from the afternoon or morning to now the evening.. ..if You're not strong enough this is going to f*** y** up.

John Oakes has covid.. The beast woke up within.. He is blood type b.. I believe.. Correct me if i'm wrong.. The last few years he had a few bouts of sneezing and respiratory and body aches.. But this.. He's experiencing what will be one of many bouts.. Remember how you deal with any affliction will be the difference of whether or not the next one will be more severe or less severe.. Or whether not you survive the next energy frequency.. As soon as you start trying to use the medical and holistic system against anything what your body is producing.. You'll take yourself down notch by notch.. Luckily it seems like he's strong enough.. He's been around my information long enough He knows what I do.. I don't know if he'll do what I do but it's none of my business.. Because it will take time for us to see how covid and all the offshoots will affect us.. how it will effect our decision making skills, Lifestyles and belief systems.. 🌹🍨

Your voice is your power.. Develop it now..🌹 Just make sure those lightning bolts are not cannibalizing you.. Or intending to cannibalize somebody else.. 🍨🌹 Love Let us avoid using the words kill when it comes to to ourselves Or anyone else for that matter🤣 Virtue signaling forgets that words are important in how you use them.. Words matter..

Addiction to love or not wanting love.. Can be characterized as someone who's been injured or not.. You don't necessarily have to be injured to not want love in life a lot of love.. You don't necessarily have to be injured to want so much love in your life.. If you think because someone wants love in their life all the time that they're injured and addicted.. Okay that's one way to look at it..

Because if you don't have it then you get depressed.. If you think someone who does not want love in their life as injured.. OK that's one way to look at it because if you have it. You become depressed and in fear of dependency.. So what about understanding balance.. How much is too much.. How little is too little.. It's not your call to say that someone's injured or not injured when it comes to love.. When you have it.. Do you chase after more of it.. How addicted and dependent are you to it.. When you don't have it how much.. Do you need in order to survive.. How much is too much.. How little is too little.. By the way.. People use love as a manipulation because of deficit.. If everyone was not in deficit.. You would never have to suspect the ulterior behind the love bombing.. And so we have to work from a very level playing field where most people are at the same level.. So as not to use love as a manipulation a tool.. But since we have so many diverse people and some are in extreme deficit.. The use of love has been weaponized.. And so it is within anyone's right to suspect why people need so much love in their life.. Before you start defending how much love everyone should give off and take in and whatever.. Maybe understand fully why you think you need so much love in your life.. You will find it's because you are in deficit.. When most humans are not in deficit.. This won't be an argument.. It won't even be a problem..

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